Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 27/03/2007

When the dolphin came to be in the vastness of water, we had decided that the benign nature of man could sustain all that would step forth. When we first came down from the dimensions as sound frequencies, we carried with us pride, integrity, honor as well as devotion to life. To restore all life would be our ultimate commitment to mother earth. When we realized that sound was not within the human awareness we realized that it was necessary for us to have a body here in 3D. When we decided to assist mankind we chose the evolutionary process within life to carry us into full form. Meaning we waited millions of years to reach our form so that we could start the supportive process when the time came (which was a few thousand years ago). The time spent within the vertebra was not the loneliest time as we had communication with each other at all times. It can seem a complex matter, thinking about frequencies and shells but I promise you we’re not about to let you get lost. You’ll soon find that within you our words will stabilise all that is required. Soon we all will see into the depths of a dolphin’s eyes without looking away. Would you like to understand the expression and application of the dolphin?

Dolphins cannot actually say that they think like humans do. We tend to understand and we are aware. Awareness is the potential that each being has when they allow themselves to go beyond the limited conscious mind. You see in actuality the mind consciousness has been there for so long that humans have forgotten that awareness as who they really are even exists. It seems strange to you that awareness is even possible, as you hold the mind in such high regard and have unfortunately allowed yourselves to define yourselves according to your mind. To become aware (where man’s true potential is expressed and experienced) all mind consciousness creations must be understood. Firstly from where we’re coming from the mind is useless. We cannot use the mind as nothing that we do require it. We therefore cannot think about anything, we just are. I am. We do have a brain that we use for our functionalities, from eating to the work that we do. This process within understanding the dynamics of awareness brings to you the opportunity to begin an awareness of your own. Let’s say for a moment that all dolphins died tomorrow (which by the way might happen, as we are being slaughtered by the millions), who would return the human to its natural state of awareness, through sound. We’ve been busy showing mankind for centuries how the frequencies within each ‘channels’ all your mind creations like fear away. People that swim with dolphins will tell you they experience peace and the willingness to connect. This is due to how we assist in the ‘clearing’ away of any thoughts and mind consciousness created systems. Our sound frequencies actually act like a current, moving within and through the being, pushing all other mind consciousness frequencies out. From thoughts (that are seen as patterns of energetic in the form of brain waves), to illness (with their own geometrical patterns), to fears are all removed through our ultra sound. Ultra sound is of course the density in which we place our particular sound. If you imagine normal sound (like that of music) having the density and speed of a car then our sound carries the velocity and density equivalent to that of a jet airplane. You cannot even compare the two. So, where would you start looking for the same creature if we were to die? Marine biologists still doesn’t understand where the frequencies actually travel to. Or for that matter where we come from! They have thus far come to understand that the sound frequencies we emit are extremely fine tuned as that they serve us in our communication. Not so. We’re actually fully integrated into 3D within these sounds, all the time. Not merely are we telling each other our whereabouts, far from it. Each time we ‘communicate’ we’re busy re-aligning earth’s energies. That the scientists have not become as aware of. Shows you how they, for hundreds of years harp on the same issues, never realizing that within the data they’ve collected are actually codes! Go read the encoded message that one dolphin sends out and you’ll hear a distinct pattern.

Were currently (for the last year or so) been re-aligning the bio-frequencies of the human mind. When you go look at human brain patterns (read during brain scans) you’ll be able to read certain encrypted codes. Like patterns that form together in the form of brain waves, coming together and separating according to ‘peculiar’ brain activities. This ‘peculiar’ activity is due to how we are currently busy separating the active parts of the mind from the unconscious mind. We have been busy with this for months now, to the point where some people say (especially doctors and scientists) that humans are now experiencing the worst ‘cases’ of epilepsy and delusions that they have ever seen. All due to how the mind is now being adjusted to the coming changes. Those that experience these systems are actually experiencing themselves being released from the constructs of the mind. So doubt not that the dolphins are watching over you. However, I must tell the scientists that never before have we seen as many of you showing an interest in where the frontal and temporal lobes of the dolphin fits into the psychosomatic stimulation of a sick person’s mind. They are currently running tests (more dolphins in little cages) to find out why when a sick child is placed near a dolphin the dolphins, temporal lobes become excessively active. This is when we heal by vibrating the inner molecular structure of the child’s cells with our waves of sound. These particular sounds resonate from the temporal lobe situated along the side of the dolphin’s brain. If you imagine a dolphins brain being like a piano (the inner tunings of the piano) then you’ll see how we play our highly tuned instrument! Imagine each part of the dolphin’s brain and physicality in entirety tuned to specific frequential settings, allowing for constant vibrations coming and going. Back and forth, each segment vibrating differently, according to set densities and speeds. Almost like one machine able to serve many different functions.