Interview with Bernard and Maya

01 January 2010

O.k. so, we are chatting - to Maya about Candida and what Candida represents.

So, Candida is a Condition within the Physical Body that indicate your Balance, your PH, your - Inner Balance of the Physical is Out of Balance. That is caused through a Habit through Time, where you would Allow... You as the ‘Thinking part’ of you, to go through and become Sets of Emotions, That means in that Emotion you will take on a Level of Sweetness or a Level of Acidity.

Maya: of?

Bernard: Acidity, Acid
I mean So say you have a very cool relationship for a moments, everything works and great sex, great relationship and the next moment you get cheated on. You will move from a state of Sweetness to a state of Acid within you. Once you move through the state of Acid and you Stay there, That means you now go to Blame, to Anger, And.. through, and you feel that you were somehow Invalidated, you were somehow not good enough and you start to Add and Compound like a Banking System - the Interest of that experience and that experience become Self-Interest in your Total Awareness of yourself in a Relationship to that Experience. Now, it moves through time, you stay in that state and it becomes a memory of: this what happens to me and it was not fair - This person Harmed me but it’s not true now. You are now Harming yourself. Now, various possible outcomes start to happen - Depending on your Genetic Code, Depending on your Family Genetic Code, depending on All the people you’ve Had in your life before, that you’ve met at school, the whole story, you will have Particular Resonant Memories. What is a Resonant Memory? - It’s what you Subconsciously will pick up from your Environment and through your Upgrading of your Environment, through your Upgrade from the Unified Field, through Sex and Masturbation- you’ll have a Resonant Imprints. That is like a Symbolic relationship with Existence within which you will then Move as a Resonant Awareness and you will build the Image of yourself and that will become Image and Likeness from which you would Act. So within that context then, one of the conditions you can then experience is - Candida.

Candida would indicate normally that you are Able to do something about it but you Don’t. so that means, you are Able to Stop your experience of How you feel you have been Abused, but you use that as a Conversation topic, for instance, to get other people to feel Empathy for you or to feel Sympathy for you or feel Sorry for you and now you repeat the same story over and over and over which means, you haven’t Stop it because you still Remembering it, it’s still Part of you and you’re using it now to Manipulate others, either into Sex or into Liking you or into Feeling Sorry, so you’re now Vampiring and you’ve using that as a Personality Suit as it explained in the Personality Suits. Then you’ll have your Candida, your Candida will obviously come out in various ways, they’re mostly coming out within the context of your either the Mouth or the Genitals or the Anus, that’s the primary ones, but it can spread also Internally or Externally, all depends on How Deliberate you are.

So everything has got Stages of Deliberation. That means, dependency on how much you are Feeding it Energy and obviously in a way when you are Sick it already means you’re at a Point of Change. When you are not Sick and you are Deliberate in your Actions- then you must know: you‘re in Serious Trouble because that means you are very Deceptive, therefore the body will present itself as quite Healthy, and by the Time that you will get Sick, there will be Nothing you can do, because you are very Deceptive and therefore it’ll take a Longer time to Get Sick. The Quicker you get Sick- the Better it means it is for you, because your Possibility of Change is Quicker. The Longer it takes you to get Sick that means, the more Healthy you are, the more Deceptive you are. If you are living in this World, you have a lot of Money, you are very Healthy, very Happy - Big Shit in your Future.

Maya: All right

Bernard: Because it’s dependant on the level of and how much Deception you are using in relationship to everything else in Existence. And accordingly the body Aligns your experience to Who You Are, which is rather interesting.

So, within the Candida then, it is all to do with the Interest you have in Abuse, in the Fear that you then develop from it of being Abused again. Which then makes it Impossible for you to experience you because you are Subject to what you’ve already experienced, you Subject to Memory. Now the Memory comes first before a new experience come, so now a new experience is Impossible.
Now you start to Ferment inside.

Maya: to?

Bernard : Ferment, that means you become more Acidic

Maya: A..?

Bernard : Acidic- there’s more Acid

Maya: Hmmm, Acidic.

Bernard: Ok, It’s like you are now becoming like Wine, Like Alcohol, and therefore your body produce more more Sugar in and you’re taking more and more sugar and the Candida gets more because you are becoming Intoxicated with your Memories of Unfairness and within that you become more and more ‘Full of Wine’. Now obviously one of the things that, which is quite fascinating if you go to the Principle of ‘Like Cures Like’. That’s why you can go to the church and you drink the Blood of Jesus as Wine and it actually helps because ‘Like Cures Likes so it kind of Reduce the Acidic condition within the Body, and for- till the next Mass, you have a little bit of Relief , Physically, from a simple thing like a Glass of Wine. But it’s actually a simple Principle of How the Physical can Assist it if you study Homeopathy.

So, from a, the Church obviously cannot remember these things because they never actually studied what was happening, it was simply a point that was taken and it worked and therefore seemingly have a miracle effects sometimes. And it does. But it’s simply ‘Like cures Like’.
Now, for Maya to Stop the Experience of Candida you’ve to Let Go Completely of the Memories and Allow Yourself, to Realize One Thing:
If you had an Experience where you ‘Feel’ you have been Abused, the only way that you’re going to get out of it, is with a Complete Forgiveness and to Face the Experience again in a similar way. Where you end up going through an experience, where you fear you may be Abused, and where you have to Stand and Live without Abuse, completely Live. Because I mean, Trust can only Exists if you Trust. Abuse can only Exist if you Allowed it. Or you Abuse. The problem is - Once you’ve Allowed Abuse, you’ll become Abuser. That is in Always the case. The Way you Abuse, then depends on many many factors. I mean, one of the factors can be simplistically, like in your case; Where you have a relationship where you Allow your parents a certain level of Control over you, therefore you Allow them to Fear about you, Worry about you, so in a way you are Hastening their Death

Maya: I am what??

Bernard: You are making their Death Faster.

Maya: Their Death?

Bernard: Yes, Because you Worry about it, that You are Causing that worry within them because you’re Presenting yourself as not Capable of really taking care of you and therefore they Worry about you and you Play along. You’re not taking the Responsibility and therefore you’re now Participating which means- that becomes part of Your ‘Karma’, Your Consequence you will have to deal with, which means- if you have Children, your Children is gonna do the same to You.
And there you have Created your Future of your Children with the way you are dealing with your Parents, instead of Standing in Self Responsibility and Showing through your Actions Clearly that you are a Responsible and Accountable Person. Make Sense?

Maya: Yeah.

Bernard: Unfortunately it makes sense.

Maya: it’s really Makes Sense because I told you that the Candida started to Deplete once I really took the Responsibility and talk to them

Bernard: So I mean, Candida is a very Cool thing to Assist One to Indicate your Inner Reality. What you are dealing with? so as you more and more take care of something but it will come back again because it’s Layered and all the Layers of your Conditioning, will cause you to Face it Again and Again until you’ve got a Total Memory Structure which is Multi-Dimensionally, Multi-Gridded, it exists like a Multiple Picture within you until it’s all Out. If you take to much medicine for it to Suppress it, it will come out as a New Disease.

Maya : I don’t take medicine.

Bernard : Ok, you can Support it in Solving it giving it a Bridge of Support but if medicine remove it by itself, and you don’t, the Disease will take on a New Form and it’ll come out as something else.
The research was done very clearly by researchers in Germany. There has been a lot of research on this that has very Clearly Indicated how if you Suppress one Disease, it takes on another form and they can even Predict Exactly what disease will come next. Which is Fascinating that that part is Not being Considered in dealing with disease in the World - Although the research Does Exists. I mean, it is part of a research and part of training of Homeopaths. So Homeopaths deal with this in their Training. Therefore your Homeopath has got a better background training than most of your Health Workers in the World. So if you have a choice to go to get Assistance in the World, the research and the information available to the Homeopaths are by Far Superior to any other form of Health care worker in the World. Suggest that you should go to a Homeopath and Only deal with that.

Maya: I wanted to go to one but it was very very very expensive in Israel.

Bernard : It is very expansive because there is not many firstly, and secondly: they become very Sought after. My father in law was a Homeopath.

Maya: the psychic?

Bernard: He was that as well but he was Homeopath, a Naturopath as well, but he became very Well Known worldwide, people would come from around the world see him so he was very fully booked and therefore it becomes more expensive. And it takes an Extensive Amount of study, just like a doctor, to become a Homeopath. Same Amount of study.

But their research is stable. That means - you do not have to develop a new medicine necessarily, for anything. You develop only a new medicine if there is a new condition. Otherwise your Support medicine is the same. It’s not like the Medical Industry that is constantly in search and because - When Like Cures Like: the condition that is Pre-Existent that is getting Support will not attack the medicine because it is itself and therefore it Allows the Support to go through and you have a Cure and Actual Support. The moment you use a Chemical from a doctor it’s Attacks the Body, it’s Biological Attack, it like a Biological Warfare, it Attacks the Body, and that is why it’s called ‘Antibiotics’ and therefore it’ll have Multiple Effects on the Body and will cause the next disease because it Simply, it’s like the disease existent will Diminish and it will redirect itself to another point and in time it will come out.