By Bernard Poolman

7 May 2010

So, if you ‘Look’ around-you, there’s a ‘Invisible Force’ that makes everything ‘move’, there is a ‘Invisible Force’ that is the Very-‘Nature’ and the Very-‘Power’ of Everything that ‘Exist’.

This ‘Invisible Force’ that is ‘Ignored’ this ‘Invisible Force’, that is the Real ‘Holy Spirit’ –the ‘Holy Ghost’ of this Existence, that is ‘Everywhere’ and that Everybody ‘Actually’ Can ‘See’, but ‘Refuse’ to-‘See’. Because everyone ‘know’ that this ‘Holy Spirit’ is ‘The Living God’, the ‘Real Creator’ behind ‘all-things’.

And ‘Everyone’ knows this ‘God’, ‘Personally’, and each one ‘Gives’ this ‘God’ its ‘Own-Definition’ and its ‘Own’ ‘Free-Choice’, its ‘Free Will’ is Reflected in this ‘God’. And this ‘God’ ‘Decides’ ‘Who Lives’ and ‘Who Starves’ – this God ‘Decides’ Who has ‘Dignity’, Who has ‘Respect’ – This ‘God’ is the ‘Master’ of All-‘Knowledge’, ‘All’-Knowledge, ‘All-Knowing’ –this ‘God’, this ‘Holy Spirit’ is ‘Everywhere’! ‘Omniscient’ – the Absolute ‘Decision Maker’ of ‘Everything’ that ‘happens’ in this ‘World’.
And if You touch anything in this ‘World’ and you ‘look’ at-it , you can ‘establish’ the ‘Spirit’ that’s ‘in-it’ and ‘How much’ of that ‘Spirit’ it ‘took’ to ‘make this happen’.
If you drive on any road in this World, in any-‘car’, in any-‘airplane’, if you are in any-‘house’, if you look-at any-‘house’, any-‘clothes’, ‘room’, any-‘technology’ = it only ‘exist’ because of this ‘Holy Spirit’, that made this ‘Possible’ – it was What ‘Animates’ Everything, it’s What ‘Moves’ Man ‘without’ the ‘Spirit’ = Man Do-Not ‘Move’! –
And this ‘Holy Spirit’ is ‘Money’, this is the ‘God’ look-at-it, every single thing that ‘exist’, you can ‘see’ ‘how’ it came-into ‘Existence’ by looking at the ‘Tower of Money’ behind-it, ‘Everything’ that is ‘Existing’ in Every-way that ‘Man’ has anything to ‘do’-with, and ‘what’ animated ‘Man’ = You can take-back to ‘Money’. You can go-back and see that the ‘Labor of Man’ would Not have ‘Moved’ without the ‘Money’ that ‘Moved’ the ‘Labor of Man’ –So ‘Man’, Never ‘moves’ without this ‘Holy Spirit’ –
And it is in ‘Everything’ if you sit in a house, what do you see? Bricks and mortar? No! it is ‘Money’, it’s become one of the Biggest Single-‘Industries’ in the World, it is ‘How’ the ‘Dust’ is ‘Animated’ – A Person makes the House ‘Beautiful’ so they may sell-it for ‘more-money’, they live within their-‘Money’, it is the ‘Holy-Presence’ of Themselves! The ‘Holy Presence of Self’ –the ‘Holy Presence of ‘God’ on Earth’ = ‘Money’.
Everywhere you look, the Total ‘Civilization of Man’ exist out-of only ‘One’-thing and can be ‘Equated’-to only one holy, holy, holy ‘relic’ that is ‘Invisible’, nobody ‘talks’ about-it, but it’s in ‘Everything’. It is in Everyone’s ‘pocket’, it’s holding the ‘Power of the Pocket’.
And so ‘Each Man’ decides with this ‘Power’ that they hold within their ‘Heart’, that which makes-them ‘Happy’, that which ‘really’ makes them ‘Laugh’ with ‘Freedom’, this ‘Holy Spirit’ – with that Man Decides who will ‘Live’ and who will ‘Die’, ‘ruthlessly’ without consideration of anything –
The ‘Only’-thing that ‘Decides’ is the ‘Holy Spirit’ of ‘Man’, the ‘Holy Spirit’ of ‘God’ , the ‘Spirit’, the ‘All-Conquering’ ‘Powerful’: ‘Money’.