23 January 2010

Resonances: Ok this is Marlen and Jorn’s Resonances

So what we’re gonna be discussing is the… referred to it as the Primary Points within Yourselves that is Currently at a Prominent point of Focus within Yourselves at a Resonant Level which would be basically that which is Currently Influencing Yourself, the Experience of Yourself, Your World of which you’re not Consciously Aware because you’re Actually Living it-out Physically –yet it is Creating or Causing Events and Experiences within Yourselves in your World, the Experience of your Agreement and so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna discuss them, you know bring them out to plain…into plain sight so you can Understand why it is that you’re experiencing Yourself where you are and ‘How’ - from that ‘Why’- the things are Manifesting as they are, makes sense?

Jorn/Marlen: Yes

Resonances: Ok, so – we’ve currently got Marlen and Jorn ok –

So, first – I’d say this time let’s do it a bit differently see how you guys are doing Alright so my question to both but I’ll first ask Marlen is How are You Currently within your Relationship/Agreement

Marlen: Cool, I found it very supportive, extremely in terms of Actually Facing Myself in the Patterns that I wasn’t really aware of and – and in that moment when for example when we discuss it, and it comes out I’m able to completely See what I’m doing, what I’m ‘playing out’ – I mean that moment I Direct it and it’s like Supportive in that Moment and from that perspective is very cool. And also I mean, enjoying it, really cool.

Resonances: which is just Here

Marlen: yeah

Resonances: it’s easy, simple

Marlen: yeah comfortable, I mean the – basically the‘getting together’ is very easy, living together has been very easy, I never really experience any form of ‘confrontation’ in terms of having someone now living with me or anything, it was like ‘there’ and very simple in that perspective

Resonances: Ok

Marlen: Yeah, I mean it’s been quite cool really

Resonances: Ok - Jorn

Jorn: Yeah I’m also enjoying the Agreement that’s for sure I mean, we’re just relaxed and here when we’re together we don’t have much friction or that, but for example I can see points where I can take, where- which I can Correct or Improve myself which is for example she is kind of ‘Neat’ in many ways and I still have like a ‘chaotic way’ of like you know, ‘put it over there and whatever’ – so those things is then I ask myself like: ‘Ok, am I Supporting her or am I just, you know, continuing my own ‘way’ of doing things or am I actually looking at ‘Ok, am I Supporting her, am I With her in this Point or am I just going, yeah like ‘against the stream’ so to speak. So that’s a point that I can See which I can Improve to become more Structured in a way

Resonances: well just, meaning by Support is just come Realizing you’ve Consider Another now, not only yourself

Jorn: Right, yeah that’s one point – so that’s more on like an ‘Organization Level’ yeah to consider all points - and that’s also what I’m working with within the ‘Pie’

Resonances: Oh ok

Jorn: Which comes up a lot

Resonances: Ok

Jorn: But - yeah we have been able to ‘Open up’ Subjects and what we Experience

Resonances: Yeah

Marlen: Definitely

Jorn: and she also confronted me in some things that I’ve ‘played out’ and we discussed it openly so that is definitely supportive, so that’s very cool.

Resonances: So what you say in terms of both of you that the Basis of your Agreement in terms of what you’ve… kind of Communicated and are Actually Living is
Point 1: Communication – Open Communication

Marlen: Yeah, to the point.

Resonance: Like Open Direct Communication

Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: from Both Sides

Jorn: Yeah

Resonances: Point 2 that within that Communication, you do an Immediate Self Evaluation and Correction

Jorn/Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: Both of you take that Step

Jorn/Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: and that’s the point of: We open this thing up - We Communicate about it - We See What’s the Point - what we’re Accepting and Allowing - How am I going to Correct Myself within this

Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: Alright. Point 3 is within that Living Supporting Each Other –I mean when you for example See something ‘replay’ again, something come-up again do you guys Assist Each Other in that way

Jorn: Definitely

Resonances: Pointing it out, now so you’ve got your Platform of your Agreement quite well established within that both of you are currently Extremely Comfortable – I mean there’s not many unnecessary ‘rifts’ like constantly happening where you for a day or for a week are mad or angry at each other

Jorn/Marlen: No

Resonances: I mean, you Confront the Point, you Sort it out and you Walk again –simplicity

Jorn: yeah

Resonances: That’s very Valuable in terms of within the Experience of your Agreement, because these are the Three Steps, Three main Platform Steps that are Required –let’s call it that- ‘Principles’ within which you Live, especially when you’re Walking within the Agreement from the beginning. Within that, your Experience within the Agreement will be so much easier, ok? So I’d say both we’re quite satisfied with the Agreement itself and the Experiences of you both within that, it’s not an Issue

Marlen: not at all

Resonances: No. Ok, however what is quite interesting within both of you is that You have a tendency to go into let’s call it ‘The Zone’ ok? Now this ‘zone’ is got, it’s got… quite like an interesting ‘Frequency’ to it where you almost like… you’re Here and you are ‘Just Here’ that’s kind of it, it’s like you’re ‘floating in water’ in a way and, you’re just ‘floating on the stream’ that’s going in no particular direction, you’re just kind of ‘flowing’, ‘floating’. So at the moment both of you are in that ‘State of Being’ of just kind of ‘floating’ and you’re ‘zoning-in’ that ‘floating’ experience, it’s like… something is Required to kind of – dare I say make Life a bit more ‘Exciting’ makes sense?

Marlen: yeah

Jorn: I see what you mean

Resonances: Because I mean I understand that in terms of the Experience that you’re having inside yourself it seems like it’s it feels ‘quiet’, it feels like you know ‘nothing’s wrong’ and ‘everything’s fine’ and ‘everything’s ok’-however that Experience Currently in which you’re In is more Energy-based than an Actual Silence of Self, Equal and One –Now this both into this ‘state of experience’ when you’re waiting for something, does that make sense?

Jorn/Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: so both of you are Currently in a Manifested ‘Waiting’ position, ok?

Marlen: yeah

Resonances: I would say to be Careful of going into the Experience of Acceptance from the perspective wherein you Accept Yourself and Your World ‘the way it is’ and then, within that Acceptance wanting to keep it that way –then you become that Acceptance and both keep their Reality in themselves in a certain state of ‘Frequency’ and then nothing changes, nothing happens and both and yourself and your world just ‘stays the same’-then within that what happens is you literally ‘Close yourself off’ from all the changes that are constantly happening within Existence and then you basically literally Enclose yourself into a Reality, you remain in the same Frequency or State, your World remains in the same Frequency or State, there’s no Self Movement, there’s no Self Direction, there’s no Self Expansion, there’s no Actual Participation within All the changes that’s happening in Existence, does that make sense?

Jorn/Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: So –why are you Currently in this ‘State of Being’ –I mean it’s quite interesting, you’re both now at the Same Point in your Process in terms of Physical Self Movement where nothing is going to be ‘coming to you’ anymore, you have now got to Decide ‘What am I going to do with Me within this Reality, within Considering All Equally as One’

Jorn: yeah

Resonances: How can I Contribute ‘Me’ so to speak and within that Self
Contribution in terms of your Experience, you will find challenges, other people and… make ‘new connections’ so to speak and within that you’ll start Expanding You, because You are now Expanding Yourself Physically into your Reality with other people –within that Physical Step of ‘Self Expansion’ the ‘Inner Self Expansion’ happens, does that make sense?

Jorn/Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: So you both had now, I mean this is How Agreements Essentially work, how in terms of: you first establish ‘Your World’ meaning make sure ‘your world’ is Stable –which you say your world is stable, both of you


Resonances: Marlen?

Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: Ok, within that you’re Stable - meaning Stability, what is Stability? Stability means a Point comes up, an Experience comes up, an Event takes place –yes you have all the things that happen within you, but your Self Stability is your Self Trust that ‘this Point I will Direct within Myself’

Marlen: Yes

Resonances: So, you’re Stable within ‘Who you are’ basically in what you will Accept and Allow and what not.
Now, in terms of Agreements that is the Core Point of Agreement is to Stabilize Yourself, your World into a point of Self Trust and, the ‘Agreed Trust’ between Each Other to Support Each Other no matter what. Then, once that happens you Expand Yourself Individually –yet together- out into the World. Within that you have your Experiences again or your Challenges that happens and your Inner Experiences and you Communicated/Sorted out again, Direct Yourself and go out again –so it’s like a literal Breath that starts busy happening, and then that Breath becomes bigger and bigger as it expands from your World and you Pull Everything ‘In’ and you ‘Breathe it out’ again and you take the world on again –and you Breathe, all your Experiences ‘In’ again which you come back to each other and Communicate and you Expand Yourself, you Breathe your Realizations ‘Out’ again –it’s very fascinating how it works.

Resonances: Does all that make sense so far?

Jorn/Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: So now, you both have got to decide what Challenges are you gonna take on in the World, how and what can you do that will Challenge you and at the same time Expand you to Move, because you need to Move at a Physical Level right now because, if you continue existing in this state, you’ll Actually start ‘diminishing’ meaning, it hasn’t yet manifested physically – I see participation in terms of with beings on forum and things like that, writing comments is still quite leveled, quite the same – however there’s a experience coming through of it being more ‘difficult’ to Discipline Yourself to Actually ‘go for it’ and ‘do it’ in, on a Unconditional Level of ‘It’s Here, I am capable of Assisting and Supporting, let me simply do it’ – it’s now coming like ‘Agh, Ok I have to do it now’ and then within that what happens is you start ‘giving into’ that Experience more and more and more, will start participating less with beings and then Self Diminishment Happens, ok?

Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: So, to watch out for that point where you become ‘too Comfortable’ within the Experience of Yourself in your World and then you go into a State of ‘Frequency’ of just ‘flowing’ and ‘floating’ kind of in your World, in your Reality where you want to keep everything kind of in a ‘Safe Haven’ of the Accepted Norm of ‘How it is’ because everything is ‘ok and fine’ but Realize if you step out in to the World = Everything’s Not ‘Ok and Fine’, meaning I’m not saying that you have to make your World equal to the world out there, I’m saying be aware that there is still an Existence out there.
In terms of your Agreement, in you world yes it becomes like a ‘Safe Haven’ so to speak for when things get ‘too tough’ when you’re kind of ‘out there’ and Challenging Yourself and Working with other people and you just, Breathe in again a bit like, you just retreat it for a moment and then you Breathe out again, I’ve sorted myself out, I’m ready, I can walk out again – Now, I’m not saying Physical walk out in terms of ‘traveling’ – it’s in the participation with other beings, working on Projects, seeing what talents you have that you can Expand upon and go into with Other People, what can you Arrange, what can you start, makes sense?

Jorn/Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: Yeah, so we’ve gotta get you out of this Frequency State of Acceptance, get you Out into Challenging Yourselves with Other People, makes sense?

Marlen: Yeah

Jorn: Yeah it does

Resonances: Your Agreement, your world in terms of how you’ve lived so far is quite Established and we’re satisfied, you’re satisfied, I mean you’re ready to take on Challenges because You Know that whatever I’m gonna Experience I can come back here to Sort myself out first, I can Communicate it Directly, I’ve got my Support, will ‘throw me back to Myself’ so to speak so I can See Myself, I Will Stand up, I will Immediately Direct and then Immediately go back to that point and make sure that I’ve Actually Corrected Myself Physically.

Marlen: Yeah

Jorn: Yes, that makes sense

Resonances: Ok, so – Now there’s two ways that you can make life more ‘exciting’ in terms of Exploration, ok?

Marlen: ok

Resonances; Are you guys… first point let’s start with yourself in your world, Sexually are you guys Exploring various different things or is it still the same Pattern Physically ‘playing out’ in terms of positioning

Jorn: I’d say it’s more or less the same, we do explore somewhat

Marlen: yeah

Jorn: but also the same things coming by so, I’d say

Resonance: Not too much of Exploring

Jorn: No

Marlen: Not really, not yet

Resonance: Ok cause that is also playing a major role within the, the ‘Twilight Zone’ that you’re Currently in so to speak in terms of the Acceptance of Staying in this particular Frequency where you’re just kind of ‘floating’, yeah where it’s not ‘uplifting’ you into an Exciting Discovery of Yourself Physically,

Marlen: Like challenging?

Resonances: Yes, ‘Challenging’ meaning Exploring and Expanding Yourself within the Experience of Yourself because this I mean we can play with the Physical in relation to Sex in various ways and, within that Exploring Physically, your Expression becomes quite interesting, more for the Female at the moment and for the Male, the Male at the moment is just a Supportive Role for the Female –but, you can have her in all her sorts of various different Expressions in relations to screams and body movements by just having various ‘ways of playing’ and then within that for the Male is very fun, because it’s interesting, it’s almost like ‘Inviting something to come out’ and you don’t know what’s gonna come out and then it’s just, it’s Here and you’re having this Experience with her –it’s very very interesting.
Ok, so in relation to Sexual Playing I’ll have Esteni and Sunette gonna talk to you both and see what we can arrange there to have a, make it a bit more fun and exciting to bring some ‘spice’ into your Agreement and the Experience of Yourselves

Marlen: Ok

Resonances: So we can get some –dare I say ‘Life’ into your Eyes, and experience because it’s now Time you’ve waited now for long enough let’s say it’s sufficient Time of just getting the two of you Stable and Quiet in terms of way on how you are in your Integrating your Living Principles of your Agreement – we’ve checked it I mean it’s Physically Manifesting, it’s Here, you’re ready to take on the Challenges of the World, now you can start ‘going for it’ you know like really going out there and Living from within yourself so to speak, to take on the World.
So I’d say in terms of that is, may I have a look what skills you have, take them see how and where can you use them on to what projects are busy happening, what’s going on – in terms of your Art maybe have a look also ask Bernard if he’s got any other Projects that’s happening, opening up or I suggest you focus on for example, I think it was a while back the Face World point

Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: the Education Faces and the Law Faces and the Government Faces and all those type of things, so you can play with that I think the interview is still on the Network where you can re listen to it. Jorn, same point have a look what are you good at, what can you do Practially Physically that will Stimulate People to Think, that’s what you’ve gotta do –How can I Assimilate People to start thinking? Because it’s an Interesting thing, is in terms of – what I mean by ‘Think’ I don’t mean Thought Manifestation thinking, ‘Thinking’ is in Essence for people out there in the Matrix, the first step of asking questions. So you first got ‘Thinking’ about something and it starts mulling inside the head and then after the ‘Thinking Process’ the ‘Asking questions’ come from because the Thinking kind of Initiates the Being to Start taking into Consideration the World and themselves Within the World, then ‘Asking questions’ comes the more they ‘Pursue it’ and then from the ‘Asking questions’ they lead themselves to ‘Common Sense’ and then from ‘Common Sense’ comes a Realization – from the Realization comes ‘Oh, I have to do something’

Jorn: yeah right

Resonances: which is quite a Process

Jorn: Like break the automated way of thinking

Resonances: yes, see how and where you can start doing that and Engage in the Questions that’s been Asked or the Perspective that’s being thrown, so you have your Communication going with your ‘Fans’ so to speak, ok?
Yeah Marlen do videos, both videos of your Experiences, your Agreement in terms of – I’d do Vlogs wherein you both from the beginning just share your Starting Point, how you got to a Point where it hasn’t been a thing that had Unnecessary ‘rifts’ and ‘conflicts’ and things like that, it’ll contribute to many Beings’ Experiences within Agreement where they Realize it doesn’t have to be so ‘Extremely Difficult’ I mean, I’m certain in the beginning it’s difficult as the things come up and there’s some Resistances and Fears and god knows what –but the ‘Intensity of Difficulty’ doesn’t have to the Absolute Extremes that some Experience it. If you just walk your Three Base Principles of Communication, Immediate Self Correction and then Supporting Each Other within the Correction that’s being Lived, ok?

Jorn/Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: Is there anything else?
You guys have to, the Question you have to Ask Yourself to make sure that you Push Yourself Constantly is: ‘How can I Contribute’, ‘Where can I Contribute’ – and within that Contribution ‘Where and how can I Challenge Myself’ find Challenges. Challenges meaning a point wherein you have to literally Physically Push Yourself to Expand Yourself in this Reality. So you guys are now Walking the Physical Process of having to Physically Self Move, where Nothing and No one is going to tell you know ok listen you’ve got to Move, come, take my hand, let’s move’ –It’s an Actual you have to Step, you have to take that Step and Move
Does that, do you Understand that?

Jorn/Marlen: Yeah, definitely

Resonances: is it Clear?

Jorn/Marlen: Yeah

Resonances: ok yes just you go talk… suggest now I’m also going to send you to Bernard what is it does he have any Projects in mind he might have something for you, also you, what can you do particularly specifically to Stimulate People, does he have a suggestion for direction, ok? It might not be immediately, it might be related to seeing how the Process Cycles go where you can ‘fit yourselves in’ so to speak

Jorn: yeah the vlog is definitely a cool suggestion to make a vlog of all my experience of the Agreement so that’s something that’s easy to do and that’s also Supportive for myself to speak about the Experience

Resonances: for you both to see: is there any like fine frequency points in
your voice that’s indicating points that you haven’t considered or things like that and you just start looking at you hear your words, you see where you falter with words or you find you’re going into an Experience and just, look at it for yourself –but it’s very cool I mean both are really Stable and are ready now to go out and

Marlen: Expand

Resonance: Expand more, change, have more of an … time to Explore Physically now, Sexually and Movement wise. But you’ll find that in having your call it your ‘Sex Life’ more ‘Explorative’, you will find your Experience in your Expression becomes more easier and you’ll find the Infinite Expressions that occur, Communication with People will be easier your… makes a lot of things a lot more simpler and enjoyable, it’s very interesting.
Ok, so that’s it.