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I am Larry Manuela,

Lives in Holland, and is 38 Years old.

Did a lot of seeking in my life till i found desteni. And for such my seeking is over, because i know now that i missed myself all the while as life right HERE.

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  • 2012 When Are We Going To Cut The Crap With HELP...???

    This word HELP is one of the most abusive words in human history,because it entails taking no actual action towards SOLUTION. It is a word that accept and allow a particular problem to continue being HERE, when the problem is well known and that it needs to be solved.

    Now understand that i am NOT saying don't help.....!!!  I am saying to NOT act as if HELP is a SOLUTION....!!

    Let's take for instance; 'poverty' this is a major problem HERE on p...

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  • 2012, When the Anger Grows more.........

    Have you noticed that little boy crying in the middle of the streets because father, mother and sister died, shot dead by enemy soldiers invading their country, because in their country they have something of value for the enemy, because in the country of the enemy there are a lot of people who are like drug addicts looking for the next high in whatever form of energy. They live a rich life in a system of abuse, in a system where the few rules over the majority.

    what would happen t...

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  • 2012, Is It Not Just Wanting/Wishing and trying to escape Death..??

    Now let's have a look at this, and i am going to use my own point of reference when i to, used to believe in stuff like this, in delusions of grandeur  like this. Understand that those who are presenting the whole 2012 doom or marvelous event are all using great and wonderful, and powerful color presentations as to make it look all spectacular, a happening of grandeur.

    When we take a very closer look at this, it is more about the fear of Death, that is inherent in all this 201...

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  • Hoe zou in een gelijkheids-geldsysteem betaald worden voor grondstoffen en energie en producten...??

    Nou, alles wat we nu gebruiken en produceren in de vorm van levensbehoeftes en ook entertainment  als jullie allemaal al weten moet ervoor betaald worden. En wij weten ook allemaal dat we betalen omdat sommige bedrijven ons vertellen dat we dat moeten doen, omdat hun ervoor zorgen dat wij dat allemaal hebben, en kunnen krijgen of ervan genieten. Het huidige systeem is zo in mekaar gezet dat het lijkt alsof dat allemaal eerlijk is,dus dat jij moet betalen  omdat er iets wordt gemaakt... Continue »
  • No more politicians with the Equal Money System.

    These people that you are calling politicians are the people that has convinced you through their campaign that they are going to save you from whatever it is you are going through as in a society and most of the time they are the people who has programmed themselves with the so-called higher learning, meaning that they know more of what is going on in the area's that are being kept hidden from the public view, you know what i mean, in things like justice, economics and some other sciences. U... Continue »
  • No More Meditation in an Equal Money System.

    Meditation in this world is a process as you already know of sitting and contemplating,having a reflection, or as in religious sense, being devout, and as in spirituality we are dealing with introspection.

    Now all this none-sense has to do with the mind, a state of mind where one tries to experience a state of mind that is very relaxed and where one believe one can then see what is going on in the mind so to speak. Within all this there is this great talks that all those spiritual ...

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  • Stop Depression, Recession, Repression with an equal money.

    Now let us look at the definition of those words within a dictionary.
    For this i am using the website.


    1. the act of depressing. 2. the state of being depressed. 3. a depressed  or sunken place or part; an area lower than the surrounding sur...

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  • Communisme en Gelijkheids-geldsysteem, zijn ze hetzelfde...???

    Nou laten we kijken wat Communisme allemaal wilden veranderen.

    Karl Marx had een idee om de elite omver te gooien met hun kapitalistische systeem, die hun aardig onder controle hadden en nog steeds hebben. Het ideologie van Karl Marx heeft geen licht gezien hier op aarde, en tegen de tijd dat het bij Lenin en anderen als een politieke standpunt werd genomen door revolutie werd er heel veel mensen de dood ingejaagd. En allemaal alleen maar om aan macht te komen door het ideologie va...

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  • Is gelijkheids-geldsysteem niet alleen maar Communisme..??

    Communisme zoals het door Karl Marx en Friedrich Engels gepresenteerd werd als de harde kern van het hele communistische ideologie werd nooit werkelijkheid. Hun ideen waren meer gebaseerd en hadden een uitgangspunt van polariteit, in dit geval tegen de elite, tegen de kapitalistische systeem die de elite rijkelijk en ordelijk gebruik van maakt.
    Het communisme die naderhand&nbs...
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    You see what you are wearing...?? why does it exist ..?? because of money...!!
    You are driving your car, and why does it exist, because of money..!!
    You go and lie down in your comfortable bed, and why does it exist, because of money..!!
    You are partying all night, having fun, and why does it exist, because of money..!!
    You take a walk in the park, and why does it exist, because of money..!!
    You want to buy a drink...?? why does it exist, because of money..??

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