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  • 539: Who are You in Your Expectation of Others?

    A couple months ago we got a ton of snow in our area, and left our vehicles buried, with us requiring to shovel them out. There are four of us living in our house, using the driveway, and when only my partner and I were shoveling it out, I went into some reactions about the other two who also use the driveway.

    For me it revealed expectations I have towards others, that I don't necessarily live myself. And wanting others to 'follow the rules' as per some law or guidelines, instead o...

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  • 538: Some Piece of Me

    A little free writing rant on the word Peace.

    When I look at the word peace, I see the word piece. It's an obvious association I'm sure for many simply due to the sound of the words being the same. Though perhaps there is more to it...

    Peace for me does not exist when I am scattered throughout my mind, and this impli...

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  • 537: Jealousy and The Need to be Needed

    In previous relationships I experienced jealousy a lot - where it was quite an overwhelming, possessing type of experience. That is where I had most of my experiences with jealousy - in intimate relationships. Recently however I noticed it come up in relation to a friendship. This friend has been someone who in a way I was in a position of supporting - where she would come to me for advice, or perspective, or opinion. I... Continue »
  • 536: The WHOLE Picture, not just the Nice One

    Continuing from yesterday's blog... the point of creating inconsistent blogging through inconsistent self-support, and the following is forgiving that relationship.

    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself t...

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  • 535: Why I Hide When things Get Tough

    Today I would like to share about the inconsistency I can see within my sharing/blogging. I have, as some of you may have noticed a few months back, re-committed myself to more consistent blogging as a point of self-support, and support for others. I walked a 40 day + challenge for myself to show firstly, I could do it, and second... Continue »
  • 534: Rock Bottom

    I've had a few moments in my life wherein I would say I was at rock bottom. While I never created severe consequence externally, within myself I could see clearly I was out of control, and it was only a matter of time before my life would follow suit.

    First was when I was 17 - I had pretty much dropped out of high school, I was spending all my time with only two people, and we basically spent that time smoking weed, and getting drunk. There was one moment in the car, after a night ...

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  • 533: When Behaviors and Patterns start to Flare Up

    At the moment I've been noticing a particular pattern/behavior of mine flare up in a way - where I'm participating in it more and more. In the past it would then trigger judgments, and frustration because what the heck - I'm allowing this behavior when I'm in fact supposed to be changing it.

    Though I've seen this before.. wh...

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  • 532: Expanding Awareness Beyond a Blog

    The other day I again found myself at the grocery store. This time, as I was walking around - the point I have been writing about the last few days wasn't at all in my awareness. I didn't even think about it until I leaned in to grab something that a couple people were standing in front of, a... Continue »
  • 531: Walk with Humbleness

    Here I'm continuing with the point from yesterday's blog - in not considering others, or things in my environment when I'm moving/walking too fast, and so often bumping into people, or things and so making a point to become humble when walking. And so the self-forgiveness:

    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed<...

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  • 530: The Need for Speed

    The other day I was walking in the grocery store picking up just a few things. I was on my way to work after, but with plenty of time to pick up the few things I needed. There was no rush. However, the way I was walking you would think it was 80 degrees outside and I had a dog in the car. At one point, I went down an isle with a woman who had a cart with her, and was coming toward me, and I going toward her... Continue »