Written by Bernard Poolman

Date : 00/00/2005

This is a tribute to the greatest world teacher that is on the World stage in our Time. Always in times of great need on plan et Earth, a great world teacher rises up to show mankind, in stark terms, the issues we have to deal with. The greatness of the teacher is determined in how well the teacher presents the problems to the world. The purpose of the teacher is the highest grace. To take on an example and position that will offer each student and pupil the G if t of his teaching. The gift of the teaching always comes from the Universal law. Do unto another what you want them to do to you.

Once the student/pupil has learned the prescribed curriculum the teacher is presenting, the student/pupil graduates with a Degree of Understanding and is certified as Gifted. For this purpose, the teacher must take the position where the most emotional energy will move between the polarities of right and wrong for the student to learn the gift of balance and to achieve a degree of understanding. In the University of the Universe there are always Great Teachers in time to allow the pupils to achieve the highest possible degree of understanding. Once the graduates have ac(t)cepted their gifts, their first Honours Degree is their return to their Teacher to Honour him by showing him what they have learned and why it was a gift. Because the teacher had to love the world enough to become the example of the teachings to imprint understanding, the next degree the student then may enlist for, is the Masters Degree of Understanding . The thesis here is to assist the teacher in transforming the curriculum from pain to joy where all then together are examples of the Gifts according to their Degree of Understanding. The next Degree of Understanding is a doctorate. This Degree of Understanding is required in the World still to come where gifts have replaced issues and Degrees of Participation is the curriculum of Revelation to enjoy with joy.

Let us view now the core curriculum that our current World Teacher is teaching us:

• War at all costs

• Controlled in formation controls minds

• Tell a vision(TV) is powerful weapons of human personal vision control.

• The natural resources of humanity that were given into dominion for all should be dominated by the few in power i.e. oil, gold, food, diamonds, all raw materials. The war on civiliezation.

• It is worth it to kill for power and money

• Not being able to read effectively means you do not have to take responsibility for your actions

• Drugs are easy money.

• Medical drugs are a necessary good as long as you do not read the fine print

• Engineered and processed food turning potassium into sodium overload is the most effective AIDS to humanity.

• Ignorance by the masses is power to the few

• The c hurts will support me as World Teacher understanding my true purpose and not say a word about my plans for war on the planet. With the pope I can cope.

• Children should be abused mentally, physically and sexually. As long as it is not happening in front of you, it is cool.

• News should only tell people what you want them to k now .

• No cures must be found as drugs makes money.

• Man is inherently evil and will die a s low horrible death.

• Why stop sinning, you have been saved anyway.

• You may kill people if they do not agree with you

• Central control of all natural resources by the few is the highest aspiration man can achieve

• If you are poor, you should die of hunger. The food in my stores is mine

• Money is power

• When you have power, you do not need to explain yourself

• To contaminate the next seven generations, make sure the teachers' offspring remain in control

• To do to another what you want them to do to you is weakness in the eyes of the powerful, unless you do first what the other cannot do to you.

• Deceit is cool, because then no-body SEES.

• Words can hide true intentions.

• Words can paint a picture that suits the painter.

• Acting on the Worldstage is the greatest achievement for any actor

• History shows that man will follow a Warrior

• When man has only a PIECE of the story, PEACE is impossible

• Point a finger in judgement and no-one will see what you do and only look where you are showing and not from where it is showing.

• Ring the bells of fear and alarm and the people will line up like schoolchildren to hang on your lips.

• Only the prescribed chain of command tells the truth and all lower ranking officials shall follow the official story (the prescribed curriculum).

This is some of the curriculum currently being taught. According to the qualifications of the World Teacher, the curriculum will vary. Our current World Teacher allows the potential for the World /Planet to graduate all at the same time, receiving their gifts of certification with the needed Degree of Understanding through acting their understanding . The trick of the Matrix though is that it does not show you how to transform the Issue into a Gift. Understanding is the core foundation. Words are the way we start to create our Gifts. Actions are the way we confirm our understanding . When thoughts, words and actions are one , we understand what we do and peace is won .

For example;

ISSUE 1: wrap the student up until unwrapped as the Gift of Peace at all costs.

ISSUE 2: unwraps as – Information creates inner form and outer expression – Controlling information will thus control choices and behaviour.

ISSUE 3: unwraps as – Tell a vision must express the Image of Man in the highest vision

ISSUE 4: unwraps this Gift – Natural resources belong to all on the planet and the profit from that must pay for the leadership – tax is legalised theft

ISSUE 5: unwraps this Gift – Power and how money is used is the root of killing

ISSUE 6: unwrap this Gift – Researching information for yourself gives you the Power of Free choice and removes control. Teach yourself to read effectively .

ISSUE 7: unwrap this Gift – Drugs are living backwards and indicate a lack of self-understanding through external influences of behaviour.

ISSUE 8: unwrap this Gift – The body heals itself with water, healthy food and a healthy selfexpression.

ISSUE 9: unwrap this Gift – Lack of understanding how the body functions, kills you, thus the word death.

ISSUE 10: unwrap this Gift – Unskilled people believing they are skilled, is the easiest controlled.

ISSUE 11: unwraps this Gift – Ignorance allows fear to control your mind

ISSUE 12: unwrap this Gift – The system that must protect and guide humanity seems lost as long as man has lost their true self-image of God.

ISSUE 13: unwraps this Gift – The way we treat our children is creating the adults and leaders of tomorrow and we are all responsible whether we see it or not.

ISSUE 14: unwrap this Gift – News must tell us what is new in our renewal and be joy based and not fear creating.

ISSUE 15: unwraps this Gift – The mind creates illness when the spoken word without understanding becomes flesh. Money is the motivator of deceit when in the hands of the deceitful.

ISSUE 16: unwraps this Gift – Man Becomes the image of the God and they trust and experience the words they use to describe their God with

ISSUE 17: unwraps this Gift – Being saved is just the beginning of the journey of self-discipline and walking your talk.

ISSUE 18: unwraps this Gift – Fear is used to abuse power in the name of the populous of countries using popularity.

ISSUE 19: unwraps this Gift – Natural resources are the property of the people of a country as a source that determine the wellbeing of all the people. The highest aspiration for man is a predictable future created by himself when he does to another what he wants another to do to him.

ISSUE 20: unwraps this Gift – Food produced on this planet belongs to all. One die of hunger and all is responsible. We are all a part of the circle of life and cannot stand apart from the hunger and suffering of another.

ISSUE 21: unwraps this Gift – Money is an energy that are directed through the intent and understanding of the spender. The end you use it for determine the beginning of what the money will participate in creating.

ISSUE 22: unwraps this Gift – The greatest power in the Universe is to give and not to take away. Is that why ‘take-aways' take our health away?

ISSUE 23: unwraps this Gift – Making decisions with the end in mind can create Peace on earth. The intent of each decision by each person will create the future of our world.

ISSUE 24: unwraps this Gift – The weak are the creations of the powerful to give them the illusion of power. When the weak reclaim their power of choice, the powerful become the meek and so the meek shall inherit the earth.

ISSUE 25: unwraps this Gift – Deceit is to tell yourself you are blind and do not see what you think and do. Only you are always present and know everything you do. This is where the greatest gift for each person's self-empowerment is to be found.

ISSUE 26: unwraps this Gift – Words spoken with the intent to create, create everything, even the hiding place of true feeling and meaning. Personal responsibility in thought and intent with right action is the greatest personal power on earth.

ISSUE 27: unwraps this Gift – Words are the paint of the Universe with which we paint reality- we choose the pain or the saint.

ISSUE 28: unwraps this Gift – The opportunities on the world stage is created by the combined habits in word, action and thought of all mankind. That creates the role the actor plays as a play or a plague.

ISSUE 29: unwraps this Gift – We create a new story with peace as history, because then we are not followers of one person, but one ideal and we all lead the way. The eye deal ideal.

ISSUE 30: unwraps this Gift – Peace is achieved piece by piece through degrees of understanding of the conflict in your own mind until you achieve a Master's degree of understanding of peace. Then you are the rock of the ages on which a temple is build that will stand for eternity.

ISSUE 31: Schools teach children to become adult sheep following the shepherd that rings the bells of fear.

ISSUE 32: Any chain of command chains man and prevents change that will bring peace to all.

How do we change then the issues a World Teacher present to us into Gifts that allow us to graduate? The one choice is contemplation and insight that is transferred into understanding. This is normally easily applied by the student that has developed a sense of the reality of pain and the creative power of words.

The more applied science in this University is the seeing partly in a mirror only to understand fully when the issue has irritated and frustrated the student enough to virtually make an attempt in desperation to change the influence and control of the issue. Both study methods work very well. One is radical and quick in changing and manifesting the gift. The other is a more wrapped up parcel that requires a more sustained interactive participation to realise what is the real lies.