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My name is Anna and I have been participating with Desteni since 2008. I am a Desteni i Process Pro buddy.

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  • The Hidden Drives Behind being Overly Critical. DAY 351

    In this post I will be sharing a process of realization that opened up from projecting my own critical nature onto another and experiencing what it is like to be on the other side of the table.

    I was in a conversation with someone where I was sharing something that I had been very satisfied with and that I immediately experienced them being extremely critical towards.

    What then started coming up were flashbacks to previous conversations I had had with other people where I was...

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  • The Fear of Being Too Small For Your Own Potential. DAY 350

    In this post, I will share a point in relation to unleashing and living one’s utmost potential and how one can sabotage oneself through interpreting one’s potential/purpose in life through the mind.

    So the context of this blog-post is that I for quite some time have slacked on certain responsibilities and I couldn’t understand why. I was doing them, but I had to drag myself through it. I kept trying all sorts of methods to change what was happening and nothing I did was ...

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  • How Suppression Makes You An Emotional Ticking Time Bomb. DAY 349

    Today I was faced with a particular emotional experience. It was interesting to see how the emotional experience developed, while being more aware of myself, because as it developed, I could see the various trigger points unfold.

    Audio recordings to support with developing awareness of one’s mind:

    Emotions Slipping Out – Quantum Systemization – Part 85

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  • Male/Female Dynamics: The Battered Woman Character. DAY 348

    Recently I’ve been having some very vivid dreams. The theme of the dreams is that I am in an argument/discussion with a male/males and I am becoming frustrated within experiencing that he/they is not listening to me.

    In discussions I tend to become very tense, fearful and defensive as an automated reaction and response. I can see that I have been very clouded by judgment and blame towards the males I’ve had discussions with, perceiving it to be their fault specifically within seeing...

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  • Letting Go of the Idea of Being a Perfect Mother. DAY 347

    Have you ever experienced how you can sometimes have an idea of yourself that is so strong, an image in your mind that is so vivid that it is like it is entirely removed from reality and that either reality will disrupt the image/idea you had, or the image/idea will be disruptive for reality? For me, that image has been imagining myself being a natural and perfect mother.

    I always wanted to be a mother, ever since I was a little girl. It wasn’t something I obsessed over, I don’t rem...

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  • Seeing The Bigger Picture Through Principled Living. DAY 346

    As mentioned in the previous blogs, I have recently started walking through the point of ‘deschooling’ myself from behavioral patterns I integrated as a child, behavioral patterns that for whatever reason has affected me and my environment in inexpedient ways.

    Here are some of the blogs I’ve written previously in this series for context:

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  • Taking Responsibility For Our Inner Parents. 345

    I recently came across a quote on Facebook directed towards parents where it said something like “The way you talk to your children becomes their inner voice.” I found that to be quite profound and it is certainly so. I’m sure many can relate to suddenly hearing your mother or father’s voice speaking to you inside your own head, despite of them no longer being a constant presence in your life. It is the exact same with certain behavioral patterns and relationship dynamics that we carry wit...

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  • Listen to Your Body, then Hear Who’s Speaking. DAY 344

    A friend said something recently that I found to be profound and that assisted me to open a point within myself. She said that abdicating responsibility for oneself is the same as not having the will to live, because real Living, becoming life, living, is only possible when one takes responsibility for oneself. Abdicating responsibility for oneself is thus abdicating oneself as life.

    Throughout my life I wouldn’t say that I’ve been the best at taking care of myself. As a small child...

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  • Letting Go of The Burdens of The Ghosts of The Past. DAY 343

    The past week my partner and I have been busy clearing out space on his mother’s farm, going through layers upon layers of furniture, bookkeeping papers, books, clothes and old love letters. There were things in that house going back 7 generations, all the way back to old farming equipment and maps of the land from past centuries.

    As we went through it all we talked a lot about memories and the past and being nostalgic. It is fascinating how we as human beings tend to give value to ...

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  • Self-Empowerment Through Principled Living. DAY 342

    In the last two posts I’ve investigated two ‘extremes’, radical self-unschooling on one hand and the word ‘must’ on the other. Now – these two can represent polarized extremes where one is a total abnegation of rules and the other is an enforcement of rules, but they can also be redefined as c...

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