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  • Standing In For the Pancreas

    Through having diabetes I must take the place of the pancreas and live out the actions in my day to day living of what the pancreas would normally do if it were functioning normally. In this I must stand in place for the pancreas. For supporting the body at maintaining the blood sugar levels, I must manually inject insulin into the body so that the sugar within the blood is able to move from the blood stream into the cells and not raise too high causing health problems.

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  • Quantity of Life vs Quality of Life

    In the capitalistic system we value the amount of money the we have in our bank accounts. We value how much we have, how much money, how much materials, how much resources, how much sex we have, how many friends we have, how much, how much, how much. All of this gathering of value within quantity is irrelevant to life, because when you die, how much do you in fact have? Only yourself.
    What we have done within the capitalistic system in only value the quantity of thin...

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  • My Experience on the Desteni Farm


    When I first got off the plane in Durban I didn't know what to expect which was cool because previously to departing from Canada I was removing all expectations and ideas about what may happen and/or what it would be like. I had lost my luggage somewhere along the trip so I was informing the airport of the lost luggage as fast as I could so that I could stop waiting to meet Bernard as I knew he was just waiting outside the doors to Durban.
    When I walked outside ...

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  • Sport and Sugar

    As a kid I was quite active. I would play around a lot. I was a fast kid so I enjoyed running fast, I did track later on, I tried rollerblading, I would bike through forests and go off of dirt jumps. I really enjoyed a lot of sport and activities with my body. I joined soccer when I was in grade 3, which I enjoyed a lot because I could run a lot and use my speed to my advantage, and attempt to win. From the age of 4 or 5 until I was 10-11 I was very active, most days doing something. I was al... Continue »
  • The Ambulance Ride

    My sister  wakes me up at 3 in the morning telling me that there is a police officer at the door. In my childhood, I was a little shit sometimes, so I quickly check if there was anything wrong that I have done recently that would involve the cops. I don't see any reason for them to be there regards to my `bad` actions, so I put on pants and walk confidently down the stairs to see what was going on. The police officer says that I must come with him to the hospital and that was all that wa... Continue »
  • When I Fainted In Class

    I was in grade 8 at the time of the incident, making me 14. I had been drinking excessive amounts of liquids. I would drink a litre carton of juice in 15 minutes and pee it out in the next 15 minutes. The thirst that I has was unquenchable, and I tried fucking hard to quench it. My family first noticed this when I was out for dinner with my father. I told him that evening that I had been incredibly thirsty for quite some time so I would like a large drink. Usually I would never finish m...
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  • Desteni Farm and the Equal Labour System

    Here on the desteni farm we all work together to get something done in order to improve the farm. In work at home I am only working in existing or myself because the job that I do is only for me, my money and my survival. Here it is not about survival it is about what is best for all, we have to labour for the best for the gardens, plants, animals, structures, humans, all life here that we deal with.
    There is no profit motive for us to work. There is an understanding that if we d...

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  • My Experience being a Diabetic with the Ketogenic Diet

     Prior to being diagnosed with diabetes I was 80lbs, I wasquite thin, I had a `good` looking body in that aspect. Then from beingdiagnosed with type 1 I started to inject insulin when I rapidly gained 40lbsin about a 4 month span. Why did this happen? Because the lack of insulin thatmy body was producing was not allowing the body to gather the carbohydratesthat I was taking in and transfer them into the cells so that they can use up theenergy within the glucose. What happens here is that... Continue »
  • Self-Interest as Self-Sabotage

    I have been quite self interested throughout my life to the extent where my self interest lead to me manifesting a consequence that is diabetes. My self interest does not help me become life, it only allows me to suppress myself as life. For example when I was at home I would go through points where I would sit down and watch shows endlessly and eat candy throughout that time which is not what is best for me as a human body and certainly not best for me as a diabetic. So I had to ask ...
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  • 2012 Courage facing our thoughts

    Does Process take Bravery? Courage? + How does one develop said courage

    In the process of self awareness we must face ourselves unconditionally. We must face the ugliness that is ourselves in/as the reflection of the world who we are living as. Meaning that the world is a reflection of ourselves and we must face who we are as the world equal and one. Self-honesty is a must and that is where courage comes in, because if you look at what and how humans are living as themselves they a...

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