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  • 2012: No Secrets

    What is Best for All is not something that has to be discussed secretly as it is not something that will serve my self interest exclusively and leave out all others so that I win. What is Best for All benefits everyone that is currently and will be living on this planet Earth, including animals and plants.
    What is Best for All is not like corporations' secrets and agendas, that have to be protected from the competitors so that they ...
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  • 2012 - Acidic Anger

    Fucking angry is how I was this midday when I left to school. I was going late again and did not find my equipment for the practic class at the laboratory. I was at one point very angry and then I went into fear of being burned by acid at the laboratory because I saw an episode of the TV series '1000 ways to die'  where an angry guy that is always angry -lol- gets fired from his job and goes yet again into anger and starts a fight ... Continue »
  • Sex



    Those are random words - I placed the first letter and wrote what came up at the moment without taking time to think about it. Roam = wander around some place - Under the Belly = this is the sex region - Enter Night = the dark side of myself? The suppressed? The undiscovered? - The dawn of myself maybe - because of the extent of how I have limited myself within the relationship with sex....

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  • Struggling with the Past(a)

    This morning I prepared myself a spaghetti meal from that was left from the dinner. I was eating while participating in thoughts when suddenly I realized something was not right. My esophagus had over-traffic of spaghetti and it was starting to hurt. Sometimes it happens to me that when I eat too much too fast the food gets stuck in my esophagus and slowly and painfully make its way to the stomach - for some minutes I have pain. This time it was with pasta. As the ball of spaghetti was going ... Continue »
  • Spider Fear

    I was at the computer in the living room when my sister and the cat draw my attention. There was a little spider on the floor and the cat was curiously following it. I stood up and said to my sister to not let the cat kill it, I took it and went outside to 'set it free'. When I was about to release the spider on the Aloe Vera plant of the balcony, and while the spider was running on my hands, I feared it going up my arm - so after releasing the spider on the Aloe and was about to return insid... Continue »
  • The Equality in Water

    'Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear' - Lao Tzu

    When I was watching my cat drinking water while I was holding a glass myself, the realization of Equality within it arose. All life on earth requires water: Animals, plants and humans.We have a problem if, after drinking water we fight each other. We have a problem if there is not guaranteed the Equal access to water for All Life. We have a problem if we don't realize, after the proven fact that All Life needs water, that we ...

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  • Opportunities and Physical Realizations

    I have hands. As I was writing I saw my hands on the keyboard. I have two considerably big hands that I can use. That is cool, because I have my self worth a bit devaluated from continuous self-failure, giving up and participation in mind manifestations such as thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Is not to base my self worth on my hands or body but, it's cool to realize that I have a physical body here to support myself  and is cool to see it at this moment rather than continue ignori... Continue »
  • Giving up sugar

    It's been 6 months since I decided, for myself, to stop sugar. When I watched this video encouraging everyone to give it up, as it is not supportive to the body and furthermore, an addiction. When I look at my relationship with sugar I see that I utilized it to 'cope with' situations that were difficult to me, to suppress the anxiety that I generated within. Even though I had stopped sugar, it has not been until recently, about a month ago, that I have completely given up this poi...

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  • This is as Song about Equality

    'This is a song about Equality. If you were never given the chance then you are never able to show you can succeed'  Today I went to the beach. I swam with a stole of little brown fishes. I went for a walk at the coast village. I watched the boats at the port. I had fun with friends. We drove a fast car. We have money.

    Today I feel more sick. My parents are away most of the day. I don't have proper shoes and have cuts in my feet. Today I found f...

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  • Adopt me!

    Some rights reserved by Hillary Kladke
    'Adopt Freckles!' The title and purpose of the photo by Hillary Kladke illlustrates the point I have been possesed today with. The point is acceptance within my fam... Continue »