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The education and work that i have done in the past:

I studied fitness instructing at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia and while studying fitness instructing i also studied Weight Management at TAFE College in Melbourne Australia. I did other courses which included Oriental Medicine from Health Schools Australia, Kinesiology, from the Australian Kinesiology Academy. I also studied Counselling and Tui-na Chinese Massage.

When i migrated to the US, i studied Raw Food Preparation. I have a certificate as a raw food chef and a certificate in nutrition from the Ekaya Institute.

I worked at Hubbard College. I assisted in setting up workshops and was able to attend workshops as part of my work. I was able to attend a seminar in public speaking as part of my work. I became a member of the Toastmasters Club also during that time. I also attended workshops on sales, public relations and communication while at the college. What i learned was totally different from the way i saw sales before this. Here, they made me look at sales as a way of directing the emotions of the buyer.

Before this, i saw sales as a way of educating the buyer – and handling the buyer’s objections. This changed, as i was presented with tools such as knowing how to impulse the buyer by matching, going higher -or going lower than his emotional tone. Communication also was not just an exchange of words and body language, I participated in drills on how to be present – how to acknowledge – how to basically start change and stop the communication and why. This showed me ways of how i can direct the sales process.

I also worked at 2 management consulting firms, Sterling Management and Survival Strategies.

I worked as workshop I/C at Sterling Management where i talk to clients – Dentists – to get them to attend workshops that we schedule for them in different parts of the US. The company assisted Dentists to ‘flourish and prosper’ in their business and taught them how to organize their business in a way that products of all posts/terminals, all departments and divisions in their organization align to the overall product of the organization -how to make an organizational chart that shows all the flows in the organization between terminals – how to measure the productivity of all posts/terminals using weekly statistics and how to monitor the statistics of each post – and what formulas to use – for every condition – from non existence condition to the power condition . The company also assisted in aligning the personal and family life of the owners – based on the same organizational principles that they use at work. The Dentists have practices all over the US. The company is a member of the WISE group. We get on-the-job-training everyday on administrative procedures including sales and marketing 2 hours daily for free.

I worked at Survival Strategies Inc - surveying Physical Therapists – who were our clients. The company was also a member of the WISE group. I talked to our clients daily about their business/practice. The company marketed management consulting products – which included how to set-up ones practice. It also assisted the Physical Therapists to make an organizing board – where one can see the organizational flow- the products – the hats of each post – the line of communication and how each product align to the valuable final product of the whole organization. We get 2 hours of free training daily in all aspects of administration including sales and marketing. We also drilled with each other on sales techniques – as both the buyer and the seller. I also had a chance to see how the emotional tone scale works in the workplace and how people’s responses can be programmed to change their emotional tone so they will buy a product- as we drilled on each emotion in the tone scale with each other. This was where i learned the ins and outs of sales and marketing and the practical application of communication – which we also drilled – in the workplace. This company also asked us to track our own statistics daily for each production week- which included filling up our own time cards daily – making us take responsibility and assist us in being ‘honest’ in the workplace.

That was how i evolved as the personality/ego. The devolution of the personality happened when i started Desteni.

I am studying SRAT 2 – Structural Resonance Alignment Training right now and is presently enrolled in the Desteni I Process Course. This course taught me who i am as the personality/Ego Self – how to do a mind construct of that personality- the patterns, me, as the personality constructed- that creates energy that supports the whole energetic system in the entire world- and how to deconstruct that same personality and birth me here as Self as Life – one and equal as all and in the process assist in creating heaven into/as earth.

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