20 January 2010


This Point has been ‘discussed / mentioned’ – before, however – I have found this to be an Important ‘Flag-Point’ / ‘Reminder’ for-Myself within walking my Process.

So – with regards to ‘Realisations’:
‘Realisations’ is when you have a ‘Quantum-Insight’, pertaining to Self, Personally – into/of a Particular Experience / Knowledge that pertains directly to Self – wherein Self ‘suddenly’ See a Point and within that Seeing – Immediately Understand ‘who self is’ in relation to that Experience/Knowledge.

Now – such Realisation Points is but a ‘Window of Opportunity’ to Self-Realisation – within-which Self has the Opportunity, to – as the ‘Quantum-Insight’ as the Moment, immediately direct/assert Self to ‘change’ in Actual Living Application from that Moment forth. Wherein, through living the Realisation-Point, in changing-Self in Actual-Living = the Realisation become an Actual Self-Realisation.

Be ‘aware’ of the fact, that – the Realisation in-Itself will not ‘alone’ / ‘by-itself’ ‘pull self through to actual self-change’ from that Moment forth – Self must be the ‘Living-Factor’ / ‘Asset’ from that Moment forth, to make the decision to actually change and then actually Do-It in Living-Application.
If/when this is not Done – the ‘Window of Opportunity’ will ‘Pass’ and you’ll ‘Forget’ about the Realisation Point, because then it only became a Point that you ‘Understood’ within Knowledge = because you didn’t take that Realised ‘Knowledge’ into Practical-Application.
Then – you’ll ‘Time-Loop’ – eventually get to the same Realisation Point, only in a different way/manner as another ‘Window of Opportunity’, and so – in essence, only prolong your own Process.

Thus, another-Point – indicating, that: Each one is Self-Responsible for the ‘Length, Duration and Experience of-Themselves’ within this-Existence.

The ‘misconception’ often exist, that: When one has a ‘Realisation’, that – that ‘Realisation’ means “This is It” / “It’s Done” / “I got It, I’m Changed” – but, if you Self-Honestly observe your Actual Living/Participation in this World – you’ll Notice you’ve only changed/shifted in Knowledge = you haven’t actually in Living-Fact – Changed your Living-Beingness of ‘who you are’ = you still ‘live the same’; you’re only Thinking differently.

So, therefore – be ‘aware’ of this-Point, that you ensure that you don’t only change in ‘Thinking’ as ‘Shifting in Knowledge within your Mind’, but that you Actually change the Way you Live in and as the Physical, actually Change you in Practical-Application as you Live in this World = this is Actual Self-Change. Change that is Actually Seen within the Way you Live as you.