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  • It’s Time to do what’s RIGHT

    What Capitalists want you to believe is that – as rich people become richer, so do poor people.And if you ask the question: Well, does it seem right to you that there are very rich people and very poor people? They’ll reply: Well, as the rich people get richer, the poor people do too – isn’t that at least better than nothing? And in so doing, evading the actual question:

    Does this seem RIGHT to you?

    Any person with some common sense understands that it is not fair that s...

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  • A Democratic Economic System – Is this possible?

    Economics is the science that tries to find answers to the question: How to distribute scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants and needs?

    The way in which Capitalism answers this question is through prices. The price of a good or service determines who has access to the good or service: those who are able and willing to pay the price.

    So – who determines prices?

    The answer to this question requires a bit of explanation. See – what determines the pric...

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  • Chemo Therapy–A Money-Making Scheme

    The greed existent within Human Beings on Earth is so extensive that most of what we take for granted is in fact harmful and exists/ is done in the interest of only a few, to make profit.

    In the documentary ‘Healing Cancer’(*) the industries who produce treatment for cancer are being exposed for doing just that. Most cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy to reduce the tumors that have manifested in the patients’ bodies. This chemotherapy is nothing else but poison – a highly ...

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  • Who will stop me from just living like a bum off of all the people and just travel around the world? who says that many others will not have the same idea as me?

    Understand that the main reason why people within the current money system will be inclined to give money to bums on the street, is due to guilt. Because they see that they earn money through the same system that deprives others of it, but because everyone is afraid to lose what they have, nothing is being done and the system is allowed to keep running. That is why people experience guilt when seeing bums, because they know that through their silence and continued participation in the syst...

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  • Who will create jobs? Will I need a job to live?

    You won’t need to have a job in an Equal Money System. According to each beings’ requirements, you will receive credits with which you can acquire that which you need to sustain yourself.

    Remember that in its most basic form, economy is what has to do with the distribution of resources to satisfy needs and wants. In our current economic system, you require to earn money through working, so that, with the money you earned, you can get access to any goods and services with which you can ...

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  • Will we pay for entertainment and if so will the entertainers receive wages in an Equal Money System?

    There will be no payments or wages within an Equal Money System. Entertainment will be on a ‘give and receive’ basis, where those who enjoy to provide entertainment, will do so as an expression of themselves and those who enjoy to watch or listen to music, acting, sports, etc. will be able to receive this entertainment.

    There is no need for entertainers to receive money to do what they enjoy doing. They are already provided for through the system. This will allow artists and sports pla...

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  • And God Created Genetic Disorders

     A few months ago, a few of the chicken eggs hatched on the farm and we had a bunch of new chicks to look after. We first placed them in a brooder-cage, but when they started digging their way out of there, we took them in our house until we’d be able to fix the cage. And so, they raced around in our house, having the time of their life. All of them, but one.

    This one little orange chick would only take a few steps at a time and then drop down and just sit there, resting. We ...

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  • What are Currency Exchange Rates and Why do they Keep on Changing?

    Economics – and anything remotely related to it – has always seemed to me like something that I ‘just don’t’ and ‘just won’t’ understand – and therefore, I just accepted it. I experienced it as a ‘big scary monster’ that I should try to steer away from as much as possible – and that’s exactly what I did. Consequently, I remained unaware of the mechanics of the economic system and interacted with it on a strictly ‘need-to-know’ basis.

    And so – for instance – up until a few days, I h...

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  • Only the Poor would Survive

    I’ve been raised in the belief that in order to survive, I need to have a good education, so that I can get a good job, a lot of money and from there I’ll be able to take care of myself.

    Having moved to South Africa, this belief of mine has been challenged.

    In coming to live on a farm, I quickly realised that all the knowledge I gathered over the years through schooling, had become completely useless – none of it was able to be applied or used in this new environment. I had t...

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  • Global Sustainable Development – No more Empty Promises

    A 'new concept' I'm being taught about, is 'Sustainable Development'.

    The Brundtland Commission defines 'sustainable development' as 'development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.'

    So – in other words, 'sustainable development' refers to meeting everyone's needs (= no more poverty and starvation) and not exploiting Earth/nature/the environment in a way that causes lo...

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