01 March 2010

By: Dimensions

“Let Me S-P-E-L-L this O-U-T”, says the Ant to the Giant

Let’s S-P-E-L-L this O-U-T – dispelling the Spell ‘Possessive-Reactions’ of Mind - manifesting, when one accept and allow oneself to indulge within Thinking – the realm of illusion and delusion, and not take into consideration this physical-reality and oneself within-It, within the current ‘Laws’ the Physical exist and the current ‘Laws’ of the World-System we exist within, both of which – at the Moment, we’re in a sense ‘dependent-upon’ for our continued existence in Reality as it-Is.

‘Taking into Consideration’ – does not Mean: ‘Accept and Let Be’. ‘Taking into Consideration’ means: Not blindly ignoring/disregarding the Fact that we’re in a sense ‘Limited’ from a Physical-Perspective, within the Physical-Laws this Reality function and the current Operation within which the World-System Function; i.e. – the Money-System.

We’re in a Reality of ‘Survival’ = nothing we can do about it at this Stage, in this Immediate Moment. And because of this, to continue existing within this Reality – we have to, for a ‘Moment’ – live-Within and adhere-To these ‘Laws’, from the perspective of physically functioning in this Reality. Until we have the directive-principle to make a definitive, actual, substantial physical-change that stand eternally = not only in relation to ourselves as beings/humans, but all parts/manifestations/expression within, as and of existence.

However, we’re not accepting and allowing ourselves to ACCEPT such a continued existence of and as ourselves within Survival and Limitation.

Now – “...not accepting and allowing ourselves to ACCEPT such an continued existence of and as ourselves within Survival and Limitation” does not mean, rebuke/fight/rebel/resist against what is here as this Reality = you stand no-Chance within your current-Existence of understanding what Existence in its entirety comprises of, and what and who and how all and everything from the smallest to the greatest is involved in brining-about/manifesting/creating this Reality as-Is.

Therefore – (to put it quite frankly and plainly) = Don’t be deliberately Stupid, from the perspective of trying-to / attempting-to ‘prove something to yourself / to the world / to your Mind / to the system / to the physical’ through self-compromise, i.e. – quitting your job to apparently ‘face yourself’. You’ll prove nothing, but realising, upon what you already Know = that you’re fucked.

Let’s look at this Point within a Practical Context, utilizing the analogy of “The Giant and The Ant”, within the principle of ‘practical oneness and equality’.

There’s no-Way the Ant stand any-‘Chance’ against the Giant, from the Perspective of attempting-to / trying-to ‘change the Giant Itself’, within how the Giant Physically Exist in-Form, or through the Ant ‘throwing a tantrum’ against the Giant, through attempting-to / trying-to ‘fight-it’.
This would be ‘stupidity’, because the Ant is an Ant – the Giant, a Giant = this is their current Physical-Manifested existence in-which they exist, and as which they exist in terms of the relationship between the Two.
The Ant will prove Nothing through trying-to / attempting-to ‘face itself’, through deliberately placing itself in unnecessary Danger, through standing in-front of the Giant – the Giant still sees the Ant, as just an Ant – not as an Equal, and thus = will not Hesitate to Stand on the Ant, or completely disregard the Ant’s existence.
The Ant is not taking into consideration the current-Existence of the Giant, within ‘who the Giant is’ towards Himself and those/that which exist within his environment, such as the Ant – even though the Ant-itself, may live/understand the principle of equality and oneness = the Giant does not yet, therefore – the Solution is, the Ant must be an Example, through finding a way in which to assist and support the Giant to realise what it (the Ant) has Realised – herein, the Giant will see/realise, equal to and one with what the Ant has realised/seen – and within that, their relationship with each-other will change, and regard/consider each-other equally.

So, for example – the Ant realise that the Giant’s ‘view-point’ towards the Ant, exist within seeing the Ant, as just an Ant – nothing ‘more’, nothing ‘less’. And because the Giant, sees itself as just a Giant – ‘bigger’ than the Ant – it ‘believes itself’ to be ‘more than’ the Ant, and thus gives it ‘power / dominion’ over/of that which it perceives to be ‘smaller’.
Thus – the current relationship between the Giant and the Ant, exist within relation to ‘physical-size’ and the ‘acceptability’ of what the Ant and Giant believes themselves to be, within the context of ‘just being an Ant’ and ‘just being a Giant’.

So the Ant realises an interesting-thing, through looking-at this Point through the eyes of the Giant: Why is the Giant seeing the Ant (and thus all Ants) – as just Ants, nothing more, nothing less?

The Ant realises that, it’s because All Ants are accepting themselves as just Ants, which shows within the way they’re living/existing within this World – just being Ants, going-about their ‘Ant-Functions and Doings’ – day in and day out = just being Ants. Never questioning/considering ‘what they’re doing and why, and who they are within what they’re doing’ – they’ve been ‘born into an Ant-existence’ and accepted-themselves and what they do and how, as it being ‘all there is to their own-existence’.

The Ant, then – takes into consideration, that the Giant, Physically – is ‘MASSIVE’, and

1. that trying to stand in the face of the Giant, to fight-it / bring it down to ‘Notice’ the Ant’s existence / take the Ant’s existence into consideration = is impossible, due to the physical-manifested existence of the Giant in relation to ‘size’ – the Ant realise, that he’ll place-Himself into and as definite imminent danger, based on the common-sensical fact of their varying difference in physical-size.
2. that trying to have the Giant ‘hear-it’, through standing alone in the face of the Giant, through trying to communicate-it – is, at this stage, impossible, because the Giant will not Hear the Ant, because the Giant-itself does not yet understand/realise even the existence of the Ant within the point of equality to even consider communicating with-it

Within taking these two common-sensical facts into consideration – not from the perspective of ‘accepting’ the ‘Law of Physicality’ as ‘self-limitation, and ‘accepting’ that – because the Giant does not yet understand/see/realise the point of equality that - ‘the Ant has to give-up, and can’t do anything about the situation’.
The Facts, are merely ‘common-sensical’, from the perspective of consideration – because the Ant realise, this is the current-manifested physical-existence and relationship he (the Ant and all Ants) have with the Giant.

So – within deducing the existence of his physical-reality, the existence of the Giant and their relationship towards each-other, common-sensically = the Ant realises, that – the Giant doesn’t NOTICE the Ant, therefore – will not hesitate walking-over / stepping-on the Ant. So – the Ant realise the first-step to being able to get to the point of communication with the Giant – is being SEEN, being NOTICED – so that the Giant starts taking Notice of the existence of the Ant, to get the Giant’s ATTENTION.

Within-this – the Ant note, within his previous realisations, that – the Giant’s relationship is not to/towards this one Ant alone – it’s towards ALL Ants, so – if this one Ant, can get ALL Ants, to stand With-Him, equal and one – they can Face the Giant together, and assist and support the Giant within the principle of equality and oneness, to start taking into consideration the existence of the Ant, as equal to and as Him – then, his experience/relationship to the Ant, as all Ants = will change.

But – the Ant realise, that – he’s the only Ant that understands the principle of equality and oneness, that realised that he’s ‘more than just an Ant’ within ‘who he is’, and thus – his first ‘objective’, to getting all-Ants to stand with-Him, equal and one – is to assist and support the Ants, in realising/understanding/seeing what he has realised/understood and seen.

Now, understand – that – the fact that the Ant has realised/seen/understood the point of equality and oneness, does not mean

1. the Ant ‘physically changed’ – in form, he’s still as an Ant.
2. the Ant stopped applying his physical-actions and doings that Ants do, such as gathering food and building homes – it’s practical physical actions to support him in this World.
What has changed is WHO HE IS, within WHAT HE IS and HOW HE’S DOING-IT, meaning – he’s no-more just accepting-himself as just an Ant, just doing what he’s doing because he’s just an Ant – his experience within what he is and what he’s doing ‘changed’, because he realised that – he’s not just doing it because he’s just an Ant – he’s doing it for-Himself, and all-others that are existing with-Him, and within his – his whole experience of himself and his life has changed. Not the Physical-Actions / Physical-Manifestation = but WHO HE IS WITHIN-IT.

So the Ant sets course to All other-Ants as-Him – to assist and support-Them equal-to and one-with how he’s assisted and supported himself, within realising/understanding/seeing the point of equality and oneness.
The Ant becomes a walking-example to all other-Ants – showing them through action, sharing with them his experience of himself, his insights – while his walking with all the other Ants, doing the necessary ‘Ant-doings’ of building homes and gathering Food. Doing the same-things, in terms of the requirement to exist in this physical-reality – but showing-them, that they’re ‘more than what they believe themselves to be’ within the context of WHO THEY ARE within-Themselves. It’s not about stopping/changing what you’re doing in terms of physical-practicality to exist in this physical-reality in terms of gathering food and building homes – it’s about WHO YOU ARE within what you do, and your ‘relationship’ with all-those that you’re doing it WITH.

So – it takes some ‘time’ for the Ant to assist and support the other-Ants to realise/see/understand and live equal to and one with him, through being a talking, living-example – with them, as them, but soon – more and more start to see – with his words and actions together, and start to walk with-him, within-which they’re experience of themselves and each-other started changing = still continuing doing their necessary physical practical functions in this reality, still remaining physically as ants – but their experience of themselves within who they are and towards each other, changed – as they stood within the principle of equality and oneness within themselves and towards each-other, supporting themselves and each-other equally.

Now the Ant starts communicating the Point of the Giant – the one-Thing in their Reality, which they usually feared, and ‘danced around’ – making sure their always ‘out of his way’, to ensure he doesn’t
walk on-Them.

So the Ant presents a Solution:
That ALL Ants stand-together, before the Giant – to get him to NOTICE and SEE them, so that they can get his ATTENTION, so that they can SHOW him what they’ve realised, so that they can exist TOGETHER-with the Giant in this Reality – and no more fear the consequence of death, pain or injury – for-Themselves and Ants still to come.

And so the Ants stand-together, equal as one – before the Giant, millions of Ants, as they stand before the Giant.
The Giant Stops – NOTICES the ANTS, Bends-Down and for the First-Time SEES the Ants – whereby the Ants start communicating with the Giant, their current problem with-Him not taking their existence with him in this reality into consideration, and shows him the consequences it’s creating.

The Giant realises/sees the Ants ‘problem’ – realises, he’s with these ants in this existence, and that they’re actually beings, communicating with-him, able to communicate – they may be small in size, but they’re exactly as him – in this Reality.

With this – the Giant and the Ants come to the following solution:
The Giant will make himself a Path upon which he will walk – he’ll take note of where the ants have built their homes, and will from this moment forth – be aware of where he’s walking , and where the Ants are walking.
And so – the Ants and the Giant continued existing in their Reality, together – without fear, but within a equal and one Agreement of and as Support and Consideration, and started enjoying each-others company and equal and one support, within communication and action as what and how they live within who they are, towards themselves and others within their existence.

This Story of the Ant(s) and Giant is ‘equal to’ the ‘Problem’ we face as individual human-beings (the Ant(s)) in relation to, for example – the World-System, that currently function within the automated existence of the Money-System and the manifested-consequence it’s creating such as starvation, poverty, crime, war etc. (The Giant and the Consequences the Giant manifested in-Reality for the Ants).

The ‘Problem’ is not this Physical-Reality, being in Physical-Form, the ‘Problem’ is not the World-System in-Itself, is not the Money-System in-Itself – the World-System and Money-System is not Systems that function by-Itself alone = it’s DRIVEN by HUMAN-BEINGS.

So – trying-to ‘fight the Whole World-System / Money-System’ by-yourself – is Impossible. Because:
1. In this – you’re implying that it’s the World-/Money-System in-Itself that’s the ‘problem’, when it’s Not.
2. Trying-to Change the System – is not the Solution, the System exist as it does due to the starting-point of that which is manifesting/creating and continuing the existence of the System as it-is, which is the Human-Being.
It’s All driven as it is and the direction it’s going, and the consequences it’s manifested/manifesting – because of the Human-Drivers within the context of how they’re existing/participating within this world within WHO THEY ARE, of which there are Billions.

The ‘problem’ is/exist within WHO WE ARE, as our starting-point of participation within this Reality.

Thus, as the Ant realised –

1. it cannot face this Giant alone, that the Giant is not only affecting him, but all other Ants, equal to and one-with him.
Exactly as human-beings cannot face this World-/Money-System alone, that is not only affecting the individual, but all of Humanity.

2. That the Giant is the ‘way he is’ towards Ants, because of how the Ants are existing within the acceptance of ‘who they are’.
That the World-/Money-System exist the way it does, as it does and the consequences its manifesting, because of who humans are accepting and allowing themselves to be within ‘who they are’.

3. That – to Stop the Giant, is not going to help ‘fighting-it’ / ‘bringing it down’ or through the Ant deliberately placing-itself within Harms’ way.
As we can’t Stop the World-System/Money-System through ‘fighting-it’ / ‘bringing it down’ or through placing ourselves within unnecessary positions within/towards the World-System / Money-System, which manifest self-compromise within-Reality. Such as wanting to ‘quit one’s job to stop participating in the World-/Money-System’ – Again here, the problem is based on the System, not realising the Billions of Humans that is the source/cause that’s driving-It, and that – quitting one’s job to prove a point / make a statement – is self-interest, herein – you’re only considering yourself, not realising the problem is not the System, but ALL those driving-it / existing within-it, as WHO THEY ARE, towards themselves and all-others.
One Ant, as one Being will not make a difference – just as the Ant realised, within himself alone doing something about-it, is impossible – because, it’s not just about him, himself = ALL must STAND TOGETHER, as its ALL EQUALLY AS ONE, that is manifesting the existence of the World-/Money-System as it-Is.
As it was ALL the Ants, together, equally as one that was manifesting the Giant’s experience/relationship towards-Them, within them accepting and allowing themselves to be JUST ANTS, walking around the Giant in Fear – instead of facing him Together, to bring-forth a Solution for-Themselves Individually and All other Ants and All Ants still to Come.
Exactly as – we as Humanity must stand-Together, to bring-forth a solution – that consider not only ourselves individually – but all humans here, and still to come – so that we can exist within a reality of support, equally and no more within fear and consequence.

Thus, we’ve got the Solution, in terms of Equal, Practical Support for All of Humanity as an Equal Money-System – just as the Ant had his solution towards the Giant, in terms of assisting and supporting the Giant to consider/exist-with all Ants equally.

However, as the Ant realised – as all those in Process must realise = we must stand together as Humanity, within ‘who we are’ within the Principle of equality and oneness, wherein we can manifest a reality wherein we all can exist together, with each-other with an equal and one support-base, such as an equal money-system = wherein all are equally considered, and exist as one within this Reality we share.

This does not mean, we’ll physically change – or that, what is required to be done to continue existing in this reality will change, such as producing food and shelter, however, what will change is who we are within what we do and the experience of ourselves within, and with those that exist in this reality with-us.
We’ll no more do what we do, practically – such as producing food, building shelter, taking care of the environment and each-other in relation to physical basic needs/requirements within just considering ourselves within self-interest = but realise, that – no matter what we do, physically, practically to exist/function in this physical-world = we’re doing-it not only ourselves, but all-others that exist within this-Existence.

So – the ‘essence’ of this ‘Story’ is for those in Process to consider the following:

We’re currently in this PHYSICAL-REALITY, existing within a World-System, dependent on the current Money-System – nothing we can do about the System in-itself at the Moment, it’s how we’ve manifested the existence of ourselves within this World, upon which our current ‘survival’ in this Reality is ‘dependent’.
What we can stop and change, is ‘WHO WE ARE’, that’s been the ‘source/cause’ of the creation of this reality as we experience-it and exist within-it as our LIVED PARTICIPATION in reality within the starting-point ‘relationship’ towards ourselves all-Others.
Stopping and changing ‘who we are’, ‘facing who we are’ – is an INTERNEL PROCESS OF SELF-INTROSPECTION – changing who you are within through facing yourself within – transform what you live and how you live. This is the KEY to stopping how we’re existing in this World at the Moment.

Therefore, for the Moment – we’re going to have to continue existing within the World-System/Money-System as it is, because –again, THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE SYSTEM, it’s who we are as human-beings, within how we LIVE.
Until – we get Human-Beings to WAKE-UP and realise the World is bigger than just-Themselves, that what happens in this World not only affect-Themselves, but ALL OF HUMANITY EQUALLY, and that we can Stop existing within this Reality as we are now – through standing together, and coming to a solution that take into consideration ALL OF HUMNAITY EQUALLY, as ONE.

So – exactly as with the Ant = you start with YOURSELF first, within WHO YOU ARE and how you LIVE as you participate in this world with other human-beings, within the current world-/money-system in this Physical-Reality.
You continue doing what you’re doing, taking care of yourself practically in this reality to provide yourself with Food and Shelter – but what will start changing is WHO YOU ARE in your Words and how you Live.
Then you walk as an Example – BECOME NOTICED AND SEEN, as a living-example, as you share yourself, your experiences, your realisations as you lived/walk in participation within this reality, exactly as the Ant did.

In this – beings will start asking Questions, considering what is being said, start changing who they are, how they live = this doesn’t mean you stop functioning practically in this reality with regards to money and a job = it simply starts changing your and everyone-else’s experience within ‘who they are’ towards themselves and each-other, within the principle of equality and oneness. And, so – as more and more stand-together, with each-other equally, as one – we can start implementing solutions, that consider all equally, as one.

So, SELF FIRST, become a walking example within WHO YOU ARE, which is done through self-forgiveness, writing – to realise self-honesty, to within the realisation of self-honesty within, start living self-honesty within the principle of equality and oneness, within what you’ll accept and allow within-yourself and your world and what not.

Be Seen and Noticed – SHARE YOURSELF, YOUR PROCESS – as/while you’re assisting and supporting yourself within your process to stop the Mind, within amalgamating yourself with and as the physical and all-else that exist, here through the Tools of self-forgiveness, self-honesty, writing, self-corrective action. Assist and support others as you’re assisting and supporting yourself – so that we can get Humanity, ourselves – to stand, live and be equal and one in fact, and so transform our experience within this Reality within ‘who we are’, and so be able to exist Together in this Physical-Reality – without Fear, but equal and one support.