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After studying natural medicine in Holland and supporting myself within this for a long time to get back in physical 'health', I noticed there is something missing. I understood from the beginning that change starts within myself, but as I am still living in separation, in separation of myself and others, nothing will last as a real change. I within the physical will not heal; I am missing myself and I am missing life as what is best for all; actually I missed the whole point of what is best for all including myself. So here I am, walking the process, standing up for a earthed life as what is best for all, willing to support myself and others to bring oneness and equality in reality.

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  • 2012 - system-design of Guilt - To sacrifice myself

    Why do I believe that I am responsible for the situation of m having no home?
    I don't understand why I believe that I have to take care of him finding a place to live, while last year, when we met each other, the situation was the same, he was moving from place to place.
    It has something to do with myself. When he cannot find a place to live here in the environment, he has to go to another place more far away combined with work, and because I do not want to live with him in one hous...

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  • 2012 - System-design of Giving Up

    I am giving up before I have already started. I notice this in one specific area in my life, on the area of relationships, and with relationships I mean a relation between man and woman (in my case). The so called 'love-relation'. I see for a long time that I want an agreement with a person, meaning standing alone together. Actually, I don't know what it is to stand alone, and thus I start immediately with the together or I don't start at all. Out of fear that the other person walks away or I... Continue »
  • 2012 - System-design of Inspiration

    I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to use the experience of relief as a measure for yes or no living with m.

    This I wrote in the last blog about the system-design of peace.
    Within this I saw that I am always searching for some relief after searching in myself for an answer. If I 'see the point', there is some relief, and this relief I use as a ...

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  • 2012 - system-designs - Peace

    I feel unsatisfied, ontevreden, not peacefull about the situation I live in.
    Vrede (peace) - Ontevreden (unsatisfied).

    I believe that peace is dependant of the situation that I live in.
    I experience it as unsafe in the house because I am living together with someone who is not self-honest as seeing that his words are about himself, so I got the projections. We all do that, it's nothing new. I also do it to him.
    I experience this as being attacked in the hou...

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  • MEN - searching for the one to bring me to a higher level

    Let's write about men.
    For a long time I let myself distract by men. By willing a man, not willing a man, and when the man is here, by the man himself, wanting him or wanting him to go away. In my head is a picture of me and a man in a perfect relation. Speaking openly about our process inside, living our 'own life' but...yes but what? Actually I don't know what else except living our own life and sometimes having sex. This is the picture that I created. And actually I don't know what to...
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  • Freaky

    This is freaky.
    I don't know how to go on, what to do, what to write. And within this, I do nothing. There is enough to do, but I cannot come to anything. It scares me. It's like I am loosing my expression. But I never had an expression as life, only as the mind. So maybe I am loosing my expression as the mind.
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  • What's the Agreement? Cleaning the bloodlines

    Being angry all the time to the person I live with.
    Not able to stop, as I see that I follow the same thought every time again, which starts running as a program by every trigger-point.
    Applying self-forgiveness is not enough. So what is going on here?
    I believe that I am stuck in this, and for I believe this, I attack myself for being so stupid to got stuck in this. And I was busy with this attack as backchat, applying s.f. on me being stupid etc.
    Actually, what is ...

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  • 2012 - system-design of Possession

    I live in a very nice house, that I never really saw as mine. It's large, too large for one person, and I always saw it as a present that I can live here for a while. I noticed that I am not dependent on the place I live, not in this specific house or this specific environment (which is beautifull). So I 'thought', I am not possessed by the house.
    Since 9 months or something I am sharing this house. And we have had conflicts about taking care of the house, which is important for me....
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  • 2012 - system-design of Energy - stuck in Attention

    Stuck in attention. From myself and from another person, and the interaction of these two.
    I am also stuck in writing this blog.
    The attention coming forward out of living via the love for/of another person. Nothing real is possible within this structure as it is build on a relation with conditions. Attention from the other person on me to see if I am still here to give a 'go(o)d' feeling, and me keeping attention on the other person to see if the other person has s...

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  • 2012 - system-design of Belief - Love, Light, Depression

    I belief that I am a soul.

    Within the mind I know that this is not real, as I read ofcourse the desteni-material about the soulconstruct etc. BUT....I notice within myself that I am not letting go of the love I believe to feel for a boy that I didnot see for more than a year. Actually this is all that I ever believed that 'counts', the love I feel for a boy, most of times at distance, so not in reality but in the mind. I knew ofcourse in reality it will be diffe...

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