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Desteni I Process Gian is a Desteni I Process Recruiter. If you like what he does,
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  • Beware the Braiwnashing part 1

    How does the WORLD Brainwash people into believing that having Soldiers and Armies are a good thing.?
    Make Hundreds of movies where ALIENS or MONSTERS attack our planet and Make them the bad guys and then show in the movies how Suddenly all
    the armies of the world stand together with all the WAR machines they have to destroy these monsters and aliens - meanwhile in the real world we are Fucking each other and our planet up daily with these war machines and we are In fact the o...

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  • Day 104 – Parents Held Accountable Part 3.

    I commit myself to rebirth myself through writing/self forgiveness and to live the correction and as the physical and to become the living expression of/as life one and equal in all ways, so that when and as I bring a child into this world the child will not be no...
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  • The scariest Movie that out ranks all other scary movies

    The scariest Movie that out ranks all other scary movies ever made is still in the making - you are playing your part right now. it's about earth being destroyed and abused and mutilated by loving caring human beings (no one ever admits they are evil, yet the world only shows us everyone is evil) , all the animals are abused, tortured and used for profit, all plant life is being abuse and used for profit, earth is more than half way dead already, and yet everyone is simply sitting back... Continue »
  • Fear of Snakes biting me and self forgiveness.

    Fear of Snakes biting me and self forgiveness. 
    I work witha lot of animals on the farm, some are snakes, others are lizards (big one’s)and some are our normal daily farm companions such as the dogs or cats and the parrotswe have. 
    When I workwith the animals I have this constant expectation/fear that the animal will suddenly attackme or harm me. 
    The Design of Fea...

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  • I do not feel like doing it right now and Self Forgiveness.

    A week ago I had a cool point to write about,as I wanted to write about the point I sat down at my PC and I looked at myscreen and I said to myself in my mind as back chat, “I do not feel like doing this right now”, I will do it in an hour, for now I just want to rest a bit, soI started watching an episode of something.
      (all hyperlinks on words leads to support ...

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  • My Story with gaining Muscles and the Physical design.

    My Story with gaining Muscles and the Physical design.

    I amcurrently 22 years old and 1.77m tall, I weigh 64kg, before joining Desteni Iwas 18 years old and was 1.72m tall and weighed 55kg.
    Where doesthe Idea come from that how big your muscles are determines how strong you are,and why it is connected with looking good. 
    I have beenoccupied with this point for most of my life, gaining muscles and looking goodand having t...

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  • This is the Line and possession with Self forgiveness.

    In my mindI have created right and wrong, good and bad, instead of what is best for alllife in all ways. 
    Through thisjudgment in my mind as what is good and what is bad I have created a line, ainvisible line that only exists in my mind. 
    This linehas two sides, one side is good, the other side is bad, and so I have designedmyself according to what is good and what is bad through using this invisibleline in my mind as a reference to when I am cros...

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  • Oil and the situation 101 basics.

    Oil and thesituation 101 basics.
    Fossilfuels took up to 5 million years to become what we consume in 0ne year. 
    The modernway of life is dependent on this fossilized sunlight in all we do, from plasticto turning on your light.
    Since 1860 geologisthave discovered over two trillion barrels of oil 
    Since thenthe world has used approximately half. 
    Before youcan pump oil, you have to discover it. 
    At first itwas easy to f...

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  • Capitalism and a Hidden story.

    When I was16 years old I went with my friend and his parents to visit some of theirfriends for the day.
    The peoplewe visited lived on a small holding of a few acres, when we arrived at thesmall holding I could immediately see that these people have money (more thanthe average person).
    Once weentered the house I knew they are wealthy and has a good life, nice cars, nicehouse, good land and all the stuff that shows you got money.
    My friend’sparents knew ...

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  • I am God. removing brainwashing.

    I am God.LOL, ok! So when I was still a Christian wayback, like 6 years ago at the age of 16, I would have never ever dared myselfto even consider myself as God. Or saying anything like this – I am God. 
    It would have been a sin, one of the biggestones, and I would have been punished to burn in hell. Why do I say I am God? Well I am not saying itto imply I am God alone as the on...
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