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Technical Secondary IT school
Technical Secondary Administration school (in progress)
Experience as a technical-editor in a small publishing house
Musician (vocalist and guitar player)

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  • 2012: “The Bully”

    In this short blogpost I’ll be writing about the phenomenon of bullying. And I’ll be looking at what creates situations of bullying, and finally I’ll be answering the question who is really the bully.

    Bullying is a social phenomenon. It happens usually in the presence of others or in a group of people. Often the ‘point’ of bullying is to humiliate somebody in front of the group. Now when it comes to crimes that are generally not acceptable in society &#...

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  • 2012: Diverse opinions vs reality

    Diversion. It’s given many beautiful names and meanings. And ‘having your own opinions’ on things is perceived often as a sign of maturity or intelligence. But what does diversified opinions really imply? What are the consequences of having a society were everyone has their own opinions? Is ‘having your own opinion’ means that you’re more free or ‘better’ then someone who doesn’t have the their ‘own’ opinion? Those are some ...

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  • 2012: Relationship between the mind and the physical

    This is something I’ve always seen as being generally unnoticed and ignored, and what cause so much harm and bullshit in everyones life. Which is: what exactly does the mind is, and what is the relationship between the mind and the physical reality.

    We have a tendency to identify ourselves with our mind. And thorough centuries many cultures has created many ideas and beliefs about the mind, and the nature of ‘who we are’. We have all the beliefs in the soul, in the... Continue »
  • 2012: How religion can mess up people’s lives — marriage

    This is quite an ‘old one’, but as I notice — it is still ‘there somewhere’ in people’s minds, and it has a potential to have a big impact on people’s lives. And the issue I’ll be writing about is how the rules that religions impose on what marriages should be like, are causing a great amount of problems and unnecessary abuse. And therefore, how religion supports abuse, as religion is an abusive and misleading institution.

    I’ve ...

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  • 2012: Doubt vs conviction — two sides of the same coin

    Both doubt and conviction, even though valued and perceived differently, have the same nature. Both are just ideas that we hold in the mind, that we believe to be true, and act or do not act in certain ways, just because we think it’s ‘right’ (conviction), or we don’t act because it might be ‘wrong’ (doubt). And the common and very important feature/characteristic of them both, is that they are not the best guides when it comes to decision making and tak...

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  • 2012: Religion supports abuse

    As the titles says: religion is supporting abuse. And it supports it – because it distracts and misdirect people from understanding reality, from a 1+1=2 mathematical reasoning. So religion is saying to – in short – not understand reality, and not take self-responsibility for what we do – because it teaches us to try and act according to rules that god made. And not act based on the understanding we build about the world – as religion perceives people as deceptive to ...

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  • 2012: Questioning psychology

    Psychology is the study about the way how the mind works. To be exact, according to Cambridge online dictionary psychology is the scientific study of the way the human mind works and how it influences behaviour, or the influence of a particular person’s character on their behaviour. Psychology as a science has provided a big amount of research and insights on how the human mind and human nature operates. And it shows in many cases the exact ways how we all de...

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  • 2012: Labels as mind control

    In my previous blogpost titled Dealing with labels I’ve written about basics of how labels can be abused to control someone, and how labels that exist within us as trigger points can control us. This time I will be expanding on how labels exist within us, within our thoughts and how we exist within labels within our own minds. Which could be seen as rather ‘neutral’ area, that i...

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  • 2012: Dealing with labels

    The definition of the word label according to Cambridge dictionary is the following: 1. a piece of paper or other material which gives you information about the object it is fixed to; 2.  a word or a phrase which is used to describe the characteristics or qualities of people, activities or things, often in a way that is unfair.

    I am going to write about the 2nd type here. Which are the labels through which we describe others, ourselves, or we just kee...

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  • 2012: Culture has no value

    Culture as a value is a completely misguided idea. I am constantly being amazed with how much importance and value people attach to culture, cultural legacies, nationality etc. Because it’s basically just the way people ‘do things’. Like if a group of people have a certain ceremony they do every year, because it’s a part of their culture – then they just do something on that they, because they do it. It’s nothing more then it is. If some guy wrote a poem, or a song – then i...

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