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With the Desteni I Process one will learn how to walk through the walls of fear, limitation, resistances and doubt, into the expansive world of self. Join me in the gentle yet disciplined approach of this process of discovering the unconditional self-acceptance and peace of mind which, among many other things, act as the platform for the self-change you would like to be, so that together we can create a world of oneness and equality for all. This change begins with self, and together we can make it happen.

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  • What I learned from a Puppy

                I’m takingcare of a friend’s puppy this weekend and I had a realization that eluded mefor all my 15 years of dog ownership. I was walking the puppy this morningbecause she was full of energy and had begun causing the types of problems thatan energetic puppy will cause (biting the kids, chewing everything, jumpingup). I told the kids that when a puppy starts to behave this way it’s notbecause she’s a ‘bad’ puppy, it...

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  • Over-Active imagination

                When I was little I was very shy. Istill am a bit, however, since I started using the Desteni tools I have changedthat very much. But when I look back at my life, especially when I was quiteyoung, I remember moments in which I would have this absolute fear ofinteracting with people. It was usually adults, or other children, like theloud and boisterous type for example. Interacting with them would make me reactwhere...

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  • Negative Self-Talk Chipping Away at my Resolve

    Fearof Failure - Back Chat
    I heard a quote similar to this (title) theother day. Actually it was “backchat chipping away at your resolve micro pieceby micro piece,” (BP) and it hit me. Something clicked within me with regardsto the nature of back chat, of my back chat and of what it is doing to me andin my life. I have been noticing that as I get closer to the end of my stay inmy hometown, and to the end of my semester at school, I’ve been feeling moreand more defeated. I’ve ...

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  • Inner-Peace as Suppression

    Inner-Peace as Suppression

    Self-forgivenessassists me to support myself to achieve an inner-silence or stillness that isdifferent than anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s different because Iam, for the most part, in complete control of it. Meaning, I am completelyresponsible for it, and when intrusive thoughts start to appear, I see them forwhat they are. I see right through them and I know how to handle them. First, Ichoose not to participate with them as soon ...

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  • Anger in Focus

    My experience with school throughout my life has not been an easy one for me. I was placed in special classes for slow learners at a young age and since then I have not really applied myself. I have always struggled in school and have had much difficulty with focus and my attention span. I have never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, but I have also never been tested. I found I was able to slip through the cracks in highschool and get by, passing all my classes. In college however, it wa...
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  • Looking at a Pattern

     I woke up this morning, still feeling a little sick, and asI came downstairs to begin my day I felt a familiar pattern coming. I wasreally tired and my eyes were having trouble opening as I came down stairs. Myhead was heavy because of congestion and my feet were heavy. Within all this Ijudged myself as looking like a big ogre fumbling around because I was still ‘half-asleep’. When I looked in themirror I was surprised not to see a horrific sight. I just saw me, tired. ...

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  • Sharing Desteni with Friends and Family

    When I first found and started watching the Desteni videos I kept it to myself. I projected this belief that the internet has a stigma, and anything found online that goes against normally accepted standards and practices was in a category along with conspiracy theories, crazy people, paranoia, and/or just plain lies. Before I started watching, learning and understanding the Desteni material, I had been watching lectures by people like Maurice Cotterell, I especially liked the one where he pr... Continue »
  • Why I’m worth stopping obsessive patterns and disciplining myself in every moment.

                    When I’m moving through my day without any structure imposed upon me I have the tendency to become ‘lazy’ with my application. This is really shitty and hard for me to admit, because when I have a job or a deadline, I’m usually really good at moving myself. But when I have nothing but me to push me and move me, I’ve noticed I can get sloppy. The consequences of this are that I end up not having time to ... Continue »
  • Little Baby Kimberly

    Points have been coming up with regards to living with my parents for the past little while. I was not expecting this, but it's a great opportunity to explore myself through the reactions I have been having.
    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to react to my parents within an emotional reaction of anger, frustration and annoyance.I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel angry with my parents because  I feel they are undermine my independence by tryin...
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  • Stopping My Reaction to Disagreement - Learning to Live as an Equal

    I want to write out the point that caused me to react when an individual responded to my blog.I felt scared, fear, why?I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to go into a fear-based reaction when I saw that someone had responded a long response to my blog.
    I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to fear a being’s reaction to my blog because it all of a sudden made it ‘real’, as in, something I had to stand by.
    I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and al...

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