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    After much procrastination, I have moved to and enjoying it much. So this is to inform all those who have been following my blog at this site to update your links to where I will be posting regularly. 

    Thanks. Lets blog the hell out of this world, until a new earth is born.

    Thank you.


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  • Death will Take All Your Money. You go Empty Hands.

    This is a very well known principle that death will remove all things for good. All your money, all your properties, all your belongings will be taken away, and vultures will be waiting to enjoy your things while you're on your deathbed. Its true all that you got will be gone, no more, none is left.

    Yet in living this life, protecting one's money and belongings is something we all do, rich and the poor alike. we grab and holding onto all things a...

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  • Thoughts build up fears.

    Fear sucks. fear of loss sucks. fear of death sucks. fear of any kind sucks. Yet this is what I have been living, holding onto fears of various types. Fear has become like oxygen without which we cannot live. Some sort of fear is needed apparently for the mind to grab onto. Such a dumb stupid thing this thing called fear. The funny thing about fear is the more you fear the more likely you will draw such eventual reality unto yourself. 

    I forgive myself that I have accept...

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  • Declare War against Emotions and Feelings?

    Feelings and Emotions are the Hollywood production house of the MIND to make the illusion exhilarating and intoxicating.

    Another great Common Sense quote by Bernard Poolman. Feelings and Emotions are the Hollywood production house of the mind to make the illusion exhilarating and intoxicating. Worth repeating those words until they sink in, how amazingly true.

    Feelings and Emotions, how fucked are you with th...

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  • Attention Seeking Parasites: Stop it with breathing Here.

    Yeh this is a point over and over again showing up. In so many subtle ways I seek attention from others. It could be a small thing like giving someone a ride, or chatting with someone, and I notice I do so to get their attention. To have a chit-chat is to have them pay full attention to me. Of course, when offering a ride, I am driving so the passenger will give all the attention to me. So three is crowd, two is a company is so true for energy seeking parasites like myself. 


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  • Mitt r(oMney) with mOney wins. Study Equal Money System.

    Today January 30th 2012, I just read in the news that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has won the primaries in Florida. Mitt RoMney sure has the Money just as his name sound to win any election.   

    Winning an election is about having loads of money, one way or other. Most of it goes for advertisements, to convince the dumb masses via popular media. Of course its harvest time for TV companies too, who are burning midnight oil cashing the election cash c...

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  • Exposing abuses is cool, but don't get killed in doing so.

    Exposing abuses in our world is cool, but don't be foolish and get killed in doing so. Recently I am chatting with a FB friend who is exposing abuses in his native country, but in doing so he has placed himself in a very precarious situation. The man is now hunted and haunted. Under severe stress he is experiencing depression, anxiety and related problems in addition to homeless and uncertainty. 

    So breathe, calm down, relax, be smart and don't fucking get killed. Don't ...

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  • 10-day Vipassana Meditation Retreat, as taught by Mr. S. N. Goenka - A Review.

    Before I met desteni, during my days with the newage movement, I was into a type of meditation called Vipassana Meditaton. Of course within Buddhism there are many types of meditations, some are regional specific while others are specific to different doctrine of Buddhism. Perhaps they all have similar roots but certainly the practice appear vastly different, sometimes even to a point of conflict. Anyways, the subject here is the 10 day retreat provided by the Vipassana Meditation group heade... Continue »
  • 2012 How NOT to be a Destonian.

    At a recent Ottawa Desteni meeting this statement came up, "How not to be a Destonian". Interesting question indeed, but the good news is I don't have to investigate too much in answering that question. So here we go, How Not to Be a Destonian. 
    Believe in GOD: Yes numero uno, you must believe in God, the almighty Father, Mother, in heaven.  You must have very strong faith and believe not just ordinary faith and believe, but real hardcore faith and believe. Fanatics are h...

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  • 2012 How was I Able to Hear the Desteni Message.

    I have been a "seeker" for a long long time. I suppose real happiness  never came to me, so I had a natural interest in spiritual matters. Born and raised a Catholic, even within the church, I would be drawn to Christian meditation or retreats in search of the soul, the depth of me. I have been always looking for something deeper, profound, magical, that source within, sort to speak. 

    That journey took me on a long road. Start by going to Hindu temples in Sri Lanka,...

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