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Education bio:
1. Finished secondary Machine Engineering school
2. Certificate for Pre-Press by Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia
3. Certificate for Professional Photography by New York Institute of Photography
4. Self-Study in graphic design
5. Course of video production at Studio 12
6. 30 years of experiences in visual communication
7. Self-employed as photographer and graphic designer since year 2000
8. Owner of studio with professional tools to produce photo, video and printed stuff
9. Student of psychology from October 2011

Desteni participation:
1. Studying Desteni material from October 2009
2. Became SRA/DIP student in January 2010
3. Became DIP agent/recruiter in January 2011

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  • Day 157: Crick in my neck

    Three days ago I got a pain in my neck. I could also say that the pain was located on my shoulder because the centre of the pain was vertically positioned near the back of my spine on top of the shoulder however more towards my left shoulder. It started to appear four days ago when I had a chat with my DIP course buddy and increased the next day after I had a chat with my flatmate about the struggle that I am facing with. And it is about being attract... Continue »
  • Day 156: How to approach women

    This blog post is a related to my writing a few posts back titled:
    Day 149: How I experience myself towards woman

    After 4 years of being single again I decided to restart dating several months ago. Since computers have been my main professional creative tool it was natural for me to firstly engage in online dating. So I researched what are the best national and international da...

    Continue »
  • Day 155: Painful manifestation on my butt

    I seat a lot since my work is computer related. When I do something creative on my computer or if I watch some movie, I can seat for hours without standing up and I do not feel any physical discomfort. Despite of my bottom pressing again the chair for a long time, there are usually no long-term consequences of that. However occasionally I get some painful manifestations around the rectum that persist for several weeks and during that time it is very uncomfortable for me to seat on the chair a... Continue »
  • Day 154: Meeting Jehovah's Witness

    Several days ago a man age around 40 dressed in a suit rang our house door bell. He gave me a leaflet and invited me to a meeting to discuss about life. I took a leaflet and just by the illustrations used I recognised that he is a member Jehovah's Witness religion group. At that time I was doing something and I expected the postman to arrive so I was surprised that someone else was at the door. Just that disappointment already created a subtle emotional reaction that then only started to... Continue »
  • Day 153: Pain in the knee due to polarity backchat

    Couple of days ago I went to my regular 1,5 hour hike on the nearby Kalvarija hill at Maribor city in Slovenia where I currently live. It was a warm sunny spring day and I decided this to be my first barefoot hike of this year. There are grapevines planted all over that hill and several week ago they trimmed them and left excess twigs piled along the bottom footpath where I usually start the hike. Usually the piles of wigs were removed soon after cutting but this time they have mulched and sp... Continue »
  • Day 152: My relationship with money

    For the last 4 years I have been living on the public social support money and have been making some additional income for working for my father. However this does not mean that I have become lazy. I have been actually very busy 3 years doing the sales activity for overpriced learning software that no one was able to afford and then I engaged for 1 year in promoting a new digital currency where I did earn a lot of money however it has not become convertible yet despite the initial speculation... Continue »
  • Day 151: Why does my father bother me so much

    Yesterday my father visited me after almost 6 months. He came because he has been for last several days present at the nearby Ptuj city annual carnival as official ancient printer and scribe. While he attracts attention with his original long beard, mediaeval black coat and black headgear with feathers, he also carries an iPad in a case that looks like an old book that he made. He came to me with a reason to pick up an old suitcase that he ordered me to collect at city antique shop couple of ... Continue »
  • Day 150: The origin of excessive self-criticism

    Initially this blog post was to be about how I experience myself towards men because in my previous blog I walked how I experience myself towards women. However after my Desteni I Process course buddy reviewed my previous post, she indicated that I only brushed some of the related points and suggested me to expand on those points in the following posts. So this writing will be expansion of the pattern of excessive self-criticism that is becoming more ... Continue »
  • Day 149: How I experience myself towards woman

    It came up with discussion with my Desteni I Process course buddy that it would be beneficial for me to write about how I experience myself towards man and towards woman. I started to write this post with intention to focus only on my experiences towards men first but then I noticed that I am actually writing how I experience myself as a man towards woman. So I will be writing about men in the following post.

    Starting with...

    Continue »
  • Day 148: Energy, frequency and vibration

    People who consider themselves spiritual ten to use specific word in order to communicate their progress and how they see change in this world. Many of them use the quote of Nikola Tesla who said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Some talk also about the higher dimensions, about love consciousness, chakras, photon bands and increasing power of light that will expose the darkness. Positive thinking and positive energy is acco... Continue »