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  • Independent Publisher 2 Is Here

    The popular Independent Publisher design is a WordPress theme that has long been beloved for its simplicity and legibility. So we are happy to announce that it has been improved, ever so slightly, with the design talents of Caroline Moore and Kjell Reigstad.

    Introducing Independent Publisher 2:

    Independent ...

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  • A New WordPress App Update, Designed for the iPad

    Over the past few months we’ve been working to dramatically improve users’ experience on iPad — and we’re proud to share those with you now, in our WordPress app for iOS, available in the iTunes Store.

    The apps were originally designed with only iPhones in mind, so we wanted to make better use of the space available on the iPad and especially iPad Pro, to maximize your productivity in the app. These ch...

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  • Field Notes: CMS Africa Summit

    Automatticians, the people who build WordPress.com, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do in the community.

    This year’s CMS Africa Summit was my third attendance at this amazing conference. My colleagues Marjorie, Sarah...

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  • New in Reader: Combined Cards

    If you’ve ever followed a frequently updating site in Reader, you may have noticed a problem. When one of your followed sites goes on a posting streak, it can easily overwhelm your stream, causing you to miss posts from less frequent sites.

    Today we launched a new feature to alleviate this problem: Combined Cards. Now, when a site you follow gets prolific, we’ll combine those posts into a single card — provided the posts are all from the same day and uninterrupted by pos...

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  • Save Your Favorite Images and Media on WordPress.com, Anytime

    We’ve added a new media section to your WordPress.com dashboard, allowing you to bulk upload, edit, and tweak your media files. Let’s look at the changes:

    Upload Media in Bulk

    Add new items in bulk by going to MediaAdd New to activate the file picker. You can also drag and drop items right onto the page.

    Edit Media

    Now you can edit media files as you add them to your post or directly from the media section. To modify media information like the titl...

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  • A Distraction-Free Writing Space at WordPress.com

    Today we’re proud to unveil some design changes to the WordPress.com editor. It has the same great features you’ve come to expect, but with a cleaner, more refined experience — and a few new improvements, like a distraction-free writing mode.

    Welcome to our new distraction-free writing experience. We hope you enjoy it.

    To give you a tour, I chatted with the two people who helped to create it. Joen Asmussen and Matías Ventura are two Europe-based computational desi...

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  • Your Stats Page, Updated

    Sometimes it’s the little things that count — especially when it comes to your stats. We’ve recently gathered some of your feedback and used it to work through a few renovations. Let’s take a quick tour!

    Today First: Many of you wanted to make today’s stats a priority, with easy access to yesterday’s stats as well. So now when you visit a site’s stats, you’ll see the Days view first, with data displayed for the last 30 days. A quick click on...

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  • New Theme: Lodestar

    This Theme Thursday, I’m happy to share Lodestar, our new free theme!


    Designed by Mel Choyce, Lodestar is perfect for your small business or organization’s website.

    The theme allows you to create a one-page website, showcasing all your company’s information in one spot, interspersed with full-sized featured images.

    Or you can use Lode...

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  • Import Your Medium Posts to WordPress.com

    With the recent news about Medium’s change in business model we’ve been receiving a number of requests from users on how to import their content to a WordPress.com site. We’re excited today to share our new import tool for moving from Medium to WordPress.com.

    Medium Import Instructions

    First, visit the Medium settings page, scroll down to Export Content, and select Download .zip to start the export process from Medium...

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  • New Themes: TextBook and Dara

    Hello there! Today I’m announcing the latest additions to our free-themes collection: TextBook and Dara.


    Designed by Allan Cole, TextBook is aimed at helping schools, colleges, and other non-profit organizations to distribute and archive information in...

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