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Desteni I Process Arvydas is a Desteni I Process Recruiter. If you like what he does,
join the I Process and you can be supported on your journey directly by him.

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  • DUK

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  • My Nephew

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  • Equal Money System

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  • EMS

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  • Transfer to WORDPRESS.COM

    I have too many issues with Multiply here, so i am going to Wordpress - please Visit me there.
    Here is the Link:
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  • I AMsterdam

    When I miss some days of writing it gets tough as all my experiences I simply compound into big pile of stuff without actually putting everything in context where I can see clearly what I am doing and how I can direct myself within the daily events.

    So the last few days I have spent on the road – one day I spent in Brussels where I have met with Christophe. We walked around the city, drank some coffee and simply shared our process – which is really cool and very su...

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  • Finally removed

    Today is a major cleanup day for me.

    I have already banned or was banned by majority of people that I was close with. Still one remained – the one I have known the longest – since kindergarten we have walked the same path until the test of Desteni came to uncover all deceptions. The connection didn’t stand that test and was slowly dying for some time now.

    It’s so interesting to observe how patterns (as people) fall away gradually when not participating in the usual accepted way....

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  • The point of Vlogging

    Today I have a revelation. The video called “Quantum Process” made by Sunnette has brought all the points that were boiling within me, for a very long time, to fruition. It basically talks about the immense importance of supporting ourselves within the process with all the tools that are here: blogging, vlogging, self-forgiveness, self-corrective actions, etc.  And it was indicated that making vlogs is the most important of them all.

    So, I was actually faced with this point of doi...

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    I have missed a day of blogging – that happens when I say to myself that I will just lie down for a moment – that’s usually a lie. So self-discipline in standing up from these unfortunate self-misguidances.

    So in this blog I would like to explore the constant nagging that I have within – it’s regarding my process where for about a year or so I can see that I am totally absorbed with only myself and my process, where I am not really looking/seeing other people at all. I have become complet...

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  • I have met Petrification

    Few weeks ago when I returned home from my trip I saw that my dog has a tumor on his neck. I will not speak about the ignorance of my family toward having to care for animal as an equal – that’s another topic. So I arranged a trip to veterinarian and we decided to perform the operation next day.

    There was some danger regarding my dog’s age and the giving of narcosis required for the surgery. Still we decided to go with it, carefully. So I followed all the instructions from the doctor a...

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