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  • qu’en est-il des récompenses pour grandes performances au travail? (Equal Money FAQ)

    Il n’y en aura pas, du moins pas telle que nous l’entendons aujourd’hui, en termes de valeur monétaire. Car dans un système d’égalité, personne n’est plus important qu’un autre, personne ne mérite plus qu’un autre, peu importe ses capacités ou ses performances dans son travail.

    Attardons-nous un moment sur ce qu’implique la notion de récompense dans notre système actuel, le système capitaliste.

    Dans ce système, il n’y a pa...

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  • how about reward for great performance at work? (Equal Money FAQ)

    There will be none, at least not as we understand it today, in terms of a monetary value. For, in an equality system, no one is more important than another, no one deserves more than another, regardless of ability or performance at work.

    Let us dwell a moment upon the implications of the reward concept in our current system, the capitalist system.

    In this system, there is no choice: we absolutely must make money to live. And the largest our wallet is, the most comfortable and...

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  • Alcohol is Death


    Hi Marlen.

    I will make this video public, okay.

    The day after I posted that video, on my way back home, expecting to see again these “drunk” homeless people, I experienced a fear and started to apply self-forgiveness. My starting point for thi...

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  • Me, Myself & I

    I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to resist the reaction within me when someone comes to me, saying they like what I did, judging myself of doing things for others instead of doing it for myself.

    I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to want to call people’s attention and to act in my life according to what people expect or to what I believe people expect from me.

    I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed...

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  • Tyler Durden is Right (Fight Club Movie Review)

    Strange existence we have. All around us shiny hopes and dreams, happiness at the reach of our hands, and love as the ultimate solution to all problems. This exact same existence where one being dies of starvation every five seconds. This world where if you don’t have money, you have nothing. This Earth that we consume with no respect for life whatsoever.

    This is the world we live in, the real world. Not a fucking dreamland paradise, but the land where you, me and everyone els...

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  • The Stupidity of Procrastination (my experience)

    I was writing yesterday about a realization I had in the train on my way home, but got lost – lost my starting point in this realization, how the experience really occured – I tried to assemble tpieces and was not able to explain it clearly to myself. I went to sleep, and now I’m here and clear about the point.

    So yesterday I was in the train going home. My head was crowded by thoughts, and I experienced a tiredness in my body. So I stood still a moment, decided to...

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  • Self-Trust then Trust

    This morning I woke up with one picture in my mind, instantly. I saw that tenant I’m having issues with at the moment, the one I mentionned in my yesterday’s post. This picture was about her yelling at me, and me reacting, putting her down within my mind, making her understand “who is the master”.

    Basically, I experienced fear.

    So, basically, what I wrote yesterday, I realized it, was empty – practical actions were missing. Basically I just said that I...

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  • Absoluteness

    There was a job that I needed to do absolutely today, so I started it in the morning. This job was to find a solution for one of our tenant who was mad because she thought that she had too much to pay for the heat consumption for her apartment. (This time of the year is the time people receive their yearly heat consumption detailed account, so it’s tough. These people come to complain, most of them are angry – I’m pissed off.)

    So my first job today was to find a solution...

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  • Letting Go of Relationships

    Why do I let go of relationships? Why do I let go of my desire to be with someone?

    Sometimes I was walking across the streets and realized that I had this desire within me: a desire to share my life with someone. I noticed this ‘positivity’ within me, this certainty, this directiveness – “that is what I want, and I’m actually able to get it” – a relationship.

    I noticed that this feeling, this desire to be with someone, manifested the ...

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  • 3 Years without Drugs

    For seven years of my life I have been taking drugs. I was smoking pot a lot, drinking alcohol and, occasionaly, taking other drugs. And then suddenly I stopped everything. That’s when I met Desteni.

    I met Desteni, applied the tools and chose to be real. What is being real? It’s when, instead of hiding and covering-up what I experience, I face it in every of its aspects. Because, what’s within me, I have created it,...

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