Interviews with Bernard Poolman

28 Oct 09

So ‘Why’ – did ‘God ‘Fear’’ ‘The Beast’? ‘God ‘Feared’’ ‘The Beast’ ‘So-Much’ – That ‘God’ had to get ‘‘All’-Men’ – to ‘Fear ‘The Beast’’.

‘What Is-‘The Beast’’? ‘The Beast’ – Is ‘‘That’ which is – From-‘The Earth’’.

What is ‘God’? ‘God’ is ‘‘That’ which is From-‘Above’’ – ‘Seemingly’ ‘The ‘Heavens’, but in ‘Actual-Fact’ it is: ‘The ‘Mind’’.

What is – ‘Very-Fascinating’, is that – ‘The ‘Mind’’ can Only ‘Exist’ = with ‘Energy’. And the ‘‘Producer’ of the ‘Energy’’ is ‘The Beast’ – which is the ‘Physical-Body’. Without the ‘Physical-Body’ = ‘The ‘Mind’’ Cannot-‘Exist’.

Now, ‘God’ – there Was-‘Such a ‘Thing’ in-‘Heaven’’ = ‘‘Knew’-This’ – ‘‘Found’ This-‘Out’ a Bit ‘Too-Late’’: That – With the ‘‘Creation’ of ‘The Beast’’, which is ‘Man’- ‘God’ is ‘No-Longer ‘God’’ – but ‘God’ Became ‘‘Subject’ To-‘Man’’.

The ‘Only-‘Way’’ To – ‘Convince-‘Man’’, or ‘The Beast’ – that it was ‘Less-Than’, was to – ‘‘Place’ Man’ through a ‘Process’ of ‘‘Dishonour’ and ‘Indignation’’ – a ‘Belief’ that ‘Somehow’ – ‘‘Man’ is ‘Flawed’’, while In-Fact: ‘The Beast’ is ‘Not-‘Flawed’ – ‘The ‘Mind’ is ‘Flawed’’ – it is ‘‘God’ that is ‘Flawed’’.

‘God’ – ‘Created the ‘Idea’’, that ‘Man’ – cannot ‘Redeem’-Himself, That ‘The Beast’ – Cannot-‘Be ‘More’ Than ‘The Beast’’ – while In-Fact, the Very-‘Fact’ of ‘The Beast’-Itself was Already-‘More than ‘God’’ – because: ‘The Beast’ could ‘Produce Another-‘Man’’, while ‘‘God’ Can´t’.

‘God’ Cannot-‘Produce ‘Man’’ = ‘‘The Beast’ Can’. ‘God’ – Cannot Even ‘Educate’ – ‘Man’ = ‘The Beast’ ‘‘Educate’ Man’.

‘The Beast’ is ‘‘Actually’ ‘The ‘One’’ In-‘Total-‘Control’’ – ‘God’ is ‘Nowhere to be-‘Found’’, but in-‘Stories’ and in-‘Fear’.

‘When’ – ‘Will-‘The Beast’’ – ‘Realize’, that it ‘Is ‘In-Fact’’ = ‘‘The Master’ of ‘Creation’’? When ‘Will-‘The Beast’’ – ‘Realized’…‘Re­alize’, that it ‘Is ‘In-Fact’’ = The ‘‘Master’ of its Own-‘Destiny’’? When ‘Will-‘The Beast’’ – ‘Realize’, That it ‘Is-‘Simple’’ – By ‘Realizing’ ‘‘All’-Beasts’ to be ‘Equal’’, and ‘‘Treating’ Each-Other As-‘Equals’’ = ‘No-‘God’ will be ‘Needed’’. When will ‘The Beast’ – ‘Realize’, it has ‘Become’ – ‘‘Under’ ‘The Deception of ‘God’’ = its ‘Own Worst-Enemy’?

‘Kill-‘God’’! Let ‘‘The Beast’ ‘Reign’’!