Ways to Support Desteni

The continued work and research done by Desteni depends solely on the support of individuals like you. Those people who reside on the Desteni Farm have dedicated their lives to the creation, development and sharing of the materials and tools of Desteni. It is because of the contributions of our supporters that we can dedicate ourselves to this task. If you find value in the Desteni tools and material, help us to continue doing what we do.

There are many ways in which you can help us continue spreading and expanding the Desteni message, tools and support:


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Desteni Farm - Principled living in a community setting

Earth Haven Foundation - Sharing practical solutions for sustainable living.

Get Real! - Weekly vlogs featuring real common sense perspectives for real life issues.

Parenting for Life - Support on parenting, motherhood and everything in between.

Other ways to support Desteni:


Decade with Desteni

We are celebrating 10 years of Desteni!


Desteni of Living

Explore the Principles that
Desteni supports and stands as


7 Year Journey to Life

Read about the 7 year journey to life and how you can start your own.