Interviews with Dimensions

04 Dec 09

Careful of ‘Future’-‘Projection’.

This is a ‘Tendency’ that ‘exist’ within Human-Beings is to ‘Project’-Into the ‘Future’, like ‘Seeing The End’ – before you’ve ‘Actually’ ‘Practically’-‘Physically’ ‘Walked the ‘Process’’ – because as I’ve ‘explained’ in the previous-‘Interview: we’ve ‘Forgotten’ How to ‘Live’ in the ‘Physical’ ‘Practical’ ‘World’ –because at the moment, ‘Everything’ is being-‘Done’ ‘For us’. If you ‘Look’-at the ‘Technological’-‘Evolution’ – when we’ve ‘Forgotten’ what it-Means to ‘Live’ in a ‘Practical’-‘Reality’, we’ve ‘Forgotten’ what it-Means to ‘Walk a ‘Process’’ and ‘Walk Something Into-‘Creation’’ by ‘Doing’-it Yourself.

So the ‘Mind’ has a ‘Tendency’ to want to ‘Project’ into the ‘Future’ – ‘Seeing the End’ before it’s ‘Here’ – ‘Forgetting’ the ‘Practical’-‘Process’ that’s required to be-‘Walked’ – so – and then you Go-Into a ‘Cycle’ of ‘Projecting’ into the ‘Future’ – and then you’re ‘Comparing’ your ‘Future’-‘Projection’ to ‘Where you Are ‘Now’’ –and then you Go-into a ‘Cycle’ of ‘Giving-Up’, ‘Depression’, etc. etc. etc. – so – just to ‘Stop’ that ‘Whole-Cycle’: ‘Realize’ You Are ‘Where You Are’ ‘Now’ and ‘How You Are’ ‘Now’ because-of: ‘Who You Are’; To ‘Change’-That you have to ‘Change’ ‘Who You Are’; to ‘Change’ ‘Who You Are’ takes a ‘Process’, because it took a ‘Process’ to ‘Get-to’ ‘How You Are’ and ‘Who You Are’ ‘Now’ Within ‘Everything’ that You ‘Exist’-As in this ‘Current-Moment’.

‘Walk’ ‘Moment-to-Moment’, ‘Only’ ‘Here’ with ‘What is Here’ In your ‘Direct-Moment’, In your-‘Reality’, ‘Day-to-Day-to-Day’, and ‘Simply’ just Don’t-Participate in ‘Future-Projection’ and Unnecessarily ‘Cycle’-You into ‘Time-Loops’. That’ll just ‘Prolong’ your-‘Process’.