ATLANTEANS - The Beginning - Part 1 - free interview

Published Jun 26 2014 by GREG WIATER | View at YouTube

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The Story from the Horse's Mouth that will astound you and make you wonder how Earth would have been if everyone knew the Truth. You Owe it to yourself to investigate all things and then see what is Truly Good and best for all Life.

This is a continuation and expansion of the Series "History of Mankind".

Walking the History of Mankind -- this time, a being from each Race will share their story of how they existed before the manifestation of Earth and the creation of Mankind, together-with the role/part they played in the consequences as sequences of events that played-out and eventually lead-to the manifestation of Earth and the creation of Mankind.

In this interview, an Atlantean-female share the first part of their story -- the existence of the Atlantean Race, sharing about their Race, their Planet and unveiling the history of Atlantis beyond the Myths that exist today.