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One day, sitting on the edge of my bed I said to my self, " what is all this?, where is the constant?, this cannot be what life is supposed to be, somewhere there must be a constant " joy" or a constant "something", where is it?" At that moment I decided that I was going to find it. And I had no idea what I was looking for, I only knew that what was here could not be life.
Sometime later I had some vivid images appear and I did not really trust them. I went onto the web and simply asked a question and Desteni appeared.
So, finding the "constant" is an ongoing journey, a journey that involves more than my self and all of my self, a journey that involves reorganizing this world so that life can be discovered, so that life can begin.
No matter your age, you are a child searching for the birth of yourself as life. And it is time to stand up and birth yourself as life.
Let's get this done.

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