Interview with Bernard and Bella

04 Oct 09

What is an `Act of Compassion´ - given Everything you know about Reality... Would you say, if I may, `it is to love-them in Spite-of Everything´ -


-Why not? Would that be `spiteful´ - to ‘love-them’?

-“It would be deceptive - It would be an acceptance...”

-Who would be `spited´ by-it?


-Would you say - it would be `to carry their burden - and find a Way for-them´-

-“ No - `to carry their burden...´”

- = their Pain - where they carry/care? get anymore - you carry-it - because you `understand´ -

-“ Okay... Who are we talking-about though?”

-Oh Everything - Compassion!

-“ Are we talking about those that have no-Voice in this world, are we talking about those that cannot Stand-up for-themselves - or are we talking about those who deliberately...”

- How can those that is pre-programmed `stand-up for-themselves´?

Can they? Can they Hear-you?

-“ No...”

-They can´t Hear-you.
So would it be compassionate to `accept the Fact that they can´t Hear-you´?

-“ Yea.”

-Would it?
Or would it be Compassion to go out-of `your way´ to `shake-them´ and `break-them´ until they Hear?

-“ But within that you accept that they are `not-Hearing´- that´s why you´re doing-that.”

- Yes - but are you going to `accept-them´ for `what they are´ without Action?

-“ No.”

- So what Action would you Take - `compassionately-speaking´ -

-“ Whatever Action it-takes to `shake-them´.”

- Okay - and if you `feel-like´ "Oh I can´t really write a comment because they might `feel that I´m attacking-them´ - or they might `feel´ that I´m going a little-bit `over-board´ and then I´m gonna be in an `argument´..." - I mean - "I can´t really tell-it to-them `as it is´... -I rather just shut-up"... What are you doing then?

-“ That´s `compassion´ with your-own Fear”

- That´s `compassion with Fear´-
Then what...What is Compassion? I mean - at the moment, a Minimum of a Million-Beings -a Minimum!- of a Million-Beings are Dying - right-Now! What is Compassion within That-Context?
If it was You - would you´ve felt Alone, Rejected, Desolated, Isolated, Lost, Angry?

-“ Yea, I guess-so.”

- Would-have that made-it Possible for-you to become the next Demon in Existence?

-“ Yea.”

- Now if you don´t - and you try and ‘understand-it all’, just to ‘do-it again’ - would that be an ‘Act of Compassion’? Or would it be an ‘Act of Compassion’ to become the fiercest-Demon in Existence?

-“ To become the fiercest-Demon in Existence.”

- `In the flesh´ or Not-`in the flesh´ - no-matter where you are - to never give-up, to never-stop - `till Everyone Realize and See ‘each-other´s Plight’ - this ‘eternal-Fight’ with apparent `goodness´ & `badness´ - `good´ & `evil´ = See what is really going-on!
How-far will you Go? What...When is-it `Compassion´?
When - when - when is it `Compassion´? When is your-Act `compassionate´? When does `love´ exist? `Love´ is: an `Act of Compassion´ - an Act of `Understanding the Experience of the Being´ and finding a Solution that it (the suffering) is not needed or required to be Repeated-endlessly, needlessly, pointlessly, purposelessly -
Could there be `Purpose and Reason´ while this is all going-on? - Or is `Purpose and Reason´ a Deception? Is there any other Purpose in Existence - but: To absolutely-Embrace the Suffering of others until there is No-more Suffering - would that-be an Act of Compassion?

-“ Yea.”

- No-matter what `happens´ to your `good-Name´, your `good-Standing´, your `good-ness´ in Existence - until there is No-more Suffering! Can you Do-that? Can you Give-up Everything `till All is Equally Free - Would that be Compassion -
Would that be a Passion for Life?
Are you willing to Give-up your own-Existence in every-way - until there is: Equal Life - Equal Freedom - Equal Existence for All sentient-Beings - Would that be Compassion? Then one must Ask-yourself - if you are `compassionate´… Would that be `Benevolence´? Then you must Ask-yourself - if you are `benevolent´.
How-far will you Go, if you See - and you-Can if you are Self-Honest: See in this World how-far is things taken to promulgate and promote Suffering of Many - while Few live-in ‘Luxury’, apparent Freedom, apparently `protected by `God´´ - apparently this `God´ is `compassionate´ and this `God´ is `benevolent´ -
but do You see an End in-sight - of the Suffering? Can you see the End of Suffering - Self-Honestly speaking?



Are you doing-Enough = to End this Suffering - Self-Honestly speaking?
First of-all - I would go and -as-far as one go- Correct the Misconceptions about the Veils that is placed over Words: What is `Compassion´ Really? What is `Love´ Really? And call-out the ‘Deceivers in-Existence’ - those that Dare to ‘color-in’ Words ‘beautifully’ so that they may Hide behind-them their ‘True-Malevolence’ - their ‘True Self-Interest’, while Many-Suffer.
If you cannot Feel the Pain and Carry the Pain, Stand as the Pain and Take the Pain and bear-it within your own-Being - Every-Breath - ´till this is Done = you have-not Embraced `Compassion´ -
If you Walk `with-Ease´ - without-Pain = you have-Not Embraced `Compassion´ -
If you can Sleep without Pain - if you can Breathe without Pain = you are Not Embracing Compassion - you are Not Carrying it…the Pain of others that is unable to carry-it, that don´t know `what else to-do´,
that are relentlessly-`Driven´ to Absolute-levels of `Emotional-Disturbance´ that will take-them to an `demonic-existence of Anger and Resentment´ -
If you do-not carry-it to the Brink-of your very-own Death = there is No-Compassion.

And - Existence is going to Need a lot-of Compassionate-Beings: to solve This-Dilemma that is existent, that has been `veiled´ by Many-Veils.
Every-Word carries many-Veils.
Ask-yourself: What is True-Compassion? Stand there, where the Animal is being Slaughtered: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion. Stand there, where the Child is being Raped: and Ask-yourself. Stand there, where War Wages - Stand there, where there is Abuse: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion. Stand there, where many `drink and party´, oblivious to what´s going-on: and Ask-yourself what is true-Compassion.