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  • Practice

    All of the people I live here have a college education or are going to called and this was something I was glad to be a part of but what I was not expecting was how my pre-programming of inferiority would come out and in the most peculiar ways.
    Working in a group setting is cool because it has given me the opportunity to face myself, for instance I would have trouble speaking up or speaking naturally because I had extensive back chat about sounding stupid or not having a large enough vo...
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  • Morality - It's a shame

    A disc jockey on a radio show opened up the topic of teenagers having sex in their parents home.
    He began by airing an audio clip and the women speaking said that she was okay with her daughter having sex in her home, because she knew she was safe, always had condoms available, and also she knew who her daughter was having sex with.
    The radio station had a huge response with many people calling in stating that allowing a teenager to have sex in their home was flat out wrong.

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  • Addiction and Me

    There is no right or wrong only consequence - no matter what it is we participate in there will indeed be a consequence so I check my starting point and consider the consequence if my starting point is in self-honesty cool, if my starting point is self-dishonesty I stop, breathe and clear my starting point to prevent a consequence that is not best for all. So this is what I did regarding coffee.

    I committed myself to stop drinki...

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  • Blog Address Change

    Readers,I have created a new blog using my own name. Please follow me on my other blog as well at you! Continue »
  • Equal Health Care for ALL

    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel uncomfortable in my own skin
    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to judge the fat on my belly
    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hold my breath to hold my belly in
    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hav...

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  • Letting go of Ego and Forgiving Myself
    I forgive myself for not accepting or allowing myself to write out thorough self forgiveness regarding food, chocolate, addictions and nail biting

    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel empowered when I eat chocolate or ice cream because then I can get back at the "bad" ideas I have about it
    I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to tr...

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  • Self Responsibility and Self Will

    Last night I was awoken by the sound of my cat vigorously scratching at my bedroom door, she hasn't done this for awhile. For the past year I can't sleep well and since I am not able sleep I get out of bed go into the living room and spend time petting my cats, they must be getting used...

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  • The accumulation effect to get the total sum of and as Equality

    Ok - My stomach is growling and I just ate lunch a few hours ago - people starve for days on end it is in fact horrific what we have accepted and allowed to exist in this world.
    So I have been walking a point for sometime and I have been walking it for such a long time because I was conflicted about making a solid decision and being very concerned if it was the accum...

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  • The Interviewer Personality

    I've have been spending quite a bit of time exposing my secret mind and now my back-chat with a really cool individual. (X) brought to my attention an observation (X) noticed about me, (X) said "You like to interview people" "I noticed it at the table when you were talking to (Y) and then to (Z) -- He said "I was like, lol! She's interviewing them with questions she ha...

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  • Mother Envy

    Today when looking at photos of a friend and her family I became sad and a bit jealous because I know I won't be having children of my own in this 'life' and I won't experience what it is to be a mother - So I am here to further investigate this point and consider why I have experienced this reaction within me. It is as if I have been program...

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