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  • Day 74 - Just talking about money, Physical & Consequences

    Physical Reaction:

    • adrenal glands high and excited.
    • dizziness.
    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have the reaction of adrenal glands high and excited exist within and as me when talking about money. I commit myself to show others that money is a tool to assist everyone, not a tool for self-interest and enslaving others.
    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for accepting and allowing myself want to do nothing but get ev...

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  • Day 73 - Just talking about Money, Backchat


    • I don't care about anything, give me more and more money and I am excited.
    • I can get more, I deserve it, I deserve more money.
    • I want more money, it means more luxury I can enjoy in the upper class.
    • I don't care how the world suffers as long as I have my interesting and comfortable Life.
    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have the backchat of I don't care about anything, give me more money and I am excited...

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  • Day 72 - Just talking about how to make money, Fear/Imagination

     Chinese have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and powerful desire to succeed in business. If they fail at one thing they try something else. A history professor told Theroux, "the Chinese are interested only in two things in the world—power and money." Yang Yo, a singer who is sometimes called the Bob Dylan of China, told the International Herald Tribune, “Few people in China think about a simple life of following dreams, ideals and knowing who you are. The just sit around talking about ... Continue »
  • Day 71 - Corruption Consumerism, Physical Reaction/Consequence

    Physical Reaction:

    • higher blood pressure, Exciting
    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have high blood pressure and fear of lost exist within and as me when I am taking bribes. I commit myself to let others know the serious consequences for taking bribes and corrupted.
    • harming millions of people silently in taking bribes.
    • nature becoming more mean and apathetic.
    I forgive myself for accepting a...

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  • Day 70 - Corruption & Consumerism - Backchat


    • I only cares about myself since I only have this short life, I will do the best to enjoy myself until I die.
    • Money is so attractive it means I can have a beautiful wife/husband I need more and more money.
    • I love money and as long as I can get more money by bypassing the law I can get whatever I want and fuick the world.
    • I want to buy buy and buy and enjoy, I need more money.
    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing m...

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  • Day 69 - Corruption for Consumerism


     Among the worries that ordinary Chinese have are the high cost urban housing, education and future jobs for their children and inflation. Many complain about the conspicuous consumption of the nouveau riche and corruption among party officials. David Pierson wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “Chinese households are already famously frugal — and with good reason. A flimsy social safet...

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  • Day 68 - Chinese Consumerism, Consequence Dimension

    Physical reaction:

    * High blood pressure

    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have high blood pressure response exist within and as me when I look at the goods behind the shopping windows, instead of directing myself in every moment.

    I commit myself to stay in breathe and not live in the projecting future of how I am going to enjoy it or how beautiful/handsome/attractive I'd look like.

    Consequence when standing in front ...

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  • Day 62 - Chinese Culture and Religion - a Journey to Life, Introduction

    Why I would write a blog for Chinese cultures, Religions and Societal Practices? I feel that many Chinese or most of us currently are totally lost in the dream of living according to an American Life style, which is totally built based on money and enslaving other third world countries, including China. However, we don't care and as long as we can get our piece of pie in the upper elite class, as long as we can have our little heaven, we don't care. Just like the Jews that are ver...

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  • Day 63 Chinese Culture and Religion – a Journey to Life: Chinese Consumerism Part 1


    Introduction:This is an article about whether Chinese consumerism is sustainable. Most people think it is impossible for 1.3billion of Chinese to live like Western developed countries. To sustain capitalism/consumerism most Chinese need to stay as factory workers/slaves. Because if...

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  • My Whining and Jealousy

    I whine a lot. Whenever I see something that is too much to ask/no way I can do it in my mind then I would whine and want to get help/rather quit and save time and effort. I also have no confidence in me of capable of handling these tasks. I too trust my mind in processing/calculating/estimating the outcome instead of common sense. I believe my calculations are absolutely right and can help me avoid wasting time and effort in doing achieving things. I also use whinin...

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