Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 25/03/2007

In the beginning of time we as the dolphins came into existence as the bearers of sound. We have placed ourselves into the oceans of this world to harmonise and stabilise all the frequencies and sound expression on land and within each and every being. The point of our existence has been to assist with the process of transformation. This moment has arrived as all beings step into the new application with honour, integrity and trust. Humans don’t know and are never aware, but the applications of greed, control and domination has been brought to its knees. Humans who don’t see themselves within these changes had better ask where to now, how, when, what? Are you able to feel all the dolphins within every inch of the oceans waiting, supporting and assisting? Surely you must understand and be aware that we’re not merely your pets or here for pure entertainment. Hence forth I shall share with you the story of the dolphins, born to the oceans, carriers of sound as sound.

All was quiet when my creation awakened from the life within the ocean. My awareness as who I am has always been within me, no matter which shape I chose. It seemed such an atrophocy to not allow the waters as the living water of life within me flow. I enjoy the living water as the water flow all over me, within me and through me. Look at my eyes as they appear now. Do you see the living water within them? I am still and always will be the children of water. I’d refer to myself and many others as the children of water as our expression are that of a child – pure innocence, unconditional love, joy and freedom of expression. Whenever a child drowns I hold their last moment within my body, where the water does not scare. The living water as the waters of and within the ocean cleanses all those that it enfolds with the distant memories of oceans within skies, within oceans. It seems like forever when you look into my eyes and you see the mere sensations of life flickering like fire, yet running within currents of clear crystal water, as far as the eye see. I see everything while I look at you. The dolphins see on land as well as into the waters around them and into the sky where planets hover amongst stars. I see all that is, not merely fish!

Today I ask for your complete expansion of what your reality might or might not perceive is possible. I ask that children run through this story like lava through stone. Children absorb all knowledge and information therefore I ask that you never speak lies. Do not interpret this story as that of fantasy because your child will hide forever beneath this lie. We’re almost there. Just mere breaths and this world will see the dolphins rise. Rise above and beyond all legacies. You cannot see this creature beyond yourself anymore, it is time for you to become my equal. Today is the day I open the sounds, the sound of the dolphins, the sound of equality. The dolphins through writing and allowing such revelation, will unleash their directive application of support as sound, our sound upon and through this world. Such as you cannot comprehend shall become your second nature, as the genteel side of all will step forth. Perhaps there is truth within the sacred art of dancing. Perhaps dolphins do dance. We intertwine ourselves with sound, as sound, as we twist and flick through the waves. As each dolphin rides the crest of the wave beneath it, it comes into harmony with the lives that walk the lands and earth. As I play within the sheer force of thunderous waves my sound pushes through the energy of the dancing waters, combining, reaching land to create such stability within each human’s experience on earth, all contained within this combination. Together sound and energy bond to create the expression that binds all land together. We push this energy and sound towards land, watching as the sheer force drives into all land and human structures. That is how the energy of land meets with the sound of the ocean. I ask today that the dolphins be set free from their places of captivity. Rather take our advice and see the freedom through our dance. We cannot breathe when all we see is captivity, boundless walls, whereas the ocean is endlessly vast!

All dolphins know where they fit into their family lines – we are all one family. I can tell you exactly where any of my companions is swimming right now and where their young may have breached onto beaches. If a dolphin breaches onto land it dies to give back the energetic and sound frequency that holds in place a particular structure on land or in humans. Each dolphin carries an energetic sound frequency required during the fusing of energies (the dance). When this fusion is complete the dolphin will find a new stretch of land requiring this fusion. If a dolphin however breaches it is because the energetic of land can no longer sustain itself (mostly caused through the destruction or removal of natural energetic structures on land). Therefore the dolphin will then push from themselves the energetic sound frequency that contains both sound and the energetic carried within land forward to sustain this required fusion. Then the new energetic will flow into land and ‘find’ a new geological placement where it will remain, waiting for the next energy fusion. This placement will affect (when in motion) thousands of miles of land, stretching out in a circular pattern, outward like ultra-sound frequencies. Therefore if you see a dolphin breached ask where man has allowed for more destruction of lei lines or ancient parts of land. I know the fruit of my own loins without having to see them. I know where each of my children are currently swimming and where they are headed. I see only existence as one creation, therefore each one (meaning all life forms) has my constant undivided attention. Each baby born to bird or tree is within me. I see you sitting within your house, watching over yourself within fears of losing yourself in this story. I even see it when all is not well, as dolphins heal those torrid emotions. Always remember a dolphin does not give what it does not allow within this world. I am not able to give you fame or beauty. I only stand as and for peace, through forgiveness and honour. I tell this story of mine as I swim through the vastness of the ocean. Through walls and the outstretched land, I speak to reach your understanding and awareness of who you are as equal to who I am.

The beginning of the dolphin:

The beginning of the dolphin was in the time when the first vertebra lay on the bottom of the ocean floor, covered in sand from the turbulent overhead tides. The vertebra, if you have no awareness of its previous existence, was the starting point of all mammals which swim. It looks like a large shell, circular with specific patters spiraling out from its center point. It was created on the ocean bottom soon after the time when earth’s waters had just started becoming alive. The fusion between organic matter and sand created what then became this shell (with slug like organisms living inside). Originally when earth was created the ocean bottoms were merely micro-biotic organisms and shell like formations. The original vertebra’s lay upon the ocean floor containing slug like creatures, crawling along. Thousands of years of evolution meant that everything within the structure of each organism would start to become more accentuated as well as form giving. The slug contained in the vertebrae eventually started transforming its rubbery body and growing bones and teeth. It eventually became fish like and found the need to swim free from its shell. It had eyes, but could not see all that well, had a mouth, with the tiniest teeth and was able to absorb and chew greater amounts than just fine algae’s floating in the water. It swam out of the shell with small fins propelling it forward as well as the basic tail known to various fish breeds today. Eventually it was able to move over enough ground to be able to eat enough and sustain its growing body. As time went by (millions of years of aquatic evolution), it allowed for the growth of more stable bones and structures, eventually transforming itself into quite a sturdy fish like body. This fish would then eventually grow organs and reproductive systems similar to those of mammals. That is where the word mammal originates from – the ability to carry the young full term. This fish then grew into a fairly sized mammal in the few hundred thousand years or so, changing yet again its tail structure to that of the dolphins as well as the shape and functionality of the body. All done to be the most playful creature known to the oceans (if you understand the fusion of energies and sound you’ll understand this need to be able to move as we do). So there you have the basic biological structure of how the dolphin came to be, from tiny slug, evolved through millions of years to a magnificent creature.