Practical Solutions – Reactions

29 Dec 09

For Most People within this World, we’re always – for most part of our day: In ‘direct contact’ with People, various People; whether through ‘direct physical contact’, meaning wherein you face people in ‘living flesh’ or ‘direct communicative contact’, wherein you face people in ‘living communication’. Within this – you’re the ‘constant participant’, and with ‘whomever’ you’re in contact with, in ‘whatever way’ – each Person ‘represent’ a ‘Part of You’ that you ‘Face’, that can be ‘Seen’ within how you ‘experience yourself’, within-Yourself to/towards the People you come into Contact with. A very ‘prominent’ ‘experience’ I’ve had when facing Beings/People – is: Reactions, especially within the aspect/‘field’ of the ‘choice/decision’ to ‘Voice Myself’ or ‘Keep Quiet’. ‘More often’ – I found Myself ‘Keeping Quiet’ in certain events/situations involving other-People towards whom I’d ‘React’ within-Myself, wherein I’d – within that ‘Keeping Quiet’ on the ‘Outside’ = I’d ‘Rage within-Myself on the Inside’, wherein my Mind would ‘Race’ with Thoughts and my Emotions and Feelings would ‘Speed’ out of Control. Yet – within it All, I’d ‘appear’ – ‘cool, calm and collected’. The ‘Racing Thoughts’ and ‘Speeding Emotions and Feelings’ – would always be directed to/towards the People/Person I was involved with within the Situation/Event, and I’d actually have ‘conversations in my Head’, pertaining to opinions and judgments as my interpretation and assumption – about the People/Person I was involved with within the Situation/Event = but I’d ‘Keep Quiet’ and not dare to speak or say anything…on the Outside. What I’ve found this Cause/Manifest within-Myself is the following:Within me, not Speaking/Voicing Myself within the particular situation/event towards-which I experienced a particular ‘Reaction’ and ‘Keepiong Quiet’ on the ‘Outside’ – but participating in my Thoughts, wherein my Thoughts form opinions and judgments as assumptions and interpretations of, towards and about the Other Person/People, and I ‘hold onto’ the ‘conclusions’ I made within my Mind, with my Thoughts about the Person/People within the particular situation/event, I have found that; When I see the Person/People again – I don’t ‘Face’ the Actual Person/People, I’m not ‘Here’ in this ‘New Moment’ Equal and One with-Them, as-Them; I actually ‘See’ them through my own formed ‘judgments and opinions as interpretations and assumptions’ of-Them that I have formed within My Mind, based on a Past-Experienced Memory that I have held onto and thus, in essence, I’m ‘facing’ my-Own Memory. Furthermore, within-This, I have found my experience towards-Them to be ‘Fake’ – meaning, I’ll be a certain ‘way/manner’ towards-Them on the ‘Outside’ – but, on the ‘Inside’ – the ‘Memory of the Past-Experience’ ‘supersede’ the Moment Here, and my Opinion/Judgment of-Them ‘lurk in the background’ and I ‘base’ everything of- and as-Them on that Opinion/Judgment of-Them I have formed within my Mind. Thus, in essence – my ‘Interaction’ with-Them = is Self-Dishonest, as it was Self-Dishonest in the first-place, because instead of me, for example Speaking/Voicing Myself in the first place, within the first situation/event – I ‘Kept Quiet’, and while they were in my ‘Presence’ – I was within My Mind, forming opinions and judgments as ideas, assumptions and interpretations of-Them – creating a ‘Copy’ of-Them within My-Mind as how I interpret or assume them to be through My-Mind = instead of seeing the actual Person/People, Here. This-All ‘Manifest’ – simply from a ‘Reaction’ experienced within-Self, that is not assessed or investigated Self-Honestly, Immediately in the Moment – but the Reaction is ‘left to its own devices’ wherein Thoughts of Mind will be accepted and allowed to ‘Race’ and emotions and feelings to ‘Speed out of Control’. In this ‘Creating’ a total ‘Mind-World’ of the Experience as the Person/People and the Situation/Event within-Self – that was Created within one’s own-Mind, based within one’s Own accepted and allowed Self-Dishonesty in a Moment. Because Note the fascinating thing, within How the Mind Operate when it’s given an opportunity within accepted and allowed Self-Dishonesty: When a Reaction is experienced in a Moment within-Self – the Being will not take Self-Responsibility for that Reaction experienced within-Self, from the perspective of Realising, that – in the first place – the ‘Reaction’ experienced within-Self is existent within-SELF, and that there’s no-One else within-Self, but Self = but will ‘revert that Reaction experienced to Mind’, wherein they’d ‘filter’ the Reaction experienced through the Mind and direct the Reaction-‘experienced’ within-Self; towards the Person/People and Situation/Event within Blame. And as the Thoughts continue in relation to the Reaction within-Self that is ‘Blamed’ on Others and/or the Experience – the ‘Blame’ is further ‘Justified’ in the Mind as the Conversation with one’s own-Thoughts Continue. In this – Forming Perceptions/Ideas about/of Others within one’s own Mind through Thought – based on one’s own Self-Dishonesty in a Moment, for not taking Self-Responsibility for a Reaction, existent within-Self, experienced within-Self. We have this ‘tendency’, to – when we’re faced with People within a Situation/Event, immediately ‘direct’ what we experience within-Ourselves, in terms of especially ‘Reactions’ pertaining to Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings – towards the People/Person within the Situation/Event, just because of the ‘belief’ that: “These Reactions are only coming-up now, because of ‘they’ / ‘them’ and the situation/event I’m in with ‘them’ / ‘they’”. Not Realising that – we’re within the Reactions coming-up, within-Ourselves = FACING OURSELVES, within-Ourselves, and – whatever Reactions are ‘experienced’ within-Self is to be investigated by-Self = as it’s got nothing to do with ‘them’ / ‘they’ – but with what Self is accepting and allowing within-Self. So – to assist and support Self to be able to have Self-Honest conversations with Beings, wherein both within and without – you’re ‘Sound’, ‘Here’ and not racing/speeding within Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings within-Self that is of Self-Dishonesty as Blame towards-Them while ‘Faking’ a ‘cool, calm and collected’ Projection on the ‘Outside’, is as follows:When an Event happens with another-Being, and Reaction Occur within-Self – Check Reaction, from the Perspective of ‘Identifying the Source-Cause’ of what the Reaction is Related-to. If you cannot Immediately ‘Source the Cause’ – when the Reaction come-up within-Self, Breathe – Release the Reaction experienced within-Self through Breath – do not accept/allow Self to have the Reaction ‘compound’ through accepting and allowing Self to participate in Thoughts pertaining to the Reaction. Then – when you’re with-Yourself – Re-Investigate the Moment within-which the Reaction is/was ‘experienced’, ‘pay attention to detail’, meaning: Was it something the Being said, their choice of words, a bodily Movement, a hand-gesture, did a Thought/Memory within your Mind come-up in a Moment that initiated the Reaction – Investigate the Thought/Memory = And so you ‘Source the Cause’ until you find the Point by/through ‘paying attention to the detail of the Moment’ and finding-out, within-Yourself the Source-Cause of the Reaction to be able to apply effective Self-Forgiveness and Identify-it to Stop-it when you’re faced within a Similar Moment.When/while you’re Participating in Conversation with Others, and you experience Reaction – don’t speak with-yourself in your Mind, in your Thoughts about the Other(s) within, during or after the Event or try and ‘figure it out or Resolve it in your Mind’ = in this you’re creating separation, feeding the Mind. Resolve the Moment immediately = Either pluck up the Courage and Speak Directly in the Moment – for any ‘Conversation you have within your Mind of Thoughts that is directed to/towards the Other(s) is accepted and allowed Self-Dishonesty OR Write about the experience with the Other People/Person and Resolve the Moment for-Self in Direct-Writing with-Self – and ensure that when you Speak – you’re Here. I’d suggest Not-Speaking if you’re in Reaction of Mind = this is Self-Dishonesty and your Mind Speaking – not-You. Rather Stop – Resolve yourself within-Yourself either Immediately or in Writing. Demo.