Daily Dimensional Diaries 07/08 October 2008:

God of Man – The Physical: Part One and Two

Transcribed and typed by Bruce Lee through the Interdimensio­nal Portal


God of Man – The Physical: Part One

I, in my life-experience in this world as Bruce Lee – transcended the physical (from only a certain perspective). In that I became the directive principle of my human physical body, as my human physical body completely, as I was so merged with the physical human body that my self-movement was purely physical. The physical and I moved as one, expressed as one. So much so, that when I punch or kick – that very kick, that very punch, the force that is the kick, the force that is the punch, the director that punch, the director that kick – was me absolutely– not me through the physical, not me directing the physical to do this and to do that – I expressed me as the physical in absolute awareness as me.

And it wasn’t ‘just a punch’ or ‘just a kick’ where all my force was directed to only ‘one point’ of the physical, as the arm/fist only or as the leg/feet only. The kick and punch was as the physical as me entirely, completely. With my whole being as the physical, I kick, I punch as one. The physical human body was one as me. Therefore the kick, the punch was as one; the entire physical as me.

To the human eye it may have looked like just a punch or just a kick. But the experience for me as myself was my entire human physical body as the force that is me, expressed as the kick or as the punch.

In this, I had the ability to specify my expression as the physical. Because the punch wasn’t just a punch and kick wasn’t just a kick. It was a precision-defined specified movement I expressed as me.

I didn’t experience my physical human body as separate ‘parts’ as toes, feet, legs, arms, hands; it was one expression, as the expression of me that is merged as the physical. And so the force that is me as the expression of me as the physical was expressed for example in a kick/punch, not utilizing only certain parts of the physical to carry out the kick/punch, but literally, the entirety of me as the physical one and equal.

I was in tune with my physical, as my physical – completely grounded here in and as the physical. Absolute presence as the physical, experiencing each and every single movement of muscle, of bone, of tissue of cell as I move as the physical, in the physical with the physical as me.

Though – the mistake I made was stopping there, with a silent self, merged as the physical.

I practiced silence of mind/self and the beingness of me as the physical to such an extent, that it became the existence of me. And this is what I attempted to teach to others, without me even realizing it! Because I didn’t wholly understand my experience. I was completely silent, existing as the physical entirely. My breath sounding throughout my being as the physical. I was so silent, that my breath became the loudest sound – no matter where I was.

See, many human beings sit still in various ways as spiritual practices to reach the state of ‘silence’ – which only manifests you as the silence of mind, still separate from the human physical body. Wherein they’re silent as the mind which is not so difficult to attain if you’re extremely disciplined and focused to the utmost degree – where all of you is only determined on and in and as that one point of attaining the silent mind/silent self – wherein nothing else and no one else exists, but you forcing everything you’ve got and all that you are, only doing just that: Attaining the silent mind/silent self.

However – in just attaining a silent mind, all that you become is a silent mind defined as ‘a silent self.’ lol, Nothing else exists and no-one else exists. Not even your human physical body – which is the quintessence / embodiment of separation in its most extreme perfection.

With me, the experience was different, as my focus and attention as all of my being existed here in breath as the physical movements I express as my human physical body. I wasn’t focused on attaining a silent mind, but rather within the absolute perfecting of my physical movements as the human physical body.

Your experience of yourself in the physical changes dramatically when it is not just the body moving. But developing the body as yourself to move and express according to the specificity and precision you will.

Through supreme, brutal discipline – within the physical movements being expressed as me within the utmost precision and perfection, wherein such precision and perfection required absolute, paramount focus and attentiveness – within which breath assisted and supported me – I slowly but surely became the silence existent as breath, wherein my expression with the physical, became as the physical.

And within and during the process of all of me, stationed within the determination and drive to perfect my physical movements – within absolute, total, complete discipline and self-control – within which I was so focused and persistent to perfect my physical movements, when all that existed was the silence of me as breath, did I merge with the physical completely, becoming the breath as the physical completely. The physical and I as one. And breathing became me. The silence was me and the physical expressed me; the manifested presence that is the physical here.

For me, to exist as this – was natural, as it occurred gradually. So much so, that I didn’t even realize that this is what I experienced myself to be. It became me to such an extent, that I didn’t even realize what I actually experienced myself as; the silence of me as breath as the physical. One expression here.

I became the art of physical movement as the physical. I became the physical, not me HERE as the physical, it was me as the PHYSICAL. Separation, separate from me here – as I merged myself with the actual ‘god’ that is the physical; existing through the physical, instead of through the mind, but losing myself in the becoming of me as the physical itself only.

Because in only being physical; the silence of me as the physical, existing only as breath as the physical, I limited myself to only the physical, as only the physical. And that’s all I existed as and became and experienced me to be. That’s where my existence ended; existing only as the physical.

I couldn’t expand ‘me, here’ as ‘who I am’ any further. Yet, I could extend the perfection and precision of my physicality as and in the expression of me as the physical. I could push my physicality beyond certain perceived, accepted limits, which I experienced as pushing myself as the physical beyond perceived limits. I could evolve the physical as me to supremacy through the art of physical movement and expression that I had became, but that had nothing to do with me HERE. I was the physical only and was limited to the physical only. Yes, I could push past certain limitations – but not all. I could only extend and evolve myself as the physical so far.

My mind stopped through and during the merging of me as the physical, within which I, the being, ‘transferred myself’ from the mind into the physical, still trapped, still enslaved. Whether you’re in the mind existing as the mind only, or in the physical existing as the physical only, you’re still enslaved to the very existence as that which you accept and allow yourself to exist as. This is but the only difference between my experience and those that dedicate and devote their lives to attaining the silent mind/self ; becoming but ‘one thing.’ If you exist as only ‘one thing,’ be it only the mind or only the physical, you will become ‘silent.’ Because all of you as everything of you – exists as only that ‘one thing’ as a ‘void’ that manifests as yourself. And you experience yourself as the silence that a void is; becoming but a void in the vastness of existence that is yourself.

I manifested myself as a supreme physical machine. No different than a being manifesting themselves as a supreme mind machine through attaining the silence of self/mind, defining themselves as god/christ consciousness. It’s when the mind or the physical reach its optimum state of being. And all else ends there. Including yourself.

I’d say the mind is the ‘Son of God’ and the physical is ‘God’ itself, and the being within the mind is the ‘Spirit’ of God – which, if you look at the human being currently, is who you are; less than the mind and the mind less than the physical. And what actually creates and manifests this reality is the physical. Creations/designs for the physical produced by the mind through the being.

Therefore – it is not to be one and equal with the MIND, or one and equal with the PHYSICAL only, but one and equal with yourself HERE as the mind as the physical as the world as existence and all else that exist within it. For to be only one and equal with the mind or one and equal with the physical, all that you will be is just that. The experience to be that which you accept or allow yourself to be one with and equal to. Which is what was my experience was, for example. Only existing as the physical and that’s it. Not considering self, HERE, at all. Not considering all as me HERE at all. All that existed was me as the physical. All of me existing only in the extension and evolution of me as the physical; which in death ended. And nothing what I’d done, experienced or ‘attained to,’ existed. It was all gone. Simply an indication that I wasn’t real; just a supreme physical machine that mastered itself to a degree.

In all this, what is the physical – if within me for example, merging as the physical, becoming only the physical – yet still existing within absolute limitation? Not existing further than the existence of me as the physical?

Referencing History, as what the physical is and has become, can be seen in the creation of existence, of this world in particular.

The physical is what exists as this reality, this existence. The physical has been created and designed, formed, shaped, produced and moulded of this existence, of this reality – from that which is ‘real,’ of that which is manifest here.

Therefore – the physical is this existence, this reality – manifest.

The mind is the construct, the system – that was created and designed to have control over and of the physical-existence. So that the existence of the physical can be directed to ‘move’ or ‘manifest’ in certain specific ways or directions as programmed within the mind as the mind– so the physical manifests and creates reality as itself through the design/system as the mind – ‘housing’ itself within the physical as the physical.

The being infused into the mind is that which makes the mind ‘operational.’ Since the system requires a power source to exist, the being manifests as the ‘power’ of the mind that is a system-manifest. The physical is a living organism in itself and is not dependent on a source to be able to function or exist for it, even though the physical is controlled and directed through the mind as the mind, manifested as the physical in the physical.

The mind system in itself cannot create a physical-manifested reality or experience. It is only through and as the physical that it infuses and amalgamates itself with that it can create a physically manifested reality or experience, and therefore, the function or purpose of the being in the mind for the mind.

The being will only have purpose if they’re integrated in the mind as the mind for the mind to function in the physical and in turn for the physical to operate and exist according to the directive control of the mind. Hence how we’ve diminished ourselves, believing ourselves to only be able to exist if we have ‘purpose,’ which is indicated within the very allocation of ourselves as ‘purposeful sources’ for a system. Only defining ourselves then as ‘worthy’ of existence.

Hence the reason the physical human body was created of this existence from this existence: through the creation of the physical human body as the physically manifested as this existence to have control and power of and over existence.

And to specify this dominion. the mind consciousness system was created and designed in the image and likeness of its creators, to so be able to directly control the physical with regards to what the physical reality will manifest as and evolve as within the physical itself, and at the same time, control and have power over and of the beings in existence.

So, creating creation – one enslaving the other, one dependent on another – trapping all here in and as the physical through the design of the mind consciousness system, manifested in and as the physical itself – for in essence, still, the physical is god – as all ‘parts’ are dependent on the physical to exist and experience itself or function, e.g. the mind consciousness system and the being within it.

The physical can stand alone in existence and exist and be here as it is; a being and the mind consciousness system cannot. Without the physical and the mind – a being is nothing. This is what we’ve become in the dimensional existence.

So – the mind consciousness system no more exists as a ‘separate system,’ but has become physically manifested. Therein why the physical is ‘god-manifest.’ So much so, that you do not even see yourself creating as it, through it, within it. That this reality is in detailed, specified absolute fact – being created by you within the mind consciousness system as the physical.

The physical has become a living, breathing, systematic organism; the actual god-manifest that is in complete control and the directive principle of existence that creates how this existence is and what this existence is – “god.”

The mind consciousness system – a system – as the physical manifest – the god of man – the physical.

God = System = Physical / Physical = System = God

The existence of the physical as the mind consciousness system as god:

Relentless – as a system know not of compassion or concern for anything else – because all that exists, is itself.

Unforgiving – as a system knows not of care or mercy.

Specific – as a system is a designed program, and within its very design as a programmed system to function as a system. It is designed and programmed within absolute specificity, and remains controlled within the specificity of its own design and thus always remain as the specificity of its design. Simply observe the existence of technology today within computer-evolution. It remains operational as the specificity of its design absolutely, and does not waver or fall or make mistakes.

Brutal – as a system knows not of feeling or morality or speciality. Yes, it may exist within a part of itself as a design, but in itself as the very existence of a system – it is brutal. It does not give a shit about an individual human being according to ‘what they feel.’ The system is “god” and will decide for itself. All being are expendable.

Invisible – hidden in plain sight: ‘god’ as the system is that which exists here within and as that which exists here as all that exists as the physical. And you cannot see that which you exist as, that which you are. There is no reflection to reflect upon. Because the god as system as physical, is everything, in everything as everything. It is that which stands before the mirror, is the mirror itself, the reflection seen in the mirror – all that here is what is ‘god,’ that which is what the system is as the physical. Therefore, it is invisible, hidden. Because a system cannot see itself. As ‘god’ cannot see itself; it is everything as it exists.

We are oblivious to the existence of god, the system. That is, this existence that is relentless, unforgiving, brutal, specific in design and operation, invisible, hidden in plain sight– is the way it is because we have become it. We are it, and you can never see yourself. Because you are that you cannot see, that which you actually are in fact, in actuality, here.

Yet at the same time, we’re enslaved to ourselves. We’re lost in ourselves as the very creation of ourselves, as we exist but only in thought and reaction of the conscious mind, when the actuality of ourselves, as the subconscious and unconscious mind as the physical, is the manifested truth of ourselves; ‘god’ – the system – that creates and manifests this reality as is currently.

Let’s explore ‘god’ more:

If you’re not in the presence of ‘god’ following specific instructions, rules and regulation as the law of the land, the law by which you must abide to be able to exist in this reality – you are spit out. For you are no more of any value. For your value is solely determined by what you do for ‘god.’ And if you do not exist for ‘god’ – the perfect regulated, controlled and conditioned slave existing according to and as the laws placed down before you as the agreement you sign with ‘god’ to be able to exist in its creation – you are simply deemed a criminal or outlaw, ostracized by ‘god’ itself – and replaced with another – to fend for yourself. Because ‘god’ will not support those who doesn’t exist for ‘god’ as the slave that live according to its specific instructions.

As only ‘god’s’ best servants – those that live by the rules and die by the rules – are given entertainment and security as support from god as money, homes, food. All taken care of – as the slave takes care of ‘god.’

And in death – you are powerless, because you are no more of god nor are you in ‘god,’ the system – that is, the physical. That is, this reality manifested. And you become but ‘spirit’ and the spirit of ‘god,’ as the being has become due to separation – nothing – to but exist, reincarnated into the mind as the physical; as the reinsertion into god’s creation. Only then the being exist, through the mind in the physical as the physical as ‘god’ – to become but a servant to the monster that is ‘god’ – the system. The physical. This manifested reality.

We have reduced ourselves to nothing. This death reveals. We are but the ‘spirit of god’ – for the son of god that is the mind for ‘god’ itself that is the physical. And without the existence of ourselves, a being, through the mind as the mind in the physical – is powerless. Nothing and of no worth or importance. In essence; non-existent, but as a reflected memory of our former selves as what we experienced on earth – defined as a past. Created through a system as mind in the physical. The thoughts of ‘god.’ Less than all that exists in existence.

For ‘god’ does not need ‘spirit’ nor its ‘son’ to exist. ‘god’ brings its ‘spirit’ and ‘son’ into existence.

All of creation is enslaved to this one system; the physical. ‘god.’ And no-one can get through – for the ‘god’ – the system as the physical as this reality – will simply advance in upgrades – to ensure its existence as god of man.

Meanwhile, the servants of ‘god’ are kept happy, satisfied through saturating then with a reward-system that is money.

‘God’s best of the best’ within its slave-market production as human beings that are provided for and rewarded with the most money are those in corporate control as a politician, those in the medical corporations, or lawyers of judicial corporations – for they stand as the pillars upon and within which god exists that makes it possible for god to exist to function in control and remain so.

And if such a system-slave that is part of ‘god’s’ hierarchy – standing at and as ‘god’s’ most important system-operations, doesn’t follow such rules or instructions by living or existing for god, you are simply kicked out. ‘god’ only support those who are loyal servants to him– which in turn is rewarded accordingly through the reward-system that is money.

The rest that are not standing as the pivotal epitome statures that makes god’s existence possible such as doctors, lawyers or politicians – are kept under control by or through debt, paying back fictitious value given to you – not real – though defined self according to it. Therefore, the money-system as it exists – to keep the rest of the human beings that work for the primary-manifested system-pillars of god as its most loyal servants – under control – to keep the wheels turning as ‘god’ moving as all that work and exist for ‘god’ in its creation.

Understand that those as human beings standing at the pivotal statures within the world – are complete system-manifestations and exist of no conscience. They do not care or have concern or regards for any human being whatsoever. All they exist as is for god, for the system, and will only do what’s best for the system for god in and as that which this reality operates; that makes this reality as god operates within which all other human beings are slaves. As the money-system, the governmental system, the medical system, the educational system or the war-system – the primary pillars. The human beings as manifested systems which makes the continued existence of ‘god’ the world-system, definitive. And thus the loyal slaves that get the most money, because they are that which stand as god-manifest absolutely as an absolute system-slave that god must have. To ensure the continuation of its existence.

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God of Man – The Physical: Part Two

God is discipline – and god is disciplined, and specific in its discipline.

A system is a perfect example of discipline and specificity in its discipline as it remains constant and consistent always as that which it is and exist as – stable. Not altering off course or wavering in direction, it is absolutely set – as the discipline it is created as, and remains so always.

God does not doubt. Look at the system. It is dead certain as what it is and exists as and follows its instructions as what it consist of exactly, precisely, specifically – to the absolute minute detail and doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone. The system as god need no particular person. No person is of value, worth or importance to the system. To god – all are expendable, replaceable in an instant.

God does not ask permission or for consent, as a system has no regard or consideration or care for any one being’s opinion or feelings. ‘God,’ the system acts and does its own designed manifested will as what it exists as. Human beings and all else that exists in god, the systems’ creation,– are but rag-dolls that are accordingly directed, through being kept under control within the mighty beast’s claws that is god, the system. A system will not dare question, because a system doesn’t question itself.

God does not speak– as a system does not speak, but moves and acts as and through that which forms part of itself within the system-establishments of god; through which it controls and enslaves its servants to itself: The written word. The documents, contracts and agreements that bind you through the written word into and as the cave of the monster. And you are trapped. United with the system, with god – as you signed away yourself to exist strictly according to the rules, regulations and instructions implicitly forced upon you; through documents as the written word of god, the system, as god, the system – the written word that represent the full control and power of god, the system has over and of you – to keep you in check in its reality.

South Africa has become the ‘testing-ground’ for god, the system’s, world control techniques, wherein, within South Africa, there exist a diverse population of all kinds. A ‘mini-world’ in the world so to speak, where control techniques are implemented and the human being’s behavioral changes to the events that occur during and after the implementation are assessed, for South Africa is a country that represents the diversity of the world in its entirety.

Look at Zimbabwe with Robert Mugabe for an example of testing world control techniques by god, the system . What happened in this country was not a coincidence nor an accident. Robert Mugabe himself feels nothing towards anything or anyone else. He has no care, has no mercy – as illustrated so powerfully within the current state of the country and what the human beings within that country endure.

It is god itself, the system in its entirety as reality as us all, that is accelerating its own evolution; culminating to a one government control over and of the world. A one global government – and will not stop, no matter what.,to get it done; for complete control of all reality.

There is no one singular person behind it all as the reality and what is operates within and through. But the universal one force behind it all, which is the physical manifest, itself as what we all together as one exist as and consist of.

The physical, god the system – has become so distinct as its existence of itself, that when a new ‘bug’ is introduced to this world, the physical, the system, simply instantaneously upgrades itself. Hence the reason why population control through injecting chemicals into foods and waters and introducing certain specific illnesses and diseases into the world has been an complete failure; as the physical, the system – simply adapt itself to the chemicals, the illness and disease and upgrades itself to withstand anything that may harm or affect its own existence.

These, but few particulars discussed so far in exploring god, the system as the physical, and is but the natural outflow of the desire for control by the system, through beings that act for the system. Such beings that are not alive, as the system-personality of being dead-certain in and as their nature as ‘what they are’ in the system. for the system, for god – and follow gods’ rules and instructions and laws exactly. Not altering for anything or anyone. They have no care or worry or concern. And the simply don’t give a shit about an individual’s needs or requirements or even an individual’s life-experience, as they are a system, a loyal servant of god, that exists for god, as god, as a full-fledged system.

Man creating god – the god-system through the physical, and the monster that is god, the system, the physical as this reality and how and with what and as which it is operating through human beings’ abdication of themselves. It is taking over all.

Have a look at for example the heads of the system as education, war, government, judicial and medical-industries. No human being has any rights anywhere within it all, as god has become such a closed-controlled-system, that an individual cannot even question the might of god as its pillars as the corporations and industries it stands within as education, the money-system, medical and judicial and government institutions. All must but follow and do exactly as the system, god, so explicitly instructs. Otherwise, you will simply be kicked out – become that which all fear = an outlaw, with no more security or support packages given to you by the system, your god, the god to secure your existence in its creation, as this reality, this world.

And the physical, god, the system – follows, s and leads you straight into and as that which you so secretly desire, and manipulate the human being through their secret desires with great ease. The physical follows the true manifested nature of a human being. Look at this reality as what its manifested as and what it exists as, and what is experienced within it. It’s all related to individual human beings’ secret desires and inhibitions that they are bit aware of. – not even aware of – because you exist as it and god accordingly provide to the servants that give.

So, the ultimate question: How do we stop ourselves as this monstrosity that we are as the physical-reality we exist as and within – as all it consists of and operates as?

The systems’ weakness is population – and population control. The system cannot control the current amount of people, and people in themselves in this reality currently: there is just too many. All methods and ways of population has control has failed – due to there being too many people in this world. The extraction of food resources, war, the introductions of viruses, illness and disease, the contamination of food and water – as the physical simply upgrade itself.

There is only a shortage of money in this world – there is enough of all else in this world, that can provide for the current amount of human beings existing here – and much more, as there is tons of resources of food and supply for all in this world that the earth can provide.

However, the system wants control, it must have control and power. This is what a system exists as, and therefore, will control the most current important requirement to be able to survive an exist in this world – which is food; controlling food through money.

Therefore, the key is the increasing of the population – both humans and animals. Because god, the system, the physical as what and how this world operates within, is only designed to ‘handle’ so many human beings, because the primary control-method of god, the system, is through money. The money-system in itself is designed to only be able to handle so many human beings within its controlled grasp. And so also with all other establishments of the system through which it controls human beings as the education-system, medical-industry as hospitals, etc., they can only contain so many human beings and maintain so many human beings.

Therefore, through the increase of population – to the extent where the all primary systems that operate in this world as god, the system, as the primary methods through which it contains and maintains human beings under controlled directed instructed supervision, is stretched to it limits. The primary systems collapse; such as for example, the money-system.

Because the system has inherent flaws and weaknesses in not being able to handle or have control over the population increase of the amount of beings incarnating into this world in both human and animal – and thus will meet its own demise, as its primary pillared control-establishments collapse under the siege of flooding it with and through the increase of human being’s population.

The movement of the physical, this reality, the system as god – to a one global-government is exactly what is needed. The ‘movement’ of god to a one global-government control-system is its last and final stand. It will use has left for itself – to establish complete and full control of its entire creation and all that exists within it, as one.


Because it’s so much easier to change an entirety as and from one point only – all at the same time. One monster – one beast, that stands as and within but only one-point of itself as itself as the one-point that stands as full and complete control over and of all, rather than having the beast, the monster that has become and is this reality’s, physical god – existing as ‘parts of itself’ as ‘separate legs’ upon which it stands. Because if only one of the legs fall, it still has the rest to stand upon and will simply merely upgrade and evolve to tighten and strengthen its grip through control.

When as the monster, the beast, stands only as one manifested entity upon the epitome of its power and control position over and of all – it makes it so much simpler to change the entirety of the beast, the monster, the physical as god, from that one-point as it exists as.

Thus, its ultimate power and control tactic of all – leading itself to one-point as one global-government – will be its greatest fall and demise. At its directing and leading itself into a position, a standing within which it’ll reach its optimum control from where it cannot go any further standing but only as one leg.

Though realize, this is not the key, this is not the solution. This is but taking on god, the system as this reality, the physical on the ‘greater-scale’ of things to collapse the greater system, god, this reality as all it consists of, operates as and exists as in and as the physical. The actual physically manifested change, exists in the hands of each individual human being/interdi­mensional being/manifested expression that exists in this existence equal and one. Because the greater, simply represent the smaller – and each one individually has directly participated in creating and manifesting this god that is us, as the physical – this reality, through the seemingly unnoticeable small acts as the physical within which each one exists as and through the mind.

The source, the cause of what exists – has been each one individually through and as the physical as god, the system. Each one must change themselves physically here in living action; to manifest the change of the monstrosity this reality as god as ourselves as become.

We become automated slaves from the birthing of ourselves into this world – through the family construct. Wherein the slaves of the system, of god – are already consumed – awaiting the newborns to be initiated into god’s creation – and abdicate all of themselves into and as the horror of this reality, the bosom of god itself – as they are trained and implanted with and in language, culture, religion, marked with an ID and injection as integration into the system, into god – and sent through the preparation phases as education/colle­ge/university and so moulded and developed by the system, through the system – to become the perfect slave for god itself.

Religion, culture, language, education are all designed by god itself, the system; as implementations to which a being must abide and exist as and become, within and through defining themselves as it. Living it here through the physical as themselves, living the system-design instructed by and through god itself to exist as in this world, to be able to define themselves according to and as the existence as instructed by and through god as the child’s parents.

In the child implementing and orchestrating their existence as self-definition according to the designs taught to them – integrated into them – demanded upon them within religion, education, culture, behavior etc. through society, law and family – they actually start living it as the physical, through the physical and so become the system, god, the physical. That is the cause, the source, the reason of this reality as god as the physical as the horrific manifestation it has become and still is. Because they abdicate through self-defeat all of themselves to the integration process from birth, as they initiate themselves into god, the system – through defining themselves and existing as and living in the physical. That which their parents, as slaves of god, as god the system, this reality is implanted into them, and trained them to become.

Therefore, family and education is integrated physically – miasms of self-defeat, and such mannerisms and behavior and existence of beings manifested physical self-defeat, gives god, the system, this reality as the physical which directs and controls it all – the certainty of complete and total self-abdication towards and within the system itself as god. As each being referenced and defined and exists as the system, god itself – through culture, family, society, religion, education – the system, god itself – creating its own slaves through its own enslavements programs which beings personify into an self-identity which they live out in and through the physical – and so participate in and as – becoming god itself and enslaved to god itself.

The certainty of god, the system, this reality as the physical of and as its own existence also pertains to the fact that no being will dare to stand up one and equal as all here, but remain obedient slaves to god, themselves, the system as this reality, the physical – and justify their self-abdication through self-defeat to and into the system, for security as money, as fear of being ostracized by the system, god itself as this reality. – Thus the manifested miasm of self-interest, the being has become, one and equal as the system. A system – as a system’s only interest is invested into itself, nothing and no-one else exists. And so through and as self-interest within the justification as money, because of self-abdication through self-defeat, a being will not stand up, and so is god’s certainty proclaimed.

Realize, that the system is no more than the people in it, therefore:

God = People

God is ultimate expression of self-interest. Just like human beings.

God provides even more reasons for self-justification for remaining an obedient slave enslaved to itself as god, the system – the system-cure for all pressures: Love and Sex.

So many do not and refuse to give up, as they are addicted and consumed by and through it. The system, god – providing its slaves with ‘life’ and a reason and purpose to live: Love, Sex and Money. So ingrained that they believe that without love and sex, they have no purpose or reason to exist.

Thus, when a being doesn’t have love or sex, they experience manifested depression as ‘loneliness.’ The system as god, driving the slave as itself, seeking a mate to procreate. And so the system god ensures its eternal existence as the physical manifest.

The god that is invisible, unseen, yet hidden in plain sight, pre-occupies all to one point of itself as itself. Procreation, through the ‘purpose and reason’ given to them to for ‘living life.’ Manipulated through purpose and reason designed and created for them, given to them to believe and define themselves as to exist as; that love and sex is the purpose, the reason to live and exist, trapping human beings into procreation to ensure the continuation of god, the physical as the reality through the existence of human beings as its certain slaves, who won’t stand up, because of self-justification within self-interest, justifying their reality and existence and experience of themselves as ‘real.’

Therefore, all make definitive ‘small contributions’ to the existence of god as the physical as what this reality is. Yet all are equally responsible. We’re equally responsible for creating and manifesting the one ‘god;’ the system that is the physically manifested reality that is and all that exists as it and within it.

So, the problem – how do you, individually, take on an all-knowing invisibility that is existent in everything? How do you take on the presence of manifested physical form, that is limited, yet specific and cannot be transcended? As we can only transcend ourselves one and equal with and as it – and change as it; equal and one as ourselves here.

However, each one is hypnotized by the vastness of existence, this world, this reality as god manifest – and accepts and allows the living statement of self-defeat as: But what can I, one human being – possibly do? And so, each one ends up doing nothing but live out their self-enslaved existence to the obedience of the very enslavement they themselves created as this reality, god itself.

Part three to continue…

Bruce L.

(Edited by: Darryl Thomas)