Interviews with Bernard Poolman

15 Oct 09

So Every Five-Seconds – a-‘Child Ascends to Heaven’, because a ‘Child Dies’ for the ‘Sins of Men’ – just like ‘Jesus’. And, it’s even ‘Written’-like-that, in – the ‘Bible’: “Only Children goes to Heaven” – if one ‘Start’-to ‘Look’-at, Why-‘Jesus went to Heaven’, is because – he was ‘Innocent’, and for his-‘Innocence’ he was ‘Slaughtered’. And so were… so-Are the ‘Children Innocent’.

So I ‘Suggest’ – for those that ‘Believe’, that – ‘Jesus Died for their-Sins’: You are ‘Living’ in an ‘Illusion’, because – you're Not going to ‘Heaven’ = you are Still-‘Crucifying Jesus’ As Every ‘Child’ that ‘Dies’ in this ‘World’.

I ‘Suggest’ – to ‘Suspend All Intellectual-Growth’ until there is-‘Equality’ and ‘Not a Single Child ‘Suffers’ in this-World’.

I ‘Suggest’ – ‘Suspending – All-‘Child-Birth’’ – the ‘Creating of Families’, Until there are Not a ‘Single Family’ in this-‘World’ that is Having-to ‘Suffer’, ‘Because of the ‘Greed’ of ‘Men’’, because – ‘Some has-‘Money’’ and ‘Some-‘Don't’’.

I ‘Suggest’ – We-‘Suspend ‘All Religious Activities’’, Until – there is ‘Equality’-for – and No-‘Child Suffers in this World’.

I ‘Suggest’ – We Stop-‘All Labour’ until there are ‘Equality’ for ‘All’ in this ‘World’.

I ‘Suggest’ – We Stop-‘All-‘War’, All-‘Politics’, All-‘Businesses’’ = Everything, ‘All-‘Entertainment’’ – Until there is not a ‘Single Child’ that-‘Dies’ ‘Because of the ‘Greed’ of ‘Men’, Because of the ‘Sins’ of ‘Men’’.

I ‘Suggest’ One-‘Study’ ‘How Hitler Manage’ – to ‘Build-Up’ a ‘Whole Country’, in a ‘Very-Short ‘Time’’, Making-‘Sure’ that ‘All’ has Basic-‘Dignity’. ‘Forget’-About what ‘History’ ‘Tells’-you – ‘Go’ and ‘Study’: What-‘Systems’ did Hitler-‘Impose’ – ‘Economically’ – that ‘Cause’ such a ‘Massive Growth’ for Germany – before the Second World War = there's a ‘Lot to Learn’ from-That.

And – the-‘Question’ One must-‘Ask’, is: Why That-‘Information’ is Not being-‘Taught’ – ‘Coz it's an ‘Example’ of-‘What is Possible’ in Terms of ‘Practical-Application’ to ‘Change’ a ‘‘Country’ that was in-‘Poverty’’ to a ‘‘Country’ where ‘All were Equal’’.

If ‘Such an Action’ is-‘Taken’ in, at a ‘World-Wide Scale’, where ‘All’ has ‘Equal-Money’ and ‘Equal-Labour’, and – there is No-‘Point to Profit’ ‘Greed’ And ‘Inequality’ = the ‘Level of ‘Crime’ and ‘Deaths’, ‘Starvation’, ‘Abuse’, ‘Depression’, ‘Fear’’ – will-‘Reduce’ – ‘Substantially’ in This-‘World’, and it will be a ‘Giant-Leap’ towards Bringing-‘Heaven to Earth’; meaning – a ‘Place’ where there is ‘Peace’ and ‘Equality’, and Where – What-‘Happens in the World’ is-‘Best for All’.

I mean, a ‘Simple-Equation’-Is: If ‘Everyone-Act’ – in a ‘Way’ that is ‘Best for All’ = they will-Also ‘Act’ in a ‘Way’ that is ‘Best’ for-‘Themselves’, and then – there will be No-‘Suffering’, but – the ‘Odd’-Points of ‘Mental-Illness’ or ‘Deliberate-Deception’. Those kind of ‘Points’ will Only in-‘Time’, be – ‘Removed’.