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Desteni I Process Ingrid is a Desteni I Process Recruiter. If you like what she does,
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  • 2012–Desteni The Portal

    Desteni 2012, The Portal, Sunette Spies, dedication, guidelines for Equality

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  • Robot Virgins -- Fire (Official Music Video HD) **NEW RELEASE**


    There's a fire in this room
    Threatens to burn me to the ground
    The smoke a veil around my mind
    Blocking out all sight and sound

    But it brings me down

    There's a door just out of reach
    A voice of freedom calls to me
    But the world drowns it out

    And it brings me down

    The earth is silent
    The end of violence
    As life's music plays

    And now all the world can hear
    The voic...

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  • 2012 Words: redefining Rejection

    Old definition of Rejection

    I experience Rejection when people show me in deeds and words they don’t want me - in totality or just a part of me – then I feel inferior and small, exposed: I am useless and of no meaning at all.

    Also I experience rejection when beings that are close to me, are rejected.



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  • The Spitefulness of God

    In Accepting God - you’re accepting the World the way it is and the way it works.

    In Accepting this World the way it is and the way it works – you’re Accepting God.
    In Accepting the Evil Nature of Man as Sinner – you’re Implying that God deliberately Created the Evil Nature of Man.


    To Imply that Choice is the Cause for the ‘Fall of Man’ i.e. the Choice between Good and Evil ...

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  • Circumcision, a violation of Human Rights?

    We all agree (well almost all) that female circumcision is a horrific practice and that this mutilation of girls and women is a violation of human rights and in no way acceptable. But what about circumcision performed on boys?

    Male circumcision is the surgical removal of some or all of the foreskin from the penis. Global estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that 30 percent ...

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  • Afterlife: Heaven and Children

    In this series, various interdimensional beings come through the Portal sharing their first moment of encountering the Portal within the Physical/Interdimensional existence, and within that giving perspective of the existence of heaven / the afterlife and how the experience of heaven for the beings was before and after the Portal opened.

    In this interview – a Child gives perspective of his first encounter with the Interdimensional Portal, his process of Death, why children did...

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  • Common Sense

    Common Sense should be the senses nature based on what is common and thus equal for all, yet it has been tainted by capitalism, religion, consumerism, education, the religion of self and many more dividing man into singularities of self interest with no concern for the common good. The evidence is clear.

    Unless common sense is that which is best for all as the only acceptable de...

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  • Jesus on the Cross, symbol for Enslavement

    The Symbolism of Jesus on the Cross has as main function to serve as a Warning that not even the Son of God could challenge the System.

    This fear to not challenge the way things are is embedded in children from childhood and became part of consumerism and money to act as control and make sure that the status quo remains as it is on earth.

    Religion are just the eye-blind that misdirect the crowd from ...

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  • SEX - Everything is driven by SEX

    Why and how and for what purpose sex became part of the creation design of the Human Race

    Do you know what happens in the moment of Orgasm? Do you know what happens to the energy of the orgasm one experience during Sex? What it really is that drives one’s physical-body into that need for sex? How the physical for a moment accesses ‘death’ in the moment before sex? What the actual nature of Orgasm is? Why you sometimes have no Orgasm at all? What are the butterflies in one’s stomach? Do y...

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  • The Legend of Atlantis, the secret revealed! The History of Atlantis

    The Untold History of the Atlanteans from Atlantis, shared by an Atlantean-females coming through the Interdimensional Portal .

    This is a continuation and expansion of the Series "History of Mankind".

    Atlanteans -- The beginning -- Part 1: an Hour long interview with the Atlantean-female sharing about their Race, their Planet and unveiling the history of Atlantis beyond the Myths that exist today.
    With over 10 hours of interviews recorded...

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