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  • Day 230: Permission And Self - Worth

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  • Day 229: Guilty until Proven Innocent & The Mathematics of Self-Trust

    The other day I was in a discussion when the topic came up of how to work with points that are pointed out by someone else.

    In my own process, when someone would point something out that they saw in my words and behaviour – I’d sometimes get this ‘surge’ movement inside of myself coming up where I felt compelled to disagree and set the record straight.

    This surging experience I interpreted as being a movement of Continue »
  • Day 228: How We Worship False Images & are Self-Blasphemous

    I was investigating a pattern of Self-Compromise within myself where I went back to childhood memories to trace the origin of this pattern and what motivated me to take on this pattern within my life and acting it out.

    As I was walking a mini-Mind Construct* on this point, I could see how and why I had ...

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  • Day 227: What can we learn from Continuum?

    I have been following the Tv-series ‘Continuum’ for a while now, and would like to share a perspective that came up while watching the last few episodes.

    For those who are not familiar with Continuum, here a short delineation so you can have some background/context:

    The series starts off in the future, in the year 2077. Corporations have taken over the role of government, where a ...

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  • Day 226: The Thrill of Freedom

    Last month my mother came to visit as well as Gian’s parents who came to visit for a long weekend. While they were staying over they were sharing stories of us as small children. Once of these stories consisted of how both Gian and I – each in our own setup as little kids – would be the ones ‘destroying other childrens’ / siblings’ sand castles’.
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  • Day 225: Fear of Freedom

    While working on re-defining the word 'No' and in general looking at all the particular charges, layers and dimensions I had attached to the word 'No' over the years -- an interesting point opened up (well many opened up lol). This one in particular was a fear point, whereby I had created a fear towards the word 'No' in relation to 'Freedom of Choice' / 'Freedom of Expression'.

    Growing up in Belgium, our country was considered to be a very 'modern' society. Part of that meant ...

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  • Day 224: Bernard

    Written on 13/08/2013

    Shortly after I had received the news that Bernard had passed away and had a moment for myself -- I said his name:


    I wanted to look at what would come up -- what Bernard had meant for me -- and all I got was an impression of vastness - a vastness that went into all directions, a vastness that never stopped.

    There were no words, no pictures, no memories, no feelings that could describe or capture what Be...

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  • Day 223: Words and the Hidden Battle of Energies

    Within being pregnant and walking the preparation of walking/living with another as myself within having to stand as example, I have been working a lot with Words. I have been closely studying the Parenting: Perfecting the Human Race Series for instance which pretty much can be translated into the Continue »
  • Day 222: Surreal is the New Real

    While working in the nursery in the mornings I have been listening to the Metaphysical Secrets of Imagination Series from Eqafe. Having gone down the road of ‘Eating Disorders’ I find this series very supportive in terms of providing structural guidance in terms of how we create our self-image and how one can assist and support oneself in deconstr...

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  • Day 221: Who’s the Bad Guy? Who’s to Blame? - Part 2

    This blog is a continuation to the otter story in Day 222: Who’s the Bad Guy? Who’s to Blame? – Part 1.

    What most people will do when they find out they have a ‘predator problem’, is to find the animal and kill, say by trapping it, gunning it or putting out bait with poison. Killings ...

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