Daily Dimensional Diaries 14 October 2008:

God of Man – The Physical: Part Seven

Transcribed and typed by Bruce Lee through the Interdimensio­nal Portal

Date : 14/10/2008

God of Man – The Physical: Part Seven

Returning to example one: ‘Shit this person has bad teeth’

We have within Part Five – identified the hidden and obvious subconscious-mind self-definitions – here they are:

Hidden Subconscious Mind self-definition that the thought reflect:

Fear of having bad teeth (as a judgment always reflects fear).

Obvious subconscious mind self-definitions related to the self-defined fear:

Definition of self according to one’s teeth.

Definition of self according to one’s world and the people within it.

Superiority/Better than/More than.



Then, the questions asked relative to the hidden and obvious subconscious mind self-definitions that were identified in relation to Example 1: ‘Shit this person has bad teeth:’

Where did this fear of having bad teeth originate from or come from?

How does a being ‘connect’ fear-reaction to ‘having bad teeth’?

Where did this self-defined ‘superiority’ and wanting to maintain the ‘superiority self-definition’ originate from or come from?

Where did the act of judgment and comparison towards another come into the existence as a lived expression that confirms their own existence and validates and justifies their self-definition?

Where did self-definition in itself come from or originate from?

The Unconscious Mind reality of Self:

The Hidden Subconscious Mind self-definition: Fear of having bad teeth .

Fears are manifested physical ‘live-memory-moments’ that are constantly and continuously replaying themselves, as which you exist as the mind consciousness system, in the physical.

It’s such memories of the past, from and of which the mind consciousness system strives, to ‘keep you going’ and existing within such accepted and allowed fears which inevitably become the manifested self-definition of you as which you exist of the mind consciousness system.

Within the identified hidden self-definition as ‘fear of having bad teeth,’ you have to self-honestly investigate a particular moment or moments within your world as life experience of the past wherein you accepted and allowed the manifestation of such a fear as for example ‘fear of having bad teeth’.

For example, your parent(s) – in their attempt to ‘get you to brush your teeth religiously’ would state: ‘If you do not brush your teeth every, single day – your teeth will get rotten and fall off and then you won’t have any teeth anymore. How would you look with no teeth?’

The intent within which such words were spoken by the parent(s) towards the child was fear.

Using fear to manipulate the child to brush their teeth through ‘describing an image,’ ‘creating an image’ of fear, through fear, with the intent of fear, to get the child to do as was demanded of them to do by the parent(s).

Why do parents utilize such manipulation tactics to get the child to do what they want the child to do? Control. The parent believes that the child won’t do what they ask of the child unless manipulation through fear is applied as a means to control the child. The desired result is to have the child do as asked of them to do by the authority that is the parent(s).

Through this, the parent is manifesting and creating their child to ‘throw’ ‘temper-tantrums,’ so that the parent can use the ‘manipulation through fear to control’ tactic (thus teaching their children to respond only to ‘manipulation through fear to control’ tactics). And when the parent applies the tactic towards the child who throws the temper-tantrum, only then the child will respond.

The ‘temper-tantrums’ of the child merely reflects what they have been taught by the parents: To get what you want, manipulate as an attempt to control the situation or being, which is exactly what the parents do to the child in all fields of the child’s ‘coming of age years’.

Such deliberate acts taken by the parents – to ‘support’ their self-interest in establishing their ‘authority’ as being a ‘parent,’ where a ‘good parent’ will reflect upon the child existing as and within the controlled-expression laid down by the parent(s), as being a ‘good decent child’ because the child does what the parents asks. It’s the being as parent establishing their authority of being ‘the parent-defined’ towards their ‘child,’ defined as ‘a child’.

It’s the entire parent-child defined relationship construct, playing out where the parent will, with the intent of fear – manipulate the child through fear, and to have control of the child in such a way as to get the child to do what is demanded of them to do.

To the parent, this is just about ‘teaching their child’ the importance of brushing teeth.

But, what the parent is actually doing here is teaching them ‘how to control another and their environment, to get what they want through manipulation tactics’ and at the same time – imprinting fear within the child, according to the ‘image’ described to them, as a tactic to control the child through and as fear.

Now, within you identifying the origin of ‘fear of having bad teeth,’ so when you as a child ‘saw the image described to you by your parent(s)’ as your teeth rotting and falling off and how you’d look like’ – this ‘image’ imprinted into you as and with fear – within which you reacted in and as the experience of fear. The reaction of fear existent due to the parent ‘implanting’ the image with the intent of fear as fear, and you manifested the physical fear within you of ‘having bad teeth’ in that moment.

Therefore, the unconscious-mind origin is the moment you saw within yourself as a child, the image described by your parent(s). The image seen in and with fear itself, as it was imprinted with the intent of fear as the parent into the child.

The moment you acted on that fear and adhered to the control – you manifested the fear in and as your physical human body.

This moment-experience, manifesting as a live-memory-moment in and as your physical human body, which will subconsciously manifest as the ‘fear of having bad teeth’ – because now, you will always ensure that you brush your teeth within the starting point of ‘fear of having bad teeth’ – and because of you brushing your teeth everyday within this starting point, the fear becomes you as part of your self-definition that you live.

The origin of the starting point self-defined existence as ‘fear of having bad teeth,’ is the live-memory moment existent in and as your physical human body as the unconscious mind of your mother/father imprinting the fear within you through an image as a means of manipulating to control.

This image existent in and as your mind, manifested in the physical as the live-memory moment is what ‘keeps the wheels turning’ within yourself of existing as the ‘fear of having bad teeth,’ as you live this as the starting point of you every time you brush your teeth.

Now, only from that one moment – you develop the following within yourself:

Self-definition according to your teeth, within the parent’s words: ‘How would you look like with rotten-teeth or no teeth at all?” The child then ensuring within the brushing of their teeth and going to the dentist – that their presentation of themselves as the physical, ‘remains in tact’ to ‘look like’ the physical presentation of themselves, as ‘they should’ according to and as ‘through the eyes of the world or society,’ manifesting an ‘importance’ into and as their teeth, and in this ‘importance’ – defining themselves according to and as their teeth.

An awareness of ‘good’ teeth and ‘bad’ teeth – supported more so by and through your parents taking you to the dentist, in this ‘designing you’ as the same fear existent within them as ‘fear of having bad teeth’ – projecting their fear unto you and so in this projection, imprinting it into you, which you eventually exist as.

From this ‘awareness’ of ‘good’ teeth and ‘bad’ teeth,’ imprinted and programmed into you through school, dentists and parents – you learn of the construct of comparison and judgment. Comparing your ‘good teeth’ to another’s ‘bad teeth,’ is the judgmental-construct manifesting within the comparison construct; the judgment of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ within the comparison of ‘what’s good’ and ‘what’s bad.’

Therefore, within this ‘awareness’, which is actually the expression of being ‘conscious’ – you will compare your teeth with that of others due to the self-definition of you according to your teeth and will judge other’s teeth who are ‘bad’ or ‘worse-off’ than yours – all originating from the unconscious manifested live-memory moment and the self-definition of you in the subconscious as ‘fear of having bad teeth.’ Reaffirming your fear unto yourself within the existence of yourself as the unconscious manifested live-memory moment through constant continuous judgment and comparison.

So where does the ‘superiority-more than-better than’ construct originate?

The moment you adhered to the control tactic enforced by your parent(s), you experienced ‘inferiority,’ because the parent took the stance of ‘authority’ as ‘superior’ over the child. Because they are the parent-defined and the child is a child-defined.

Thus, the parent deliberately sets out to make the child experience ‘inferiority’ through implementing the ‘manipulation through fear to control’ tactic done in the expression of superiority-authority, because the parent knows that they can get the child to do what is demanded of them to do through enforcing the issue on them; by making the child the inferior. By making the child the inferior, ‘implanting’ the control into the child of brushing their teeth, so programming the child with fear and through fear to ‘listen to the parent’.

In such a way, the parent establishing their ‘authority’ over the child by establishing the child as inferiority – the child, within the inferiority, will ‘listen to the parent,’ because the parent is the authority, the superior that is established and confirmed through the parent utilizing the ‘manipulation through fear to control’ tactic to which the child adheres because of being inferiorized by the parent.

Therefore, the ‘essence’ of parents getting their children to ‘listen to them’ is for the parent to establish themselves as the ‘authority-superior’ to the child being defined as being the inferior.

This is done through utilizing the ‘manipulation through fear to control’ tactic to get the child to through ‘listening to the parent(s) that has established themselves as the ‘authority/su­perior’, making the child the inferior, act on what is said and demanded of the parent’s as enforced upon the child.

From within the parent, the reason for establishing themselves as ‘superior’ over the child – exists in the entire parent-child-defined construct where the children are seen as ‘inferior’ and accordingly treated as ‘inferior,’ and in this ‘treatment’ the child experiences inferiority.

Therefore, the actual existence of each being in this existence is ‘inferiority,’ with ‘superiority’ at the opposite self-created polarity due to the experience of beings as inferiority-manifested.

Therefore – the origin ‘essence’ within the parent of establishing their authority/supe­riority over and of the child – exist in and as and of inferiority. Therefore, the child will experience inferiority – because inferiority is imprinted into them, which they experience in the moment through the parent utilizing the ‘manipulation through fear to control’ tactic.

To hide this inferiority, the parent will project and present ‘superiority-authority’ as themselves, and confirm this ‘superiority-authority’ self-definition to hide the unconscious-manifested inferiority as what they really are and experience themselves to be as the physical: They will deliberately ‘transform others’ into the inferior in order to establish their self-definition of themselves as superior.

In essence, manifesting the inner-conflict existent within themselves as manifested inferiority and self-defined superiority in their outer-reality with their children, and also with other human beings in their world/reality, done through thoughts, actions as deeds in mannerism-behavior and words spoken to continue hiding the actual existence of themselves as inferiority.

The parent creates the child as inferiority, which the child physically experiences as they react in fear to the image imprinted into them as fear within the intent of fear and inferiority by the parent so that the parent can establish their superior-authority self-definition through controlling the child through manipulation. The child confirms this inferiority as they reluctantly brush their teeth and adhere to the superior- authoritative figure’s demands or threats: ‘because they must,’ since they are ‘less than the parent.’

What is also interesting is the following: The entire moment is accompanied by the expression of anger. Inferiority’s o­rigin essence is that of anger. Have a look:

The parent is taking suppressed anger out on their child, from what was done unto them (the parent when they were a child) by their parents, and so the parent currently will do the same unto their children.

This anger coming from accepted and allowed submission to another, and not standing up here in self honesty in a moment, but giving into ‘self-defeat.’

So the parent, when they were a child, gave in to their parent’s ‘superior-authoritative’ expressions in words and deeds, which manifested inferiority as the child in word and deed as the child acts in and as the control expressed towards them due to anger of feeling that ‘they have no other choice but to give in and do what is told of them to do’ which manifests within the child as inferiority.

This is how parent’s ‘maternal instincts’ of teaching their children ‘lessons’ originate. Do to their children exactly what was done unto them by their parents, by manifested live moment-memories existent in and as the parent’s physi­cality which they live out and express as themselves in the physical.

Therefore, the parent’s starting point within the ‘manipulation through fear to control’ tactic as establishing their authority-superiority over and of the child, to hide their existence of inferiority, is anger.

The anger existent of them within the unconscious physical existence as themselves when they were children, submitting to their parent’s controls. They believed they had no choice, giving in to self-defeat which manifested the anger and inferiority as a manifested live-memory-moment. With the anger suppressed, the inferiority established and the superior-stance created, the parents program and design their children to become exactly as themselves, by doing to their children what was done unto them. Because when anger is suppressed towards the one the anger was experienced, the anger will be taken out on another.

Some children will suppress this anger, experience inferiority and do as was demanded of them to do. Others will ‘act out’ this anger to show the parent the starting point of their expression towards the child and the consequence manifested within the child because of the starting point.

But parents today do not realise or understand this.

And when the child ‘acts out,’ the parent will further implement ‘manipulation through fear to control,’ perhaps raise their voice, or even hit the child – to enforce their stance as superior-authoritative.

The child must submit and give into self-defeat so that the parent can ‘win the battle.’

Thus the child adheres to the enforced control as the parent takes out their anger, because of their own accepted and allowed self-defeat towards their parents, out on their children.

So, again – the ‘fear of having bad teeth’:

Originating from the moment, the parent spoke words and in their mannerism as body-language, presented an image of fear, spoken within the deliberate intent of fear to the child through the ‘manipulation through fear to control’ tactic.

Spoken within deliberate intent, as the parent deliberately enforces this experience unto their child through taking out their anger unto their child, in exact accordance of what was done unto them by their parents and how they experienced themselves in that moment then, re-creating the exact same experience that they exist as within, in their outer reality towards their child, as what they (the parent) experienced when they were a child.

One and equal you manifest to/towards others –that which you are within.

The child sees the image of fear in their ‘mind’s-eye’ and experiences the fear related to the image within themselves.

In this fear they ‘submit,’ albeit submission in anger – because they believe they have no other choice as the parent expressed this control within the expression of ‘superiority-authority; believing themselves to be ‘inferior’ which cause the manifested anger within them to but do as was demanded of them to do and give into ‘self-defeat,’ the giving into ‘self-defeat’ as submitting to the control expressed by the parent through fear, which of course manifests anger and inferiority.

This entire moment integrating into and as their physical human body as the expression of this self-defeat by finally brushing their teeth.

Their self-definition manifesting in the subconscious mind as ‘fear of having bad teeth’ due to the unconscious mind physical manifested live-moment, reaffirms this fear within themselves through comparison and judgment as thoughts within their conscious mind, along with superiority to redeem themselves from the self-defeat they accepted and allowed in a moment, existing as inferiority towards another.

Within the parent ‘programming’ the child with anger through manifesting them as inferior, the child will ‘take out’ this experience within themselves on others; the manifested expression of revenge.

This is done in various ways, though the most subtle way is within thought as comparison and judgment, attempting to reclaim themselves through creating themselves to be superior over and of those with ‘bad teeth’ in their mind.

Or through making fun of children that don’t have ‘good’ teeth or whose teeth are ‘worse off’ that theirs, or gossip about or of them behind their back with others. Deliberately taking their anger out on other children, wanting to ‘regain’ themselves through making others feel inferior, so that they can be superior, and in this superiority, ‘feel better about themselves’ within themselves for accepting and allowing self-defeat in a moment which created anger and inferiority, living the example of their parent’s reflec­tion. Doing exactly to others what their parents do to them and what the parent’s parents did unto them in return – thus, passing along the sins of the ‘fathers’.

You do unto others that which you are. By making others feeling inferior, you exist as that inferiority.

Another method the child will manifest superiority from within their existence as inferiority is within the following experience:

A child ‘gives in to’ the control of their parents through self-defeat, and the child does accordingly as the parent demands, and the parent ‘congratulate’ their child by stating ‘well done’ or ‘I’m proud of you’ or gives them a ‘reward.’ The moment is suppressed in the child, because they now are ‘proud of themselves’ for doing what was told of them to do, due to them receiving ‘recognition’ from their parents.

This ‘pride’ of the child being ‘proud of what they’ve done’ – manifests as ego-superiority – being ‘proud of doing what was told of them to do,’ as the parent’s pride is actually their satisfactory expression of the successful implementation of the ‘control-factor.’ ‘Satisfied’ that what they had set out to do, succeeded: Which was having their child listen to them through manipulation and control.

When the child finishes brushing their teeth and runs to their parents stating, “Look! Look! I brushed my teeth all by myself,” this is actually the child asking the parent to ‘recognize their ego’ and when the parent states: I’m proud of you.’ The stature of ego is affirmed within the child and the parent is satisfied and thus rewards the child through congratulations for doing exactly what the parent wanted them to do in the first place through the control-tactic.

The parent now has a ‘loyal-obedient’ child of which to be ‘proud.’

The children, ‘satisfied’ with themselves, believing they’re doing this ‘for themselves,’ when all the while, it’s done within the starting point to please the parent and to manifest their egos.– to hide the anger and inferiority within them as well as the definition of themselves as ‘fear having bad teeth’.

Believing themselves to now be ‘better than’ and ‘more than’ other children/beings for example – because they do what is told of them to do – that’s why they have ‘good teeth’, and because they have ‘good teeth’ that has now become part of their self-definition, they are superior to those who have ‘bad teeth’ and through comparison, judgment reaffirming their superiority self-definitions and at the same time, continuing the existence of themselves in anger, inferiority and fear of having bad teeth.

I have described the entire unconscious-mind reality-existence of the being in relation to the hidden and obvious self-definitions of a being through the thoughts of a being in their conscious mind.

Within the next document to follow – we will explore the geometry of how to identify unconscious mind manifestations that is the reality as you behind what you experience as the conscious and subconscious mind, through utilizing still the example of: Fear of having bad teeth.

Then from there – how to walk the self forgiveness and self corrective action process here in every moment of breath.

Edited By: Darryl Thomas