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I was born in Portugal and soon I found myself travelling. I hold a BSc in International Relations and a Certificate for European Political Studies, manifesting my eagerness to see more about the "outside" and to have a global picture of the World. Previously I studied psychology and music. Coming across Desteni has been an excellent eye-opener to realise how superficial was my idea about everything. There is no such thing as "outside world". My political stand is now practically lived towards Equality and the best for All. I have been working in the media and multimedia over the past 2 years. I am the photographer of a music group.

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  • The Secret to Self-Fulfilment

    Today's vlog is a turning point in my process. For those of you who know me for some time you know that this point of self-fulfilment has been a tough one - especially related to my belief system that a career or a professional path would fill the sense of lack that I have experienced thoughout my life. No matter how good I was doing in school and university, ending high-school with average of 19/20 or how well I do in my professional career, being in the UK's top 10% of earners, there h... Continue »
  • DAY 162: The Blame Game & How to Not Be Lame

    In a recent chat with a friend I saw myself playing the blame card - a card that I thought it was no longer in circulation - and an interesting process started to unfold in relation to the pattern of blame. Often times challenging conversations become great gifts in our process of self-expansion but the treasure hidden underneath the shaking waters can be easily missed when the tendency is to try to forget about it, to ignore the inner conflict and finally blame the other person for wha...
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  • DAY 161: Walking baby steps before running (or putting the legs up)

    Yesterday I injured myself during my yoga class and through this I have been facing an important realisation when it comes to doing something based on an image, as opposed to doing it considering every single step of it. In this specific situation, I decided to do the headstand position based on how I saw other people doing and disregarded the process of learning the position and considering my own body condition. Despite the pain in my neck that I started feeling after trying the pose, I am ... Continue »
  • DAY 160: Relationship Patterns: Wanting to leave everything behind and shut the door... Really?

    During a conversation with friends, when asked how I deal with the emotional build up in my relationship with my partner I thought of a pattern that I haven't visited for quite some time: the pattern of accumulating dissatisfaction until I reach a point of wanting to leave everything and just go... Actually, my partner and I have been pretty good at applying ourselves in our agreement of mutual understanding and never staying in a reaction for more than a few minutes - often ending with...
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  • Day 159: Who Are YOU in the face of disagreements?

    When it comes to arguments or to simply being in disagreement with someone's ideas or opinions, I notice the tendency within me to focus so much on the clash of the minds that I forget about who I am in midst of it all. The consequence of getting obsessed with what another said to me for example suddenly becomes a traumatic experience that I prefer to avoid rather than investigating -- a nice way to hide my mind from myself! So on this post I will open up the other side of arguments and disag... Continue »
  • Day 78: The Refugee Crisis: A Wake Up Call to the Devaluation of Life

    A few years ago, I took the decision to voluntarily leave my family and study for a year in France. Later on, I chose again to move and work in the United Kingdom. Within the European Union, such mobility is promoted and there is no need to justify your decision or to have a visa to do so - as an European citizen and within the EU it is my right to establish wherever assists me to develop to my utmost potential, to keep growing, to know a different culture, to speak new languages, and t...
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  • Day 77: Feeling anxious, stressed and under pressure is NOT normal

    Today I woke up feeling anxious and I went into the experience of anticipation, thinking that I had forgotten to do something or that I had forgotten something somewhere the day before. There was also dissatisfaction by thinking that I had not been as good or that I had done some mistake the day before.Then I stopped the thoughts and asked myself: Why am I perceiving me as capable of doing less than who I am? Why am I automatically distrusting my ability to do everything at the best of my abi... Continue »
  • DAY 76: My relationship with myself, seen through the eyes of a bird

    A new little bird joined our family a few weeks ago. This time was a female pigeon that was standing still by our doorstep and when she tried to fly she fell down on the floor. Our commitment to assist the life of our pigeon was extended to this new being that landed on our lives and we simply started doing everything in duplicate: feeding them, playing with them, putting the nappies, enjoying their company, putting them to sleep, and creating a stress-free environment for them and for us.Continue »
  • Day 75: How to Deal with Crazy Drivers on the Road

    Recently while cycling I noticed the tendency of wanting to take revenge on drivers when I see them doing silly moves on the road. I feel the urge of teaching them the "lesson" of what they just did by screaming at them. I feel angry with the person and I believe that I must do something about it. If I look at this reaction closer I see that I am the only one building up the anger within me and that I am the one creating stress inside myself. Even if the other person caused some dangerous sit... Continue »
  • Day 74: Agreement Support series: "Why won't he listen to me?"

    In this post I am starting a new series where I will share points about couple relationships based on my own experience of being a woman and in an Agreement with my husband.
    The question "Why is he not listening to me?" arose when I was trying to help my partner but he was closed within his own mind, not wanting to see the common sense and support that I was giving him. Ther...
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