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I am a female from the Netherlands and I am most of my life interested in human CONduct, mind, physics, languages. I studied as an autodidact what was available here on earth. Within myself as well from the broad spectrum of 'academic fields'.

Officially I studied technical business management.

In my teen I had a lot of questions on where the emotions came from I experienced within my family and within the bigger picture how come this system of 'classes'.

Desteni filled in for me the parts 'I' was 'missing' -- most importantly for me: the existence of the white light. I was 'into Jesus words' from when I was 5 years old and understand them differently then people within religions - this screwed me over big time as did us all. Therefore within Desteni I got the affirmation of the understandinfgof the Jesus message.

Furthermore I am volunteering in nature education with children - I've always liked / equal and one with children as they being direct. Here in Utrecht I am occuyping myself with Basic Income as the frist step of the Equal Money system.

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