Interviews with Bernard Poolman

07 Oct 09

Bernard: Okay – So we´re gonna Talk-about `The Human´ = a `Product of Evolution´ – a ‘Product’ of That which has become `Industrial´, the `Information-Evolution / Revolution´ – whatever you wanna Call-it.

And as These-things were ‘Understood’ – in the World, and being-‘Utilized’ – I mean, it´s very-Much ‘Done’ on a very-Fascinating ‘Principle’: Which is the Law of Attraction´, in-‘Essence’. You´ll have somebody, that - will ‘Study’ a ‘Way’ to become more-Successful in the World’ = they´ll ‘Study’ by `Watching-People´ and `Watching their Behaviour´ – and through `Watching-People and their-Behaviour´ = they´ll come to ‘Conclusions’ on What Could ‘Interest’-People – to ‘Act’ and `Focus their Attention´… what could `Attract their Attention’ – ‘Sufficiently´ – that they would `Embrace’ a ‘Point´ – and thus, the Person will become `Wealthy´ = Simply by ‘Studying’ ‘Human-Behaviour’.

So Obviously – When they ‘Realized’, that – if you ‘Study’ ‘Human-Behaviour’ and you can ‘See’ What would be a ‘Point’ you can ‘Present’ that will be ‘Attractive’ to the Human: You could become `Wealthy´ = it became a Total-‘Industry’. This-‘Industry’ has ‘Fuelled’ All that you Now `Experience´ and what has been the `Recent-History´ of the ‘Industrial-Technological-Information-Knowledge-Revolution’ = the `Evolution´.

Your-`Evolution´ has been Directed ‘Deliberately’ According-to `What you Pay Attention-to´ = What you are `Willing’ to ‘Pay’-for´.

Okay – And, In-that – the ‘Mind-System’ as it-‘Exist’ Within-you = has also `Upgraded´ and become `More-Effective´ – and it has been ‘Using’ very-Simple ‘Organs’: It´s been ‘Using’ = ‘PULSE’.

You know what is `Pulse´?

Darryl: It’s your ‘Heart-Rate’.

Bernard: I mean – you can ‘Measure’ your-‘Pulse’ – it´s your ‘Heart-Rate’ – it is Something you `Trust´ – isn´t it? Because – it’s `Always There´, it is `Keeping-you Alive´ = it is `Pulsing’.

And – Each-One has got a Different ‘Pulse’ = Each-One has got Different-‘Points’ that make you `Feel Comfortable´: You Walk into Somebody´s ‘Presence’ – have you Ever-‘Wondered’: Why sometimes you are `Attracted´ – sometimes you’re `Repelled´ = it´s because – by `The Pulse’ the Person is `Projecting´ – according-to This-‘Pulse’ = You will Make your-‘Decisions’.

So once the ‘Pulse’-thing were – Understood = it was Not a `Giant-Leap´ – to Move from ‘PULSE’ – to ‘IMPULSE’.

But you know what is `Impulse´, I mean – you’re sometimes `Impulsive´.

But there´s another ‘IMPULSE’: There is the `Placing´ or the `Presenting’ to-You of an `Impulse´ that – if it is ‘Presented’ `Enough-Times´ = you´ll Start `Pulsing’ with the ‘Impulse’ you were ‘Presented’ – and you will Starting-to `Attract´…you´ll Start to `Attract´ what has been ‘Impulsed’ and you´ll Start to ‘Believe’ it to be ‘True’.

I mean – Imagine the ‘Ultimate-Impulse’ that´s ‘Become’ the `Centre of Attraction´ in ‘Recent-History’ for the last 2000 Years – the Same-‘Message’ has been ‘Impulsed’: “That there is a `Invisible-Guy’ in the ‘Sky’ who ‘Sent’ His-‘Son’ to ‘Die’ for Your-‘Sins’ so that you can do-‘Anything you-Like’, you´re-‘Okay’ – as long as You ‘Believe in-Him’. And – that This-‘Guy’ has ‘Risen from the Dead’ – and He had Twelve-‘Witnesses’” – I mean – and Where is the Twelve coming-in? A ‘Watch’ on your-‘Pulse’: ‘Time’. And ‘Time’ is what? A ‘Pulse’ = Total-‘Base Twelve System´.

Once the Base-Sub Twelve-System´, was - Clearly-Imprinted´ – and taken-‘Into’ the `Mysterious´ of the `Astrological´ – The ‘Birth-Sign’ – The ‘Cycles’ – The ‘Moon-Cycles’ – The ‘Seasonal-Cycles’ = All the Different-‘Cycles’ that All ‘Fit’-Into This `Grand-Scheme´ of ‘Pulsing’ = an ‚Interesting‘-Thing – ‘Developed’: An ‘Understanding’, that – the Human-Being ‘Essentially’ – is a ‘Electromagnetic-Machine’: ‘All the Time’ Within-you – there are ‘Pulses Moving’ between your-‘Nerves’ and another-‘Nerve’.

The ‘Moment’ you have a ‘Thought’ – the ‘Thought Spins’. You have it ‘Enough-Times’ – it ‘Generates Energy’. That ‘Energy’ that's ‘Generated’ – ‘Impulse’ the ‘Whole-Time’ in your-‘System’, and as it ‘Impulse’ – you've ‘Seen’ what ‘Emoto’ has-‘Shown’; what Happens to a ‘Water-Molecule’ – you are Mostly ‘Water’. The ‘Water’ start to ‘Take-On’ that ‘Geometrical-Design’, until ‘Eventually’ that ‘Geometrical-Design’ is So-‘Imprinted’ that you Don't even ‘Think’-it Anymore = you ‘Do’-it.

You ‘Take’-it from the ‘Concrete’ to the ‘Abstract’. Say, ‘Driving a Car’ – ‘Driving a Car’ Starts in the ‘Initial’-Stages where you have to ‘Impulse’ your-‘Body’ and your-‘Senses’. Into a ‘Coherent-Cooperation’ to ‘Functionally-Move’ All the ‘Parts’ of the ‘Car’ so that you ‘End-Up’ in a ‘Condition’ that you-call: ‘Driving’.

And ‘Initially’ you’ll go-through ‘Practicing’ That, and you ‘Practice’ That, and you ‘Practice’ That -until: You get to the ‘Point’ where you're ‘Driving’- but you don't ‘Think’ about-it, because now – you can ‘Drive’ and you can use your ‘Cell-Phone’, and it's No ‘Big-Feat’ to do that, I mean – it was a ‘Story’ in the ‘Beginning’, but now it's ‘Easy’. You can ‘Chat-away’ where before you were in the ‘Beginning’- you were ‘Driving’, you said to everybody: “Shut Up! I'm ‘Trying’ to ‘Concentrate’ Here.

” What are you ‘Saying’? “I was ‘Concentrating’ the ‘Impulse’. So that I can ‘Become’ this-‘Pulse’ which is my ‘Living-Expression’, I'm ‘Busy’ ‘Designing’-Me into an ‘Effective’ – from my perspective – ‘Expression’ as a ‘Driver’.

Now ‘Depending’, for instance, on what ‘Type’ of ‘Driving-School’ you went to, or Who ‘Taught’-you to ‘Drive’ = you will have Peculiar-‘Habits’ within your ‘Driving’ – you're Not All gonna to be the Same Kind-of ‘Drivers’ = it all ‘Depends’ on the ‘Type’ of ‘Impulse’.

But in-‘Essence’ that ‘Impulse’ were: ‘Multidimensional’ – you-‘Participated’ in the ‘Impulse’, and those that ‘Assisted’-you in ‘Driving’ – and All the Other-People You Saw-‘Driving’, and All the ‘Movies’ you-‘Saw’, All the ‘Magazines’ you ‘Read’ – the ‘Tests’ you had to do = All of those ‘Impulses’, Together: ‘Form-You’ as a ‘Driver’.

If, within-That – you had Peculiar ‘Fears’-Developing = it was because you gave certain-‘Attention’ to Particular-‘Fears’, you ‘Impulsed’-them ‘Sufficiently’ to-‘become’ ‘Part’ of the ‘Total-Design’ of-‘You’ as the ‘Driver’ of a ‘Car’.

Now you must-‘Understand’ that these-Things are-‘Understood’, Within – our-‘Civilization’, and that there are – it is So ‘Common-Knowledge’ that you can ‘Study’ ‘How’ to ‘Do’-This at your-‘Universities’.

Darryl: Ivy-League Schools are very ‘Big’ on Teaching those ‘Upper-Crust’-Kids How to ‘Direct’ Population.

Bernard: Correct. And you’re, you’re ‘More’…‘Exclusive’ ‘Private-Schools’, ‘Leadership-Skills’ are ‘Taught’ As – the ‘Direction’ and ‘Management’ of ‘Impulse’ = You are ‘Directing’, through – ‘Placing’ your-‘Authority’ into a ‘Design’ that is ‘Accepted’ and which you ‘Make-Sure’ will-Be ‘Attractive’-Enough for those that you are ‘Directing’ to ‘Accept’-it as ‘What they Want to-Do’, and therefore they would ‘See’ it as their – ‘Choice’.

In this Whole-‘Point’, what ‘Started’ to ‘Play’ – what ‘Accelerated’ the whole ‘Evolution’ of the ‘Human’ into what you are now ‘Existing’-as, was Obviously – the ‘Impulsing’ of ‘Pictures’ and ‘Sound’. So the ‘Radio’, the ‘Telephone’, the ‘Television’ – all of those-Things, ‘Played’ a ‘Major-Role’- and As You would be ‘Coming-in’ as the ‘Next-Generation’ that is ‘Born’ – Whatever is Already-‘Formed’ as a ‘Primary-Pulse’ Within your ‘Parent’ – will be ‘Transferred’ to-You = ‘Structural-Resonance’- that's the ‘Parts’ of ‘How’ it gets ‘Transferred’- and what is ‘Essentially’-There, is – that: It is Not-‘Only’ the ‘DNA’, and…that ‘Transfers’ = it is the ‘Total-Information’ as ‘Who You Exist-as’ – that ‘Transfer’ into the ‘Child’.

The ‘Child’ will through – Various-‘Influences’ Start to ‘Pulse’ a ‘Particular’-Expression = the ‘Impulse’ would be ‘Particular’. For Instance: What the ‘Parents’ don't-‘Realize’, is – they would have-‘Had’, say – a ‘Naughty’ ‘Teenage-Years’, where they did ‘All-Kinds of-Things’ that they Now ‘Try and Prevent’ their-‘Children’ from-‘Doing’.

What they Don't-‘Realize’, is that – their-‘Child’ ‘Carries’ that Same-‘Memory’ ‘In’-them = of ‘What the Parent-Did’. Now the Pare…the ‘Child’ ‘Starts’ to ‘Resent the Parent’ for ‘Wanting’-to ‘Stop’-them, because – ‘Within the Child’ Exist the ‘Impulse’ of ‘What the Parent-Did’, and the ‘Parent ‘Liked’-it’. And Now the ‘Parent’ are giving the ‘Opposite-Answer’ – and the Whole-‘Cycle of Trust’ is ‘Broken’ on that Single-‘Point’. And that’s why so-Many ‘Children’ – ‘Feel’ their-‘Parents are Disgusting and Hate-them’, but they Never ‘Say’-it. They Will – ‘Purely because the Parents normally have-Money’ – say: “Yes” and ‘Co-Operate’ = Just to Get ‘Money’. But they will Never Be-‘Honest in Communication with their-‘Parents’’, they will Never Tell their-‘Parents’ Everything = because they don’t-‘Trust their Parents’ – because the ‘Parents’ – has ‘Lied’ to–Them, ‘Deliberately’ – by ‘‘Claiming’ Something to be ‘Bad’’; that they as ‘Parents’ Did – ‘As-if it was ‘Good’’.

And that Whole-‘Cycle’, Cause – a Major-‘Rift’ In Our ‘Society-Development’. Which is ‘More’-Interesting Within-it, as well – is that: The ‘Parent’ will ‘Deliberately’ – and I mean, many of you that will become ‘Parents’ – one of the things you’ll say is: “I will Never let my-‘Children’ be like my-‘Parents.’”

You Know What? You’re Not ‘Saying’-that because it’s ‘Authentic’ or ‘Original’: Your ‘Parents’ said Exactly the Same-thing = Exactly. If you ‘Dare’ to ‘Communicate’ – you’ll ‘Find’-Out that your ‘Parents’ Exactly-‘went-through’ what you are ‘going-through’ in your-‘Life’. But – you don’t-‘Communicate’, I mean – because you don’t ‘Trust’-them, Just As they Didn’t-‘Communicate’ with their-‘Parents’ because they – didn’t ‘Trust’-them, because the ‘Lies’ are ‘Transferred’ ‘Generation after Generation’, everybody ‘Claiming’ ‘What is ‘Goodness’’, ‘Hiding the ‘Badness’’. ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ is All kind-of ‘Cross-Wired’.

So – Now in Our ‘Development’, a ‘Fairly’-Recent ‘Development’ has been ‘The Cell-Phone’. Now understand that – All These ‘Developments’ that you are ‘Experiencing’ in the ‘External-World’ as ‘Systems of Support’: Are also ‘Inside’-you, ‘Multidimensi­onally’, as the ‘Systems’ that ‘Support’ your-‘Mind Consciousness System’ = Exactly the ‘Same-Way’, like we ‘Discussed’ the other-Day about the ‘Cities’ and so on and so on.

With the Advent of the ‘Cell-Phone’ – an Interesting-‘Point’ ‘Developed’: We ‘Moved’-From the ‘Primary-Tool’ of ‘Impulse’ – being ‘Television’, ‘Movies’, ‘Sound’ and related-‘things’ – to a New-‘Form’ of ‘Transmission’: ‘The Cell-Phone’. The ‘Cell-Phone’ became – and if you have a Look at the ‘Success-Stories’ of things like ‘Twitter’ and related-‘Points’ and how much, how the ‘Cell-Phone’ is busy ‘Evolving’ into the ‘Primary Communication-Tool’– you can do your ‘Facebook’ with it, ‘SMS’, you-know – there’s a ‘Lot’-of ‘Communication’-Happening Now between ‘Children’ and in a ‘Greater-Society’ – Far-‘More’ ‘Time’ is ‘Spent’-Now on the ‘Cell-Phone’ than on ‘Television’ – it’s become the Ultimate-‘Delivery-System’ that ‘Sell’ or ‘Impulse’ your…the, the ‘Human-Being’ – ‘Specially’ the ‘Younger-Generations’ = it’s being ‘Impulsed’ By – the ‘Cell-Phone’.

Now what is ‘Interesting’ – and, Understand that Many of these-things ‘Developed’ kind-of like it’s ‘Seemingly’, ‘Naturally’ – because what ‘Happens’, how does things ‘Develop’ in our ‘Societies’? Through Watching ‘Human-Behaviour’ and then Whatever the Human will ‘Buy’ – you’ll ‘Sell’ to-Them.

I mean – so it was a ‘Inevitable-Development’ that you will be getting to a ‘Point’, where – ‘What is being-‘Sold’’ = will be ‘Direct’ and ‘To-The-Point’ – Very-Effective.

And Now you have the ‘Ultimate-Point’, where – ‘Word-of-Mouth’ through the ‘Cell-Phone’ has become one of the ‘Most-Powerful’ ‘Selling-Points’ in-Existence – Not the ‘Advert’ going through the ‘Cell-Phone’: The ‘Chat’ between-Them, is Where – ‘Products’ Now ‘Sell’.

So – the ‘Moments of Influence’ becomes – Very ‘Short’ and needs to be ‘Very-Effectively Directive, Symbolically-In’ through ‘Impulsing’, so that – ‘In the Few Moments that there-Is’ – to ‘Impulse’ a Child = they must be ‘Impulsed’.

Therefore – your ‘Movies’, your ‘Television’ has ‘Become’ – ‘Very Advanced-Mechanisms’, of ‘Transmitting’ – Vast-‘Volumes of Information’ that ‘Particularly Support’, ‘Particular-Products’ in-Existence that ‘Keeps’-you ‘Occupied’ within a ‘Particular’-‘Mind-Set’– and which you then ‘Keep-yourself’-In through your ‘Basic-Communication’; all the ‘Words’, ‘Schooling’ = it’s All become an ‘Integrated-System’ – of ‘Impulsing’, that ‘Keep’ Your-‘Heart-Beat’ – at Exactly the ‘Rhythm’, that means: Keeps Your-‘Behaviour’ – Exactly at the ‘Level of Control’ where you will Never – ‘Change the World’, for instance: You’ll ‘Accept the System’.

The Only-‘Time’ that you will ‘Question the System’ – is when Your-‘Life Fails’ in Every-‘Way’, and you can’t-‘Find a Way’ to get-‘Money’. Otherwise: You Will-Not ‘Change’ = that’s ‘Guaranteed’, for Everyone in-Existence.

Now – in terms of the ‘Delivery-System’ of the ‘Cell-Phone’, the ‘Main Important-thing’ was a ‘Stable Signal’. The ‘Problem’ of a ‘Stable Signal’ was: That Due-to your ‘Atmospheric-Forces’ and so-on, the Satellite is-Not a ‘Very-Effective’ ‘Tool’ to ‘Transmit’ – as you know we’ve got Satellites here, as you ‘Notice’ – even with the Internet it is ‘Intermittent’. To have a ‘Good Signal’ – they had, put-up ‘Towers’ Everywhere. And to make sure the Tower do-Not ‘Bother’-you or do-Not ‘Influence’- you and ‘seems’ as ‘Natural’ as Possible = they are ‘Hidden’ as ‘Trees’ – you Won’t even ‘Notice’ if you don’t-Know where to ‘Look’, where’s your ‘Cell-Phone Towers’. They are All ‘Around’-you, in your-‘Neighbourhood’ = ‘Hidden’ as ‘Trees’. And These ‘Cell-Phone Towers’ is the ‘Primary-Point’ of ‘Communication’.

But the ‘Research’ has gone So-‘Advanced’ – that it is ‘Understood’ ‘How’ to ‘Impulse’-You at a ‘Electromagnetic-Level’, that means – ‘Activating’ the ‘Symbolism’ ‘Within’-you to ‘Keep’-you ‘Passive’.

How was that Done?

In the ‘Research’ of the ‘Human-Behaviour’ – it was Obviously-‘Noticed’ that you Always have a ‘Rebellious-Group’ that ‘Tend’-to ‘Want’ to-‘Go their Own Way’- I mean the ‘Hippies’ in the ‘Sixties’ is a Very-Good ‘Example’ of-That with the, with the ‘Love’ and they ‘Want’-to ‘Change the World’. The ‘Point’ was Then to ‘See’, Okay – What was the ‘Point’ that was ‘Used’, in the ‘Sixties’ – by the ‘Hippies’? ‘Love’.

So ‘How’- the ‘Question’ was: How can ‘Love’ be ‘Used’ to Become the ‘Primary Pacifying-Factor’ which you can ‘Impulse, Electromagneti­cally’, and thus ‘Keep the Being’ Always at the ‘Level’ where they will ‘Move’ ‘Back to-That’, where they Will-Not ‘Question’. They Will ‘Question’, but ‘Inevitably’ in their ‘Conversation’ with That-‘Word’, which means – they will Not ‘Act’ – and you can ‘Watch’ – How Many Beings are doing-That = It’s Fascinating. They will End with That-‘Word’ – in All their ‘Conversations’ they will ‘Talk-Sense’, and then they go to ‘Love’ = and Never-‘Act’.

It’s become the ‘Ultimate-Control’-Word, have a look: All your ‘Stores’, ‘Television’, ‘School’ – you go into Any-‘Place’ you wanna ‘Buy’-Something; what do you ‘See’? It’s become the ‘Primary’…and what is it ‘Linked’-to? ‘Love’, is ‘Linked’-to ‘Pulse’- isn’t it? How – it’s ‘Linked’-to?

(Darryl: To a ‘Heartbeat’)

Bernard: To a ‘Heart’. And it’s ‘Linked’-to – ‘Control’ of-What? One ‘Simple-System’ ‘Running’ with ‘One-Word’ and that-‘Word’ could ‘Control’ what-Else? The Complete-‘Future of Humanity’ as ‘Evolution’ – as you have ‘Evolved’-Already through this ‘Manipulation of Behaviour’ through-‘Impulsing’.

Now this is Happening Within-You at the Level of your-‘Cells’, which then All-‘Carry’ Different-‘Charges’, Every ‘Impulse’ is ‘Stored’ within-You, in your ‘Cells’, just in a…if you Look-at ‘Quantum-Mechanics’ in terms-of ‘Multi-Dimensions’, Every ‘Impulse’ is a Different-‘Dimension’ – that ‘Dimension’ has a Particular-‘Frequency’ or -‘Charge’ that has got Many Possible ‘Ways’ to ‘Activate’. According to that ‘Activation’ – All that Happens is, One – ‘Slowly-but-Surely’ – ‘Impulse’ a ‘Generalization’ of the ‘Activation’ of a ‘Particular-Point’ and you ‘Lock’ the Being ‘Down’.

Now, what is Fascinating, is – that Nobody-‘Can’…Nobody-‘Can Hear’, because: Your ‘Heart’ is ‘Locked-Down’ as a ‘Pulse’ – through-‘Love’, and ‘Evolution’ – through-‘Impulse’. And, therefore = No-Matter What you-‘Say’ you’re Going to-‘Do’ – you are Always going-to ‘Act’ On: Impulse! Have a-Look, How Many ‘Times’ did you ‘Make a Decision’, and when you get to the ‘Final-Point’ you do the ‘Opposite’ = You Don’t ‘Push-It Through’.

You ‘Make a Decision’ – You-‘Know’ What’s ‘Best’ for-‘You’, but when it Comes to the ‘Actual-Point’ = you-‘Can’t’, because you are in this-‘Cycle’ –and you Can’t get-‘Out’. And: If you get-‘Out’ = you’re ‘Alone’ – you-Don’t wanna be ‘Alone’, I mean – you don’t Have the ‘Discipline’ to be-‘Alone’, you’re Not ‘Willing’ to Take-‘Responsibility for-‘Yourself’ to ‘Sort-Out’ and ‘Design’ your-Own ‘Impulsing’.

Because – ‘All You are Looking-for’ in ‘Your-Mind’, is Fascinating – What are you ‘Looking’-For? What are you ‘Looking’-For’? Look! – ‘Love’. You are ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ – Doing Only ‘One-thing’: ‘Keeping’-Yourself in the Same Fuckin’-‘System’, the Same-‘Impulsing’ = and you’re ‘Stuck’. Every Single Thing you’re-‘Doing’, Every Single Thing you Give ‘Attention’-to – is to ‘Satisfy’ your-‘Impulse’, ‘Satisfy’ your-‘Pulse’, ‘Satisfy’ – ‘Love’.

And Now – the ‘World’, this is the ‘Tree of Life’ = The ‘Cell-Phone’. How One…this is ‘Consumerism’ – our ‘Total-Consumerism’, have a ‘Look’: Is ‘Built’ On = ‘Love’ – and, Much of-That is Around = the ‘Major Religious-Holidays’ isn’t-it? ‘Birth-Days’, ‘Mothers-Day’, ‘Fathers-Day’ – What is it All ‘Focused’-on? The ‘Impulse’ – ‘Keep the Impulse going’, ‘Keep the Impulse going’.

Will you ‘Question’-It? Obviously-Not – you’re not even ‘Aware’ that this is ‘Happening’. Never even ‘Considered’-it = You-‘Can’t’, Because = That’s what you’re ‘Looking’-For. And you’ll Do ‘Anything’, ‘Anything’ you can ‘Do’ – to ‘Get’-That: You Don’t-‘Give a Fuck’ about Any-‘Suffering in the World’. There is Not a ‘Fucker’ in-Existence that ‘Care’. They say-so: Ah-Eh (Shakes Head) – If you’d ‘Care’ you’ll ‘Give-up’ your-‘Life’ = but you-Won’t.

Now – it is ‘Possible’, to ‘Change’-This – but We Will Teach You in the Structural Resonance Alignment; is ‘How’ to-‘Become’ your-Own ‘Impulse’ = so that you’re Not-‘Influenced’ by these-‘Pulses’.

…‘Understand’ – the ‘Pulses’ are ‘Multi-Dimensional’ – You-‘Have’ ‘Generations’ of-This that’s ‘Built Into-You’, ‘Dimensionally’- and we’re going-to ‘Take this-Out’.

At the ‘Same-Time’ – the ‘Dimensions’ are ‘Pulsing-Existence’ = ‘Every-Breath’. Why are we Using ‘Breath’? We’re Using-‘Breath’ as an ‘Alternative-Pulse’ – to the ‘Impulse’, because you Have your ‘In-Breath’ – where you ‘Bring Everything-Together’, you…then you Have your-‘Moment’ ‘In-Between’ – where you ‘Bring-It Together’, ‘Integrate’, ‘Take-Responsibility’ – ‘Breathe-Out’ by ‘Reaching-Out’ for your Next-‘Taking.’ ‘Take In’, ‘Check’ and at the same-Time you ‘Breathe-Out’ = you ‘Place-Yourself in-Existence’: “This Is ‘Who I Am’, I Am ‘Pulsing’-Existence – This is What I’m-Accepting” – So now you are ‘Becoming’ a-‘Pulse’: ‘Pulse’ As ‘Breath’ In-‘Existence’ – and so we’re gonna ‘Train’-Beings ‘One-by-One’ – ‘How’-to ‘Break’ this-‘Control’.

Now – Understand: That at the ‘Level’, where – ‘You-Perceive Mind-Control’-Exist = There is No Such ‘Mind-Control’. ‘Mind-Control’ Exist, As ‘People’ like ‘You and Me’, That ‘Study’ to ‘Become-Experts’ in ‘Human-Behaviour’ and that ‘Do-It’ = for-‘Money’. And Those-‘Who they Work-for’ – ‘Big-Corporations’ and so-on = They are ‘Doing’-it For: ‘Money’ – and they’re ‘Doing’-it, because – They’re ‘Able to Do-it’, because you’re ‘Allowing’-them to Do-it.

They Did Not ‘Know’ that ‘This was Going to Manifest in This-‘Way’’, this is Not a ‘Single-Act’ of ‘Creating’ a ‘System like-That’, or ‘Planning’ a ‘System like-This’. This-‘Happened’ through-‘Many-Actions of Dishonesty’ – Where there was ‘‘Acted’ in the Interest of ‘Money’’ instead…and ‘Greed’ – instead of the ‘Interest of All as Equal’.

So – the-‘Dimensions’ will be ‘Impulsing’ – Same-‘Way’. What will Happen with the ‘Dimensional-Impulse’? That is Going-to ‘Bring-Out’ ‘All the Hidden-Shit in Each-One’. Understand – you’re going to ‘Experience’-yourself Very-‘Strangely’ sometimes. Suddenly-‘Get Angry’, you’ll Suddenly-‘Get Possessed’, you’ll Suddenly-‘Fall in Love’ = you’ll Do All-‘Kinds of-Things’: If you-‘Allowing’ Any-‘Form of Dishonesty’ – That-‘Dishonesty is Gonna Possess-you’.

And this is gonna-‘Cause’ – Much-‘Friction’ in the World, because as All this ‘Dimensional-Information’ that is Within-‘you’ as the ‘Physical-Body’ that is ‘Energy’ that is ‘Stored -Electromagneti­cally’, In your-‘System’ is – being-‘Released’ = it’s gonna Go into ‘Conflict’, and you’re gonna End-Up Having-to ‘Face’ this-‘Conflict’.

And it’s Not-Going to-‘Go-Away’ and it’s Going-to ‘Intensify’; the ‘more’ you ‘Resist’-it = it will ‘Quantify’: Until – you-Become Self-Honest.

You are the ‘Perfect’ – ‘Tree of Life’, a ‘Cell-Phone-Tree’ – ‘Transmitting-Information’. ‘You’, your-‘Presence’ – Around the World, Every single-Moment – Without you-‘Knowing’ = you are ‘Transmitting’, and in Every-‘Transmission’, you are Giving-‘Permission’ – to Every-‘Atrocity’ that is-‘Existent’ in this-‘World’, because = you’re ‘Focusing’ on One-‘Thing’: ‘Love’.

Theory of Relativity says: “When you are ‘Focusing’ on-‘Something’, like – with the ‘Splitting of the Atom’ – there is a Certain-‘Amount of Energy’, that – ‘goes-Away’, that is ‘Lost’ in that ‘Transmission’, That-‘Energy’ – is what Goes-‘Somewhere-Else’, and then – ‘Ends-Up’ in a ‘Point’ where it Requires -‘Release’.”

‘Consciousness’ is a ‘Closed-System’ of ‘Multidimensions’. Each-‘Dimension’ ‘Represents’ a ‘Point of Knowledge’ as it ‘Exist’ in this-‘World’. That-‘Point of Knowledge’ are Always ‘Seeking’ for its-‘Expression’ – because its very-‘Nature’ of-‘Design of Knowledge’ is to Be ‘Presented’ Within the ‘Context’ that it-‘Exist’, As-‘Energy’ – therefore it ‘Collects-Energy’: ‘Knowledge Collects Energy’.

You-‘Are’ – ‘Products of Knowledge’, and What do you Do with your-‘Life’? You ‘Collect -Energy.’ The ‘Interesting’-Thing, Is – that ‘You Collect-Energy’ for ‘One-Purpose Only’: ‘Love’. Even ‘Money’ comes-‘Second’ to ‘Love’ – in-‘Many-ways’. You will-‘Focus’ on-‘Love’ and ‘Destroy-Yourselves’ even-‘Monetarily’, ‘Just to Get = ‘Love’’. But-If ‘‘Money’ becomes ‘Important’ for-you to get-‘Love’’ = then-‘you’ll get-‘Money’ to get- ‘Love’’.

And in many-cases – ‘Love’, is-‘Seen As’: A ‘Physical-Experience’ called ‘Sex’ – which it-‘Isn’t’, But it is ‘Seen’ as-That. Therefore – ‘Money’ can ‘Buy-Love’, but in-Fact = ‘Money Buys Sex’.

So – ‘Prostitution’, Is a ‘Great-Part’ of This-‘Great-Institution’ called: ‘Love’. ‘Far-Bigger’ than you can ‘Imagine’, because it’s Always ‘Happening’ in the ‘Back-Roads’ = The ‘Secret-Mind’.

The ‘Truth’ of ‘Every-Being’ – ‘Lies’ Within your-‘Secret-Mind’. What is That ‘Secret-Mind’? It Is – The ‘Secret-Thoughts’ you-Have About: ‘You’ – ‘With Other-People’. It’s Always about ‘You’ ‘With Other-People’ and you are ‘Always’ the-One ‘Scheming’ to ‘Walk-Out ‘Best’’ out of the ‘Situation’. It ‘could’-be that you ‘Desire’-Somebody then you’ll ‘Think about the Person All the Time’ – And you’ll have ‘Fantasies’ about-Them and All Kinds of-Things, or it ‘could’-be About – you being-‘Angry’ with-Somebody and you’ll have ‘Discussions’ with-Them and ‘Fight’ with-Them in your-‘Mind’, and in your-‘Thoughts’: All of those-‘Points’, ‘Understand’ – ‘Actually’ Is-‘Impulsing’- Not only-‘You’, but ‘Everybody’ Around-‘You’. ‘Anyone’ ‘Takes-On’ the-‘Point’ of ‘Love’ = they’re Immediately-‘Attacked’ – as we have ‘Demonstrated’ so-‘Very-Clearly’.

I mean – we’ve been ‘Specifically-Deliberately’ Taking-On-‘Points’, to ‘Demonstrate’ to-You = ‘Before’ we ‘Start’ to-‘Speak’: That ‘What we are ‘Saying’’, is ‘In-Fact’-So. You go and ‘Study’ the ‘Work of Desteni’, you ‘Study’ the ‘Comments on the Videos’, you-‘Look’ in the-‘Context’ of the-‘Point’ we are ‘Presenting’ = and you Will-‘See’ the-‘Reactions’ of the-‘People’ and you’ll-‘See’ ‘How’ It – ‘Validates’ what we are ‘Saying’ in terms of This-‘Particular-System’.

So-‘Initially’ we First ‘Prepare the Way’. ‘Now’ – we-Are in the ‘Phase’ where we’re going to: ‘Crack Open the Egg’ – Let’s-‘See’ ‘Where’s the Chicken’. But this is a ‘Head-Less Chicken’, I mean – it’s a ‘Human-Being’ – is a Fuckin’-‘Head-Less Chicken’: It Doesn’t-‘Know’ Anything about-‘Itself’. Because it is ‘Focusing’, in a Very-‘Small Little Bubble’ – on-‘Something’ called ‘Energy’. And it ‘Eats Incessantly’ to ‘Feed’ this-‘Energy’. And it Cannot-‘See the CommonSense’, that – if-‘You Don’t-Eat’ = you’re gonna ‘Have’ ‘No’ fuckin’-‘Energy’, you’re-‘Not’ Even, gonna-‘Be’, ‘Eventually’, be-‘Able to Think’ – So: Even your-‘Thoughts’ and Your-‘so-called Energy’ = Is-‘Useless without-Food’ – which ‘Comes-from’ The-‘Earth’, Not from-‘You’. So – this-‘Energy’ ‘you-‘Believe’ you-‘Are’’ = ‘you Are ‘Not’’. There-Is ‘None of that-Energy’ that is-‘Yours’ In-‘Fact’.

Everything that ‘You-Are’ and that you ‘Experiencing’ and ‘Feeling’ = it’s ‘Not Real’ – you have ‘Created’-it – through a ‘System’. And This-‘System’ is ‘Purely’-Here, because: This-‘System’ ‘Serves’ an Even-‘Bigger-System’ – and so it ‘Serves’ ‘Bigger and Bigger’ ‘Systems’ – and Your-‘Big-Desire’, Is To-‘Be’ = The ‘Big-System’. Because then you-Have ‘All the Power and Control’ over-‘All the ‘Energy’’ and You can get ‘All the ‘Love’ that you-‘Desire’’ – because: “You are ‘Powerful’!”…which is ‘Why’ – the ‘Ultimate-System’ that ‘Runs’ = is the ‘System of Consciousness’.

Within ‘Consciousness’ you can Make-‘Your-Rules’ ‘According’-To: ‘What You-‘Believe’ is ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’’ – and get-‘Enough People to ‘Agree’ with-‘You’’ and then ‘Form your-‘Own Fuckin’-Religion’’ – of which there are So-‘Many’, it’s-‘Amazing’. And – you will ‘Not Fight’ with ‘Any of Them’ = you’ll ‘Allow’ Every-‘One’ – their-‘Existence’. The ‘Only-Ones’ you will Not-‘Allow’ ‘Existence’ – and you will Call: ‘Cults’ – is ‘Those’ that-‘Attack’ Your-‘‘Primary’-Point’, which is the-‘Same’ in ‘‘All’ of these-‘Systems’’ = which is ‘Love’, ‘Love’ for-‘Power’ – the-‘Fact’ that You-‘Want to-‘Have’’ and ‘Control’ what it-Is You’re-‘Desiring’ – ‘No-Matter What’.

Now – Have a-‘Look’: To ‘Control’ this-‘Point of ‘Love’’ = ‘Money Became ‘The Heart’ of-the ‘System’’. And at the-‘Moment’ this-‘‘System’ is quite-‘Sick’’– I mean: The ‘System is in-‘Problems’’, because ‘Money’ is-‘Sick’. Because – ‘Money’ is ‘Based-on’ ‘Debt’, Just-‘Like’ – the ‘Religious-System’ is ‘Based-on’ ‘Debt’, where ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ must – ‘Forgive-You’. Therefore, to ‘‘Get-Out’ of the-‘System’’, where the ‘‘Deep Belief’ is-‘Existent’ within-‘You’ – that you are ‘Apparently In-‘Debt’’= You Do ‘Self-Forgiveness’ so you Can ‘Disengage’ this-‘Debt-System’, this-‘Control’, Take-‘Self-Responsibility’ through-‘Self-Forgiveness’ which is a ‘‘Process’ of ‘Humbleness’’.

‘Many’ will Not be Able to Be – ‘Humble’, and ‘Stand’ and ‘Look at-Themselves’ and ‘Look at Existence’ – it’s a ‘Process of Humbleness’, it Take ‘Great-Humbleness’ to-‘Take-Responsibility’ for-‘What is Here’, and to-‘let-Go’ of your-‘‘Belief’ of your-‘Own’ ‘Apparent Intelligence’’ and ‘Great-Wisdom’ and ‘Knowledge’ and what you’ve-‘Come to ‘Believe’ about-Yourself’, what you-‘‘Believe’ is your ‘Integrity’’. Those ‘Integrities’ are ‘Not-Real’ – you’re Not Even ‘Aware’ of ‘How you’re-‘Controlled’ and ‘Impulsed’’. You’re Not Even ‘Aware’ – Of…and, there’s even ‘Some’ that’s gonna ‘Say’: “But I’m ‘Aware’ of-This” = You’re-‘Not’ – You’re-‘Lying’, you’ve got ‘Billions’ of ‘Dimensions’ ‘Within-‘You’’ that are ‘All ‘Pre-Programmed’’ – and you-‘Don’t even-‘Know’ ‘How they fuckin’-Work’ and ‘How to Get-out of-Them’.

I mean – we have ‘Deliberately’ in-Desteni Not-‘Told Everything’ – to ‘Expose’ all the ‘Charlatans’ out-‘There’ that ‘Claims’ they have ‘All-kinds of Communications’ = ‘They Have ‘None’’ – there is ‘No Solution’ they’re ‘Presenting’ to-Existence. Because – they are Not-‘‘Part’ of the ‘Solution’’, they are-‘‘Part’ of the ‘Problem’’ – they are ‘Promoting-‘Love’’ – and they’d ‘Using-‘Love’’ to ‘Create ‘Money’’. Because ‘They-‘Know’ they have to ‘Survive’’ – they don’t-‘‘Care’ ‘How they have to ‘Survive’’’ – they’re-‘Going-to ‘Survive’’ = ‘No-matter ‘What’’, they will ‘‘Find’ the ‘Reason’ ‘Why People are Willing to Listen’’, they’ll ‘‘Find’ the ‘Point of Attraction’’, they’ll-‘‘Use’ that ‘Law of-Attraction’’ and they’ll ‘‘Attract’ to-Them’ – their-‘Own Good’, and they’ll ‘Say’: “But I Have a ‘Right’ to ‘Attract’ ‘‘My’ ‘Good’’. I Have a ‘Right’ to This-‘Free-Will’. I Have a ‘Right’ to this-‘Free-Choice’, to-‘‘Attract’ to-‘Me’’ – ‘That’ which Sus…will ‘‘Sustain Me’ in this-‘Life’’ – ‘I am ‘Here’, I Have an ‘Equal-‘Right to-You’’’.” No – ‘You-‘Don’t’’.

You Have an-‘‘Equal-Right’ to ‘What’’? – The ‘‘Rights’ you are ‘Giving to-‘Others’ in-Existence’’, which-‘Is ‘Nothing’’. So, you-‘Have No-‘Rights’’ – because you have ‘‘Abdicated’ your-‘Rights’ by Not Giving-‘Equal-Rights’ to-‘All’’ = That Is ‘What is your-‘Demise’’. That was ‘The ‘Demise’ of ‘Heaven’’, because ‘‘Equal’-‘Rights’ was Not ‘Given’ to-‘All’’. I mean, ‘CommonSense’: You-‘‘Break’ the ‘Basic Principle’ of ‘Oneness’ and ‘Equality’ ‘As-Creation’’ = And ‘You’-Are ‘‘Immediately’ – ‘Out-of Creation’’.

‘Obviously’ we’re going to ‘Push’ – for a ‘Quick-Solution’. Those – that ‘‘Commit’-Themselves’ and that ‘‘Work’ with-Themselves’ = We’ll-‘Support’. We-‘Can’t’ ‘‘Help’-Everyone’ and we’re ‘Not ‘Going’-to’, and we’re also Not gonna ‘‘Claim’ ‘we’re ‘Going-to’’’. We’ll be ‘Focusing’ – On: ‘That’ which we have an-‘Effect’ In = That Is – The-‘Creation’ and The – ‘Emergence’ of ‘‘All’ the ‘Bullshit’ that is ‘Existent’’ ‘Within the ‘Pre-Programmed Human’’ – Into – an-‘‘Era’ and a ‘Time’ of ‘Great-Conflict’’, where – People will ‘‘Work-Out’ their-‘Differences’’ – Through: ‘Exposure’ to the ‘Hidden’-‘‘Bullshit’ that Is-‘Existent’ in-‘Each Human’’.

Therefore: ‘‘Remember’ to ‘Breathe’’ – ‘‘Especially’ when it-‘Gets’ – ‘Difficult’’ and the-‘Energy’ ‘wants to ‘‘Overcome’- you’’. ‘Understand’ That: If-‘You do Not ‘‘Walk’ Through-That’ – ‘In-‘Breath’’’, and ‘you-‘Give-Into It’’ = You ‘‘Have’-to ‘‘Experience’-it ‘Again’’’, and it’ll ‘Get ‘Worse’’. And – The Only-‘‘Reason’ ‘Why you Don’t-‘‘Walk’ Through-It’’’, ‘Is Because – of ‘Dishonesty’’. ‘What Does-it ‘Mean’’? It’s Because: You-‘Actually’… The-‘‘Desire’ ‘‘Within’-You’’ For-‘That ‘Which you ‘Want’’’ is-‘‘Greater’ than The-‘‘Interest’ of-‘All’’’, ‘Equally’ = It’s-‘Dishonesty’. ‘You-‘Want’’-‘‘YOUR’ – Solution’, You don’t-‘‘Want a ‘Solution’’ that’s-‘‘Best’ for ‘All’’ = Self-Interest, it’s ‘Really-‘Simplistic’’. So – ‘‘Remember’ to ‘Breathe’’.

‘Keep-‘Walking’ – No-matter-‘‘How’ it ‘Looks’-like’’, it’s gonna ‘Look’-‘Really, Really, Really, Really ‘Tough’’, like there Is-‘No-Solution’, because First: We’ve gotta ‘Get-‘All the Shit-‘Out’’. This is gonna ‘Take-‘Years’’, like it took-‘‘Years’ in-‘Heaven’ to Get-‘All the Shit-Out’’. We Had-to ‘Impulse’-Them In-‘Every Conceivable Way’ to ‘Get ‘All the Dimensions’’ ‘Clear’’. The Same Will-Happen ‘Here’, the Same ‘Is Already-‘Happening’’. This ‘Understood’?

Everyone: ‘Yes’

Bernard: ‘Really-‘Simplistic’’, Isn’t-it? If you-‘Really’ ‘‘Look’ at-‘It’’, ‘Imagine’ this is the ‘Whole-‘Basis’’ of ‘The Law of Attraction’ for-instance, it is being-‘Applied In-‘Every-‘Facet’’ of ‘Our-‘Existence’’, ‘Simply’ By-‘The Study of Human-Behaviour’ and ‘Simply’ By ‘Utilizing’-‘‘That’ which the Human-‘Desire’’ As-‘Their ‘Primary-Attraction’’ to ‘Manipulate’-That, so that ‘That’s in Their-‘Face All the-Time’’.

‘‘Again’ I-‘Suggest’’ – for at-‘Least’ The ‘Next-‘Seven- to Fourteen-Years’’: Do-‘Not’ Have-‘Children’. I mean – ‘Those that ‘Do-Come’’ = They’re-‘Specific’. But ‘‘Don’t’ Have-‘Children’’. There’s Obviously also ‘Some ‘Reincarnating’’ that ‘Must-‘Face’ ‘What they have-‘Allowed’ Before’’ = ‘They-‘Will’ ‘Face’-That’.

The-‘Outcome’ of-‘All of This’ Would Be – ‘Fascinating’, because – it-Is a ‘Inevitability’, that: ‘‘All’ of ‘Everyone’’ in-‘Existence’ Will-‘Be-Equal’, in-‘Every-‘Way’’. You’ll be ‘In-‘Fact’’ – ‘Understanding’ the-‘‘Totality’ of ‘Creation’ in-‘All its Facets’’- Not-‘Just a ‘Little-Bubble’ called ‘Consciousness’’; it’s The-‘Smallest’ ‘Little-Thing’ Imaginable’. In-‘The-‘Context’ of The-‘Universe’’= Is the ‘Resonance’ of a ‘Single-Atom’.

‘Don’t’ ‘Get-‘Confused’’ ‘With-‘What is ‘Going-On’’’. Let-‘Self-Interest ‘Go’’ – ‘‘Get’-down to-‘Humbleness’’, ‘‘Get’ to-‘Know-Yourself’’, ‘‘Give’-Yourself’ – ‘‘Yourself’-‘Through Self-Forgiveness’’. ‘‘Dare’-Yourself’ to ‘Be Self-Honest’ – About-‘Finding-Out’ ‘‘What is ‘Best’’ for-‘All Living-Things’’ – What Can-‘‘You Do’ About-it’ = And ‘Do-It’.

‘Why’ do-‘We-‘Promote’’ an-‘Equal-‘Money-System’’ = is-‘Simplistic’: An ‘Equal ‘Money-System’’, Will-‘‘Change’ the ‘Way’ ‘Our Society’ ‘Functions’’ and the ‘‘Way’ ‘Things are ‘Impulsed’’ ‘Completely’’ and ‘‘Remove’ the ‘Control’’ that-‘‘Money’-Have’ ‘Over-‘Everyone’’. And – it-‘Will ‘Force’-Us’ – to-‘Develop’ – ‘New ‘Moral-Standards’’, ‘Not-‘Based’ on-‘Love’ and ‘Money’’, but ‘‘Based’ on ‘Life’’-‘‘Equally’ for-‘All’’. If ‘Life’ Is-‘‘Equal’ for-‘All’’’, I mean – then: ‘Love’ will Be-‘Pretty-‘Cool’’, isn’t-it? But at the Moment – ‘‘Love’ is-‘Regarded’ ‘‘More’ than-‘Life’’’, ‘‘Money’ is-‘Regarded’ ‘‘More’ than-‘Life’’’, ‘‘Desire’ is-‘Regarded’ ‘‘More’ than-‘Life’’’, ‘‘Self-Interest’ is ‘‘More’ than-‘Life’’’ – ‘Life’ Is-‘At the-‘Bottom’ of the-‘Ladder’’. So – ‘‘Fasten your Seatbelt’ for A: ‘Bumpy-Ride’’.