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  • 537: Jealousy and The Need to be Needed

    In previous relationships I experienced jealousy a lot - where it was quite an overwhelming, possessing type of experience. That is where I had most of my experiences with jealousy - in intimate relationships. Recently however I noticed it come up in relation to a friendship. This friend has been someone who in a way I was in a position of supporting - where she would come to me for advice, or perspective, or opinion. I... Continue »
  • 536: The WHOLE Picture, not just the Nice One

    Continuing from yesterday's blog... the point of creating inconsistent blogging through inconsistent self-support, and the following is forgiving that relationship.

    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself t...

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  • 535: Why I Hide When things Get Tough

    Today I would like to share about the inconsistency I can see within my sharing/blogging. I have, as some of you may have noticed a few months back, re-committed myself to more consistent blogging as a point of self-support, and support for others. I walked a 40 day + challenge for myself to show firstly, I could do it, and second... Continue »
  • 534: Rock Bottom

    I've had a few moments in my life wherein I would say I was at rock bottom. While I never created severe consequence externally, within myself I could see clearly I was out of control, and it was only a matter of time before my life would follow suit.

    First was when I was 17 - I had pretty much dropped out of high school, I was spending all my time with only two people, and we basically spent that time smoking weed, and getting drunk. There was one moment in the car, after a night ...

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  • 533: When Behaviors and Patterns start to Flare Up

    At the moment I've been noticing a particular pattern/behavior of mine flare up in a way - where I'm participating in it more and more. In the past it would then trigger judgments, and frustration because what the heck - I'm allowing this behavior when I'm in fact supposed to be changing it.

    Though I've seen this before.. wh...

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  • 532: Expanding Awareness Beyond a Blog

    The other day I again found myself at the grocery store. This time, as I was walking around - the point I have been writing about the last few days wasn't at all in my awareness. I didn't even think about it until I leaned in to grab something that a couple people were standing in front of, a... Continue »
  • 531: Walk with Humbleness

    Here I'm continuing with the point from yesterday's blog - in not considering others, or things in my environment when I'm moving/walking too fast, and so often bumping into people, or things and so making a point to become humble when walking. And so the self-forgiveness:

    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed<...

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  • 530: The Need for Speed

    The other day I was walking in the grocery store picking up just a few things. I was on my way to work after, but with plenty of time to pick up the few things I needed. There was no rush. However, the way I was walking you would think it was 80 degrees outside and I had a dog in the car. At one point, I went down an isle with a woman who had a cart with her, and was coming toward me, and I going toward her... Continue »
  • 529: Awareness within the Automated Body

    Following up from yesterday's blog, I was talking about this point of walking, and how I've come to walk quite fast in my life. I can see this has been developed through the type of work I do, yet it had spilled over into my every day life, when I'm simply out an... Continue »
  • 528: Walking with Awareness

    Today I was reading a group discussion in relation to stress. One of the points brought up was regarding the experience of rushing/fastness when one is stressed. That then brought up the point of the speed in which one walks.

    I have for a long time been a fast walker. Generally I must slow down with certain people. Within me there is this 'I'm already steps ahead of you', and I have to literally hold myself back. I have often dubbed this up to being in the service industry most of ...

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