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  • It happened again!

    It happened again, and I am happy it did. Why? Well, since I’ve posted the The dishwasher challenge blog post I became aware of a lot of things related to the point of forgetting to close the lid of the dishwasher. When yesterday morning my partner just informed me she just turned on the dishwasher I did … Continue reading It happened again! Continue »
  • Work in progress

    Curious on how the dishwaher story unfolds? Hold on! More coming soon! Continue »
  • The dishwasher challenge

    Damn! It happened again! It is a pattern that I have problems with breaking. Something apparently very simple… turn on the dishwasher before going to bed. This morning I woke up because of our male cat making a lot of noise. He does this when he really wants to get outside. As it was almost … Continue reading The dishwasher challenge Continue »
  • Moment of sadness

    This evening while standing in the kitchen and cooking my meal I felt sadness after I was confronted with a sink full of pots and pans while cooking my meal. For a while now we cook different meals during the weekend in our family as we follow the blood type diet. My partner and kids … Continue reading Moment of sadness Continue »
  • Embarrassed

    Although it might be a coincidence, this morning I had an experience that could connect to the fact it is Blue Monday. As on every regular working day I went to catch a specific train, the 7:39 Intercity to Rotterdam. Due to work on the railway line less trains are running every hour and this […] Continue »
  • A Beagle?

    Today I got a message from my daughter about Beagles looking for a home, dogs that have been used for animal testing and now live in an animal shelter. My reply was: “Is there something I need to read in-between the lines?”. It is not the first time my daughter brings up the discussion about […] Continue »
  • Patience and physical labour

    Some time ago I watched a documentary about a man living in the middle of nowhere, patiently building himself a log cabin to shelter him during the harsh winters. All the wood he used he cut with a hand saw, even the innumerable planks he needed for the floor and the roof. I was struck […] Continue »
  • T-t-t-to the d-d-d-d-dentist!

    Tomorrow I have my first real appointment with a dentist in 8 years. I thought I was completely cool with it until I dared to have a real look at my feelings and emotions. Yes! I am nervous. In the past weeks one of teeth that is going to be pulled started to crumble a […] Continue »
  • To drink or not to drink…

    Some five years ago I decided to stop drinking beverages containing alcohol. The motivation behind this decision had many aspects. As part of the process I was in at that moment I had asked myself why I was drinking a glass of wine or beer almost every day. Since the answer was “I don’t honestly […] Continue »
  • Living in a hurry

    Recently I watched the documentary Alone in the Wilderness driven by the idea of enjoying beautiful shots of nature and wildlife. The documentary tells a story about a man living in the wilderness of Alaska while building himself a log cabin. Many shots were about this man building his cabin and suggested he spent hours and hours […] Continue »