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  • The Man that Changed Existence: Bernard Poolman

    The Greatest Man to have ever walked the Earth has died.
    Bernard Poolman was declared dead on August 11th 2013 at 2.50AM S.A Time - his heart stopped.
    He would never claim to be "the Greatest Man to have walked the Earth" - in fact, he once told me in a moment we shared alone inside the car: "I am just a piece of dirt, talking dirt. Bernard does not exist".
    The reality is that in a world where Absolute Self-Honesty, Commitment and Dedication to Life is simply nonexistent, Berna...

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  • Police Shoots Dog CA - A blog to All Animal Lovers

    This blog is about an unfortunate incident that happened in California recently: dog was shot dead by the police -- an incident that because of all the social media attention that it had and continues to have is worth looking at in more detail to see exactly what happened and why is it that the video has gone viral.

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  • Why I do not say "I LOVE YOU" anymore

    WHY!?!?!?!It is meaningless.
    It means less than "here, I brought you some water".It means less than "here, I got you a sandwich".It means less than "the toilet is free, you can go have your shit".It means less than "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"It means less than "fuck!"
    When you add up all the points that the phrase "I love you" means "less than" - you actually end up with NOTHING!
    SO - "I love you" means NOTHING! Nothing at all!

    What the fuck is that supposed...

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      "Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved."
      This sentence can be read on Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo.
      In a world full bullshit about love, gems such as these are hard to find. 
      This sentence alone sums up why the world is the way it is... Why is it that even though everybody "loves" somebody or something the world is still a mess... Why is it that so many people are "happy" and the world is still a mess. I mean, this is a big CON, righ...

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  • The Love Delusion exposed - Inspired by Sarah Dessen

    “Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone's bad qualities because they somehow complete you.” ― Sarah Dessen - This Lullaby
    So, here we have a quote from Sarah Dessen from her book "This Lullaby" which perfectly shows the nonsense called "love".
    So, first: "Love is needing someone". Do we have any idea what this actualy means?It says in the bible that "In the beginning there was the word and the word was God and the word was with God". This I have f...

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  • The Human Body as Equality

    Have a sit. Take a deep breath.
    Have a look: all parts in your body work together to keep you alive.

    You use your hands in a way that they work together to complete tasks. Your feet and legs move in synchronicity to make you walk/move.

    From a physiological perspective, all the cells in your body work together to maintain your physical structure.

    Essentially, human beings are copies of the same structure. There is no real difference between a human bein...

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  • Positive Thinking, Common Sense, Capitalism and Equal Money

    The pursuit of happiness is the result of positive thinking because for one to be happy one must positively charge one's thought process in order to achieve a "mental state" of happiness in a world govern by misery, stress, abuse, conflict etc...

    The whole "positive thinking" movement (the Secret / law of attraction) is all about each one finding their OWN happiness through thinking positively. And you can clearly see how it all comes down to "having more money" to "buy happiness"....

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  • Positive Thinking - the hidden deception creating War

    Some people live according to the following -- you know, the "positiveness pursuit guys: "Don't waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window - or break down a door."

    Now - allow me to expose the deception within such seemingly harmless statement:

    What is the point of "being happy" and "do all that makes me happy" if half of the world's population is either in poverty or at the brink of it?
    What is it that validates your happiness and...

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  • Self-Forgiveness -- "The Way, the Truth and the Darkness"

    When I first heard about the self forgiveness that Desteni was presenting I simply gave it a go without thinking much about it.

    Like almost everyone, we reach a point in our lives when we do something really stupid to ourselves and we realize there is nothing else to do but to forgive ourselves and let go (let E-go) - what is done is done. So, from this perspective, I understood self forgiveness to be a useful tool to make peace with oneself, but the way I used it had nothing to d...

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  • Why I was able to hear the Desteni Message

    Why I was able to hear the Desteni message:


    Even though I was raised a Christian, I never took it seriously... I mean – it was just a story which, I realized, the only purpose was to control people by giving them some kind of “moraityl” and “hope”. Fortunately for me I didn’t needed it because I was always well feed and sheltered – thus no need for “hope” (I already had the “dope”) – and the whole morality bullshit was pointless because the bugs I played with and...

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