Life Support System and Life Design System -

By Bernard Poolman
27 May 2010

Okay, So -
'Perspective' in terms of 'what it is' that everyone is 'dealing-with' in terms of 'Life Support', 'Survival' and 'Design'.

The 'analogy' is...the following, to 'assist-in' the' practical' 'Correction' of the 'System' that is currently 'Accepted'. The 'Unconscious Mind' is in 'essence' the 'Life-Support System'.
The 'Subconscious Mind' is the 'Life-Design System' and The 'Conscious Mind' is the 'Life' that's 'being lived'.
And this is 'transferred' from Generation to Generation and is in 'essence' the 'Sins of the Fathers' - which means it's the 'Synchronicities' that has been 'accepted' as 'The Way it Is'.

'How' does it 'happen'?
'How' does it 'work'?
Your 'Unconscious Mind', your 'Life-Support System' follows the 'rules' that's been 'transferred' from Generation to Generation as 'The Way the System Work' For instance: your 'Money System', the 'Economic System', the 'Governmental System', the 'Education System' and so on.
Once this is 'Understood' -Which's been 'Understood' by 'Groups' in the World through 'great Patience' and 'a lot of' Time 'the 'Unconscious Mind' of the 'Life-Support System' can be 'manipulated' to be 'something' that 'Protects' 'some 'and make 'others' 'Slaves'. Which is what is Currently in the World And 'one' can keep the... the Life-Design System', the 'Subconscious Mind' busy in 'maintaining' the 'Life-Support System' Which is currently 'being done' through things like 'television' and 'magazines' and 'education' - where the 'Information-Input' is 'kept-busy' around the 'functioning' of 'Survival' and the 'maintaining' of the 'Life-Principle' around 'Ego' and 'Individual Choice' which is all 'Ego', 'Self-Interest' = which is all 'Ego 'So by 'making sure' that the 'Human' exist only as an 'Ego Design' the 'Life-Design System' then keeps on 'Designing' the 'Life-Support System' - as something that keeps on 'Aligning' everything to the 'Ego' and anything that 'challenge' the 'Ego' is simply 'annihilated' as 'Blasphemy' and as 'Heresy' - Fascinating.
So what we do in the 'Structural Resonance Alignment'-Course, for instance, is... we work-at the 'Re-Alignment' of the 'Life-Design System' and the 'Life-Support System' - specifically to bring the 'Awareness' through that - through for instance an 'Equal Money System' or an 'Equality System' = which is your 'Life-Support System'- one will have a 'complete different' 'Life' because your 'Life-Design System' will then 'Align' to your 'Life-Support' which will then 'bring forth' a 'complete different Life' which is your 'Conscious Mind', your 'Aware Living' will be something 'completely different' because it is no-longer based on the Principles' of 'Survival' for Instance - it is based-on the 'Principles' of 'Expression therefore your 'Time' which is 'Limited' - is 'focused' upon 'Expressing' and 'Experiencing' 'Self' as a 'Living Entity' where currently 'Time' and 'Space' is occupied with 'having to find-out' 'the best way' to 'Survive' in the System and to 'Compete' in the System and to 'Win' in the System - which is the Current 'Survival System'. Obviously - because 'people' do not 'make' the 'Rules' of the System -
very 'few' is 'allowed' to 'Survive' to the 'effect' where they become 'Wealthy'.

Everyone's looking for this 'point' that's 'why' - it's 'fascinating' when you look-at 'how' a 'group' will be 'attacked' that attend to 'bring forth' a 'New System' in the 'World'. Because the whole 'Attack' is always based-on that 'the Group will, is bringing about a System where they will benefit financially and thus be.... taking some of the 'Resources' which according to the 'Current Accepted System', in the World, the 'Life-Support System' - is 'limited' - they'll take some of the 'Resources' and then make-it 'impossible' for somebody else to make-it so - those that 'Attack' - for instance 'Desteni' Are 'Attacking' a - if you look-at the 'Line' of 'Attack' - very specifically from the ‘perspective’ of promoting their 'Idea' of Limitation' By attempting to, say that 'Desteni' is 'placing a limitation' on 'what is possible' - purely in the 'Hope' that they will make 'Money' out of their 'Idea'. It is quite 'bizarre' that they are so 'effectively controlled' at the 'Ego Level', and the 'Life-Design Level' - that they cannot even 'Conceive' or 'Hear' at-all what 'Desteni' is saying: That it is 'Possible' to 'Change' the 'Complete System'! Where this 'Competition' isn't necessary at-all - and 'one' can 'focus' on 'Actual Living'.
So - the 'Desteni Haters': Please, we 'Know' what 'you're doing'. you know - you don't Understand' the 'System', you don't even 'Understand' your own 'Subconscious' and 'Unconscious Mind'. You are 'purely' just 'focusing' on 'alignments' within the System to 'satisfy' your Ego and to 'try' and 'win' in the System. You are not even 'Aware' yet that you're
'just in a Casino' - 'looking for the 'God System' ' Looking to have the 7-7-7 'Jackpot' which will make you 'Special'. Too Late! We've already 'cut' the 'lines' of the 'System'.

A 'New System'-Now is 'Inevitable'. There's nothing you can do about-it. 'Self-Honesty', 'Self-Forgiveness'.
And you know... 'Have' a little bit of 'Dignity' and 'give' a little bit of 'Dignity' - so that 'All' may 'End'-this 'unnecessary' 'Suffering. Your... - Fascinating that - if 'one' keep-on 'attacking' - it's good' for us from the 'perspective' that you are 'spreading' the 'Desteni Message' And 'those' that 'really listen' to what we're 'saying' = will 'get-it' - while you 'won't'. We don't 'mind'-that. But - 'Hear' what we're 'saying': The 'Life-Support System' within an 'Equality System' - whether it is 'Money' or 'Credits' that's just a 'vehicle' that 'transport' or 'distribute'... 'Value' and 'Wealth' It doesn't really 'Matter'. It's simply 'easier' because the current 'System' of a 'Life-Support' has been so 'manipulative' that such a 'big' group of 'Humanity' is 'without-Education'. Without a 'basic' 'Literacy'.
So therefore we have to 'use' that in which the 'person' will be 'most' 'Literate' = which is 'Money'. And then within that the 'person' will 'Re-Design' themselves with their 'Subconscious Mind' very Effectively once the 'Fear-Factor' has been 'Removed' through an 'Equality System'. And that will 'bring' a 'New Human' to 'the forth' - which will 'not' be so 'untrustworthy' - you'll be 'surprised'. The 'Human' is 'only' what it is 'now' - because it must 'Survive' and because it 'must Win'. Because the 'System' is 'Dictating' that - and a 'little surprise' for those that say 'Oh but the 'Brain' is.. We only use 7% of our 'Conscious', of our 'Mind'. You actually use a '100% of it' - you're just 'aware' of the '7%' it's barely...that your 'total Brain' is active the 'whole Time' at various 'Levels' of 'Interplay' - based-on the 'Unconscious Mind' and the 'Subconscious Mind' and the 'Conscious Mind'.

You're're 'participating' as the 'Conscious Mind' and then you are 'thinking' and 'designing' and 'planning' as the 'Subconscious Mind'. The 'Unconscious Mind' is where 'Everyone' is 'Connected'. And as we will 'explain' in the 'Why' 'Sexuality is Important' - It'll explain 'how' the 'Human Unconscious Mind' is cooperating and 'how' the 'Family-Unit' which is basically the 'Sex-Unit' – has become the the 'Way' of the 'I Am' in this Reality where... One 'Align' in 'Cults' and 'Cultures' to 'Attack' each other to 'make sure' that somebody 'wins'. It's a 'Family-Attack System'. It is essentially 'played-out' as a 'Global Scale'.

'Fascinating' - there you 'have-it' - the 'Unconscious Mind' as the 'Life-Support System' - the 'Subconscious Mind' as the 'Life-Design System' and then the 'Conscious Mind'-obviously as 'Life' - as we 'know-it'.