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  • Do we pay with money or with our very Lives?

    Facts of life – you need money to live. We need money to buy things, but is it actually money we        use   to pay for things or is there more to it?

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  • A World Without Please and Thank you

    Is Please a form of begging? Do we say thank you just because of manners or to show that a person did a huge favor by going out of their way? What if helping another was something that was expected from each and every one and what if that was the norm were please and thank you will be unnecessary?

    Stop complaining but your personal issues and find solutions for it here:www.desteni...

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  • Whiplash Movie - What does it take to be the best?

    How far is too far when pushing someone to reach their full potential? What are the consequences of trying to find the line? Is it self-righteous to push someone too hard...or is it an act of compassion? Or maybe it's something different all together? We explore some of these questions and many more as we dive into discussion about a Drummer who was pushed by his music teacher to play to the best of his abilities.

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  • Did Rage Against the Machine change the World?

    You know what would be awesome - instead of voicing the problems we face in this world why not sing the solutions. I was am a big Rage fan, and even through singing and playing their songs I did not actually “hear’’ the message. One of my Favorite songs from them is “Bullet in your Head” - They had a message and they tried haring that message, but without an actual solution. All this does is create more anger and more Rage. 
    It’s like “Yea man, I see t...

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  • Practicing Beethoven – Fur Elise on Acoustic Guitar

    I was busy practicing a song  today ( Fur Elise ) when Leila Tried to sneak up on me and record me whilst me being unaware. Unfortunately for her she did not go unnoticed. But I did do a rare thing and let her record me while I practice ( Video Attached below) which brought up a point.
    I started to learn this song yesterday and when it comes to learning new songs I tend to not want people to hear it unless I can play it fluently. So in the practice stage I definitely do...

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  • Why is the Advertising Ban Proposal The best thing ever?

    Who here likes Ads? These days we have ads everywhere and I for one skip and close every Ad I see. The reason why I dislike ads is because they are not real – they are not truthful and their very reason for existing is to get you to buy what they are selling.  
    The big problem comes with Advertising health care like pharmaceuticals – this does real harm, because they don’t have your best interest at heart.  Adverts are causing harm, because they make us think we ne...

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  • Brazil Doce River – What is Being done?

    A dam burst that contained waste water from a Mining company destroying many homes and spilled into the River. It killed everything in the river – fish turtles etc. My question is What is being done about it?  Is fining The Company enough? Who can we prevent this?

    It will take decades to reverse the damage Done to that river and the environment .

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  • Blood Lions – Reared for the Bullet

    IN South Africa there are “Lion Factories” that exist for the sole purpose of breeding Lions to be shot by hunters.
    This is from
    “About four years ago Pippa Hankinson visited a private lion breeding farm for the first time where she found approximately 80 lions in small enclosures, many visibly inbred and clearly stressed. She was deeply disturbed by her experience.

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  • The Power of a Red Cup - War on Christ

    It’s that time of years again – Christmas. A time where companies decorate anything they can with Christmas in order to exploit people. But what happens when a company has a lack of decorations or a lack of exploitation, if you will? 
    This is the reacted to this:

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  • Day 327: No more water – The Personal Drought Experience

    Being on a farm in the middle of a drought can be very frightening. You learn the real value of water and just how you depended are on it and how the environment depends on it. Within this all there is a personal experience of Doom and gloom – how to stop the gloom and doom?

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