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  • 2012 Capitalistic beliefs - sharing a comment and response

    Here I am sharing a recent comment to one of my Vlogs about the Equal Money System (see below) because it shows how superficial beliefs drive people to justify ignorance for consequences and selfishly legitimate their world views by not even looking at the whole picture but remaining inside their bubbles of their own, close environment, spreading slogans and preprogrammed ideas as if they were actually true, without pointing any evidence. But a...

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  • Wir sind Verschwörer gegen uns selbst...

    ...Daher strebt auch jede Gesellschaft in unserer Welt, so wie wir sie geschaffen haben, nach absoluter Kontrolle über das Individuum. Der Mensch muss möglichst frühzeitig kontrollierbar und berechenbar gemacht werden, nicht etwa wie es in vielen heute kursierenden Verschwörungstheorien propagiert wird, damit eine hyperintelligente, übermächtige Elite oder gar Geheimorganisation die Menschen besser kontrollieren, versklaven und für ihre Zwecke ausbeuten kann, sondern weil diese Art mit dem Le... Continue »
  • The elite Bliss - Tolle's guide to ignorance

    E. Tolle (obviously on YT you are no longer allowed to mention his full name without permission, despite the fact that he is a public person, selling his products everywhere) is busy trying to cancel YT accounts, respectively flagging videos and vlogs that seem to criticize his theories. But what theory would need to censor common sense questionings? Only a theory or philosophy that is unilateral, not based on common sense and not following the principles of reality. A theory that...

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  • Group-Identification proves humans are preprogrammed robots

    Human beings are so predictable and obviously preprogrammed. Whenever you give them a reason to group themselves according to any given aspects whatsoever, they will immediately start to form a 'group culture' and identify with it.But not only that, regarding two groups f.e., the separation causes a sense of 'loss' about 'the others' in each group participant, knowing that now there is a countable opposite part to ones own identification that one does not know anything about, beca...

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  • Equal Money FAQ - "How will you get everyone to agree to an equal money system?"

    The EMS actually represents a solution to most of the 'problems' the human beings have created and have to deal with on our planet. Basically when you look at sociological topics in news, on psychological disorders, personality disorders, health and education topics, politics, poverty, crime, you will find that in almost every case the root cause of the problem is related to money. Either to the lack of money or to the amount of debt it has created in a specific situa...

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  • The mind is deceptive in so many ways... Slandering and charity

    I want to Blog about an old woman that I know.It doesn't really matter in what a relation I stand to her, I simply know her for some years now and I know people of her family that live with her even much longer.What relates me to that woman is, that I have learned very much about the deceptive nature of a human's mind, how it is able to comletely ignore reality, to create a whole new world over many years of self-deception and manipulation and a story about someone's life, disregarding ...
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  • I am a Destonian

    means the following:

    I am a human being that made a decision to get in the process of becoming aware of the direct consequences of all human behaviour.I am a human being that sees and accepts the responsibility of all of us towards life and the consequences we allow and accept to take place.I am a human being that sees, accepts and welcomes all the potential of the human to free himself and all the world from mental limitation, illnes and slavery.
    I am a human bei...

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  • The abuse of 'science' in our world: becoming educated or a murder weapon?

    Texas Set to Execute Man Because of His Race
    Read more:

    The problem of 'education' in our current world system of money and profit has been discussed in many ways, in Vlogs, Blogs and other articles. It should be obvious that in a world of separation, abuse and exploitation, ...

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  • Who is the Demon?

    When I had a hateful comment on one of my Vlogs this morning, I realized an interesting thing: I still have a reaction towards it. The whole process of the reaction is as follows:
    First there is a slight warm feeling in the chest that spreads out into the whole upper body. When the thoughts arise, this warm tightened feeling moves into my head and remains there, until I resolve the conflict. Along with that thoughts come up about that person that wrote the comment, and these though...

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  • Human cruelty is 'happyness' - We do not live, we act as if! to the article
    „Fuck! I really can't bear it anymore to see this stupid idiotic species walking around on this planet and behaving like braindead criminal zombies, raping, killing and violating each and every living thing!“
    These were my thoughts a few minutes ago, when I - af...

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