By Sunette Spies

13 May 2010 ... ture=email

This comment (in 5 parts) is a reply to the following comment by
"I don't know if you'll reply to this, but if not I shall try the site. ^^ I am Kain. My eyes were recently opened to the fact that this earth is an illusion as it were. My eyes were opened by an ArchDemon. A rare occurrence it seems. He has taken me on as his apprentice and is training me to become a demon as well. I found your channel a few days ago and was intrigued by your creation of demons video. It would be nice to get in touch so we could chat and I could learn more. After all..Knowledge may make some smart..But comprehension makes other superior. Without the comprehension of the false hoods of this illusion can a person escape from the imprisonment of the human mind. ~Kain-One in training~"

What is manifesting is the polarity-balance in relation to the love and evil-polarity-design of the Mind Consciousness System that is manifesting in phases within beings.
Firstly one had the love and light / divine represented by Angels/Guides-presence manifestation that first came into fruition in the dimensions (phase one), then designed into the mind consciousness system (phase 2), then experienced by beings as though it were real (phase 3) and then lived by beings as though it were themselves (phase 4) = trapped within a cycle of their own deception within and as finite energetic-systems as apparent love and light and divinity.

Now - the exact same phases of process in relation to Mind Consciousness System Possession as Energy is manifesting, though instead of it being the energy of love, beings will be possessing themselves within and through their own Mind within the energy of evil represented by Demons (their own personalities of Mind).

The phase you’re in now is phase 1, wherein the possession is still dimensional, only existent within your Mind. If you accept and allow yourself to continue you'll move into phase 2 wherein it'll become a constant voice / conscience of your Mind Consciousness System as you accept and allow yourself to believe that it is actually real.
Then phase 3 wherein you make yourself believe that this that you're experiencing in your Mind is real and is truth and then Phase 4 wherein the possession becomes physical, you become lost within your Mind and the Mind-Energy entity that you created in your own Mind, by yourself, takes you over completely and lead to consequences within reality = that is unnecessary.

Thus more beings will experience demonic-possession in this world as the polarity generated by the love and light divinity/angel/guides-believers is now starting to balance-out within and as and through beings = manifested consequence.

Stop the voices in the head - The Physical is what is Real, live here in this Physical Reality, and become real.