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I am currently working within the 'system' and will be studying social sciences. Looking to network with anyone interested in social psychology, media studies, creating new content.

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  • Day 162 -

    In the previous few blogs I have been pushing myself to write out and share the insights and realization that I have had from a particular event – and while I have been the type to “zone out” when I see a long blog and not really want to read it because my mind is already busy with other distractions – I would recommend for those who would be reading this particular series of blogs I am writing to have a look at the previous posts because I am telling a specific story and the cont...

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  • Breaking Through Instead of Breaking Down

    It is so very tempting within this process of self-honesty and self-change to want to simply 'give up' when it seems like things are not working - when it seems like the principles and realizations that one has had within self-writing and self-forgiveness and developing self-honesty as we participate in our daily living are just 'too far out' from the current patterns and

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  • The Road to Giving Up Is Paved With WHINING

    Whining is where one builds up a case - builds up a sales pitch - and eventually convinces self and gets self to 'buy into' the 'product' for the mind to consume - whining is where one creates and layers excuses and justifications to not do something or face something or take responsibility for something directly -thus whining is the actual first step toward sabotage - toward giving up - toward giving in to ...

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  • May I Have Your ATTENTION Please?

    Most of us are familiar with the term “divide and conquer” and understand the idea that by creative division and separation within a group or a unit, one is able to weaken that group or unit or cause it to become distracted with internal conflicts so that one can have an easier Continue »
  • Confessions of a HAPPY DRUG Addict

    One of the most difficult points to really be self-honest with in this world is the illusion of happiness and the idea that apparently when we feel happy, then things are alright in the world, and as long as we can even for a moment experience ourselves within that state of 'happiness' – all is justified, and all that matters, even for those brief moments, is our own experience of happiness.

    One way to look at the point of 'happiness' is to see it as a Continue »
  • Love is NOT the "Answer"

    When I look at the word “love” and how I have defined myself in relation to it, it is fascinating the memories and experiences that are associated with the word “love” and how much I have allowed myself to be shaped and influenced by that word.
    The 'idea' that is sold in relation to love as I had understood it back when I was a child was that it is when you 'care about' somebody or something and that this is a 'special' experience between only you and whatever it is t...

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  • Why PEACE cannot exist when we are in PIECES

    Among the greatest illusions perpetuated on this world, I would say the idea of 'peace' ranks high upon that list. So many times we see protests and rallies and demands for peace and the end of war, the end of segregation and divisiveness, the end of inequality and exploitation – all various and alternate expressions of the idea of 'peace'.
    What is lacking in every instance of this desire and call for 'peace' is the understanding that no conflict – no war – no social injust...

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  • ISOLATION - Am I Too Late? Am I shunned?

    Here I open up the point of 'isolation', where I will place myself into a point of self-pity and seclude myself from participating effectively within my world due to believing that I have made a mistake and that it is 'too late' for me to adjust and correct myself, and due to not wanting to again face the point of 'failure' make the 'decision' to just give up entirely and give in to the experience of '...

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  • Future Projections Are Science Fiction

    Often I have made decisions about what I would like to be and become in my life, what I would like to 'experience' myself as, and would idealize these concepts and place them into an alternate dimension in my mind, in some possible future, where I have already done the necessary steps to make that decision a reality and begin to lose myself within that fantasy of an alternate f...

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  • No Such Thing As "PURE Imagination”

    A point that I have often placed value in throughout my life has been my ability to 'escape' into my imagination and believe that I was 'special' for being able to create vivid and 'wild' and 'robust' fantasy worlds and illusions and stories in my mind which I would find more meaningful and far more interesting and 'deep' than the actual world that is HERE.
    As a child I would...

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