Interviews with Bernard Poolman

10 Jan '10

So What is the Day Everyone Fear? People: ‘Judgment Day’. Bernard: ‘Judgment Day’, the Day which will be Revealed Everyone You’re Judging and Blaming For Your Present Condition - That is ‘Judgment Day’. Obviously Your Idea is Different: Somebody is gonna tell you ‘How Bad you are’ – but that’s not ‘Judgment Day’, that’s ‘Bad Day’ - ‘Judgment Day’ is the Day of Reckoning – What is a Reckoning? The Day of Reason, the Day of Accounting ‘What’ and ‘Who’ You Blame, and ‘Who’ and ‘What’ You Use as an Excuse as to ‘Why’ You Cannot Honor Life Equally - So - That is ‘The Sermon of the Serpent’ - about the Amount of Judgments You Blame on Others, so that Your Mountain is ‘Too Big’ for You to Climb, and then You Profess it on your ‘Pull-Pit’ and Pull Everyone Else into the Fucking Pit of Snakes, and try to Congregate as many as possible in your Congregation to talk about CONsciousness, and you say: “I can’t have this on my Conscience, I have to Blame You,

I have to Blame my Parents, I have to Blame Satan and the Devil, it’s Them!” “I have to Blame ‘God!”

And then, in the silence of your room there is a Big Noise – you either sit with your Partner and Gossip or you sit in Your Mind with one of your Demon’s Personalities and You Gossip -

What is Gossip? To Think-Shit or Talk-Shit about Another Being - that’s Gossip. What is Gossip? What are you ‘Sipping’? The Life Blood of Others, because Apparently ‘You are Better than Them’ - What does Gossiping Show? You are the Fucking Demon. And, you know what? You Actually Do it,

Think ‘Blaming Thoughts’ about Others or ‘Talk about’ Others, in so-called ‘Conditions of Trust’, Secrecy. What is the Secret Knowledge of the World? Is that Everyone is Blaming Somebody Else for the Condition of the World and Doing Nothing about it, because, what is the Perfect Way to make sure You can Remain Dishonest? Blame Another! because you can’t Change them, and unless They Change, You’re not going to Change = you’re gonna Protect Your Fucking Ass - But You’re Not going to Change - Every Excuse, Every Reason ‘Why’, Everyone that you where you Point a Fucking Finger to Another for ‘Why’ You are in the Condition You Are, Is Your ‘Judgment Day’. So, you’ve been Living ‘Judgment Day’ Every Fucking Day, all that is Happening in the Universe and in Creation is that the Same Day is Repeating Every Day: ‘Judgment Day’ - And Look ‘How it Looks-like’ in the World.

Now Hear Me: For Those that Claim that Love Will Solve the Problem, the Very Moment you Profess Love and Allow the World to Exist as it does = You are Judging the World - and You are the One that is Causing it. Why? You’re Allowing it to Exist! You are the Creator, it’s within Your Consciousness, Your Consciousness is Holographic - ‘As Above, So Below’, ‘In the Small is the Big’ – the very Fact that You can ‘Think it’, You ‘Create it’ – ‘Law of Attraction’, ‘Prosperity Consciousness’ is Your Proof that Love is the Cause, and that You Professing Love is The Judgment You are Placing on Yourself By Blaming Everyone Else and Claiming that You are ‘Above all of this’, ‘You are Better’ because You are Loving – but you are doing Nothing About it, You are Dishonest, Disgusting Poison of the Serpent, speaking with a Forked Tongue! Because you say One thing while Another Exist. So - what have we been doing at Desteni? We’ve been Deliberately Placing Points to Bring out the Demon in Everyone,

to Bring out the Point that you Blame so You can Start Seeing that You’re Blaming

and that You’re Not Forgiving - the very moment You Want Someone Else to ‘Forgive you’

= You are Blaming Something for Your Condition, You are in Judgment -That’s why Self-Forgiveness is The Key because You Forgive You, the only one that Can Forgive You, is You - and if you don’t Stop Blaming You, You have Not Forgiven You – then you’re Still Judging You for the Condition of the World which will Disempower you. What is Self Honesty? Self Honesty is To See Things for What They Are so that You Have the Power to Do Something About it - so to Claim that there is some ‘Higher Power’ Causing the World to be the way it is and it is Not the Human Condition that is Causing it –that means Your Participation in this World in the ‘How’ You Participate, is What? Dishonest! Common Sense says: that Nothing in this World can Exist but what is Directly Caused by the Participants – So if you take the Human away, you will have No Human Problem, would you? - so you can’t Blame ‘Satan’, the ‘Devil’ or ‘God’ - because if you take the Human Away = there’s No Shit!

Dishonest then to Blame either ‘Satan’, the ‘Devil’, ‘Lucifer’ or ‘God’ or an ‘Alien’ or any fucking thing – your Brother, your Mother, your Sister, Sex, Pornography, Masturbation – You Can’t Blame Anything. You are the Participant - You Play the Part and as long as You are Apart – that means you are Not Part of Finding a Solution, Why Should You Exist? Who Should Care about You because You are Unwilling to Care about Anyone. Day of Reckoning: ‘Judgment Day’. Why are you Waiting for Judgment Day when you are Already Living it? It is Dishonesty. Why are You Blaming Others for Your Condition and Not Forgiving Yourself? Why are You Disempowering Yourself by Holding-on to Dishonesty? Why are You Pretending to be Mad by not seeing the simple Common Sense that: You are the Very Creator of the Systems that Exist -To Claim that it’s Not You, is a Condition of Madness, you should be locked-up.