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The world as it exists now is an 'outflow' of what each one, as a collective, has birthed as the definition of life. The definition of life can be summed into one word: which is abuse. Abuse is the 'engine' that drives the integrity of how each man operates within this world. It is so prominent that the DNA of every newborn within this world is programmed to fear... programmed to survive... programmed to abuse themselves... and programmed to be a slave of this current system because our forefathers existed as these very 'programs' of self-abuse.

Thus, this self-abuse manifests as 'polarity' in which man begins to create 'outer influences' / infrastructures of it within/as the way the system operates. Thus, the system begins to operate as 'abuse' within/as the educational system, the monetary system, the political system, the religious system, etc. in which humanity defines as 'okay' because 'the collective' cannot 'see' the abuse because the collective organization, which is the human race, has abused themselves from the beginning and is the very manifestation of it.

So every child that is born within this world becomes another 'systematic clone' that is here to feed the system of abuse through money learning how:

1) Through the educational system, work and profit effectively in order to feed/support the system effectively once the child has been compiled with a sufficient amount of educational programming (knowledge and information) to fit the 'equation' of the system's necessities for it's continuity.

2) Through the political system, create strategies that define 'freedom' within the bounds of the system which, in turn, still supports it through/by keeping people tied to it tacitly... thus, defining freedom within the binds, and in respect, of how the system operates. Thus in this way, freedom will never break the 'programming' of abuse, but fervently support it -- as it is still it (within politics).

3) Through the religious system, worship and praise a perceived 'higher power' that tacitly supports fear and dependency to a 'higher power' for its existence -- in order to create an infrastructure that fits the 'equation' of 'control' and give directions on how to live within/as it -- which, as an effect, tacitly influences man to not take self-responsibility within/as how each, collectively, has created the 'consequence' of this reality which is the integrity of the system and how it operates.

Children has been raised to believe that a higher power already has an 'answer' and 'is' the answer to this 'abuse'. So within that, our perceived responsibilites to a 'higher power' is the 'inversion' that only exists within/as our own minds as the definition of taking 'responsibility' rather than within/as a practical physical undertaking/solution.

With all of the 'blood and sweat' that is being generated for the sake of making a sufficient amount of money to survive, nothing is being done to change the way the system works. Therefore, every systematic process that exists supports the way that money is being given to the population.

The 'equation' of everything that exists here that is used to 'make' money actually supports a thoroughfare (passageway) of monetary distribution to an infinitesimal percentage of the population leaving the rest to 'find' a strategical, sometimes convoluted, method for making money. These systems: the educational, political and religious systems, are but a few fundamental infrastructures that are directly or indirectly utilized for the sake of increasing wealth, in a controlled sense, to make people believe that they are becoming 'financially free' wherein the political system would play a role in making sure that man stays within the 'binds' of this 'equation' of profit growth and the definition of 'freedom' (within the binds of opinion).

Once that 'financial independence' is achieved, their 'programming' is only proliferated, keeping them contained into/as a 'bubble' of self-deception and as an infrastructure of supporting other programs to proliferate their indulgences within/as the system. Whether anyone monetarily gives to another or not, giving is not the solution because it simply supports the equation of 'need' to exist which, in turn, incessantly supports the current system to exist.

I have been a truthseeker my whole life, but gotten no where because the truth cannot be found 'separate' from me because I am the 'truth'; we are the truth, and the truth is that we are fucked -- until we choose to change the 'equation' of the current system into a system that supports everyone equally -- reprogramming the 'thoroughfare' of monetary distribution to all equally. Thus, the 'thoroughfare' becomes our self-direction to take self-responsibility to do what is necessary to be done to change the system in it's entirety.

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